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ment recollect, was that of Hannah « The Word more precious than Gold. This girl was 'some years

« Precious Bible! what a treasure older than little Sarah; she was in

Does the Word of God afford;

All I want for life or pleasure, our school for about five years.

Food and med'cine, sbield and sword! Her mother was a poor pious wi- Let the world account me poor; dow, who had to struggle with Having this, I need no more. many and great trials. Some of “Shall I envy then the miser, her children were very unruly, and Doting on his golden store? some of them very inattentive to Sure I am I should be wiser ; the admonitions and instructions

I am rich, 'tis he is poor. they received. Hannah, however, Food and med'cine, shield and sword *."

Jesus gives me in his word who was the eldest daughter, was

“ O Lord God Almighty, look fond of her school, and exhibited many symptoms of an awakened upon me- most merciful Father, and inquiring

mind. She, like little have mercy upon thine unworthy Sarah, often repeated to her

mother child-give her the understanding what she had heard, and assisted of that precious Bible, and renew her in finding the texts and pas- fections on things above, and not

a right spirit within her, set her afsages, and in learning to read them. Calling at the widow's cottage one

upon things below. O most mermorning, I found it at the time death and judgment. O blessed

ciful Father, fit and prepare her for clear of all its inhabitants: some I afterwards learnt were at work in Jesus, look upon thine unworthy the fields, and some occupied in servant, not worthy of those mer

cies which little matters in the village. Being à good deal fatigued I sat down, plication was

broken off, seemingly

Here the simple strain of supand seeing some tracts, and one or two of the girls' writing-books on

by the interruption of some one a little shelf within reach, I took coming in when she was thus exdown a copy-book, and found it to pressing the desires of her soul on be the one in which Hannah had paper. There was, however, enough written several copies during the written to induce me to exclaim,

“ Yes, Hannah, thou art rich, far preceding winter. As I turned

richer with these sentiments in thine over its pages, I saw she had now, and then written out some few heart, than all the treasures of the

earth could make thee if destitute passages of Scripture; but the contents of the last page pleased me

of such principles.” At that time, most; and considering the

there was but

one cottage in the vil

poverty of the family, and the natural and lage more forlorn than the one in

which I found myself sitting, and strong desires of young girls to. possess finery, and to indulge in hardly a girl of fifteen years of age light and trifling amusements and

more destitute of earthly comforts giddy company, I could not but within our parish than was Hannah.

The reader will rejoice to hear, rejoice in the hope, that what I then read in Hannah's book was an

that Hannah went on very steadily index of the state of her heart.

after this. The things of the world The

did not gain on contained two verses of a page

her affections. hymn which she had at some time She conducted herself with much learnt or read, and then followed a

propriety as a single woman, and prayer, or part of a prayer, of her

is now married ; and has not only own: all of which I then copied taught her husband to read his out, and which I will now tran

Bible, but has been very instruscribe from the very scrap of paper the ways of the Lord.

mental in bringing him forward in

Their cotI then copied them on.

* Olney Hymns, ii. 63. remarkably clean, and they a few days remained before the are a very happy young couple, spirit must inevitably appear before walking in the fear of the Lord and God. She was partly aware of in the comfort and peace of his her situation, and endeavoured to ways. Little does she think, and meet her hastening summons in the as little is she likely to know, that principle and hope of the Christian. her humble history has thus far And now it was that much came to come before the world.

my knowledge, both as it respectI will now mention one instance ed Maria and as it concerned her more which occurred in my present mother, which I did not expect to parish. Maria was the eldest girl, learn. Maria saw ber mother's and the oldest but one of a family of end approaching quite as soon as ten children living, when the father the latter saw it for herself; and and his household quitted our com- feeling very much anxiety for the mon to occupy a little land and a

state of her soul, at length broke blacksmith's shop in another parish. through all reserve, and one day Maria had been from the com- asked, mencement of our Sunday school a

• Mother,


endeavour to member of the senior class, and as commit

soul into the hands of such had attended a little exposi- Christ ?" tion on Sunday evenings. Her “ Yes," was the reply, “ I do; conduct was quite satisfactory, but and I hope he will save me.' there was nothing in it that excited “ Shall I read to you, mother ?” any particular notice. She was “ Yes, do; I have often wished very attentive, but could neither it,” said the poor sufferer ; “ but read so well nor learn off so you seemed ashamed. O Maria ! much of Scripture in a given time you don't know what a comfort it as' several of the same class. often has been to me, when you Yet, as it afterwards appeared, came me, and told and read to she was one who pondered in her me what you had heard in the heart what she heard, and often evening. I always wished you on returning home related to her to say more, but you seemed mother what she could recollect of ashamed." the address. She would then look “ No, mother,” replied Maria, out the hymns we had sung and “ I was not ashamed; but you read there, and sometimes make know you never made any reply, a few remarks of her own, or and I didn't know whether you relate what observations I had liked it or not. If I had known made on them. To all this the you liked it, I should have said mother would give a very attentive much more, but sometimes I ear; but she never made any re- thought you didn't like it.”. marks of her own, either in a way Ah, my girl! you little know of approbation or disapprobation. how great a comfort it was to me. On one or two occasions, when I In short, it now appeared that called at the house and had an op- the Lord had made use of this kind portunity of conversing with the of preaching, if it may be so called, mother, I had good reason to hope of the daughter, greatly to the that her mind was in an inquiring awakening, instructing, and.comand advancing state, but her nu- forting the soul of the parent. And merous family confined her much in her last hours, this girl acted in at home. After a while, it pleased the double capacity of a nurse and the Lord that the premature birth spiritual guide. of, I think, her twelfth child, The mother died, I trust, in the threw the earthly frame at once on Lord; and Maria, though very the verge of destruction, and but young, had to take the charge and




management of this niunerous fa- sons and admonitions they may mily of small children on her hand; have listened to at school or at and in that part of duty she is now church. Satan prevents much good most laudably exerting every effort being done in this way by fostering of body and mind, to the great re- a spirit of timidity, of reserve, of lief of her afflicted father and the fear, among the members of the comfort and satisfaction of all the

same family. And to such children, and, I may add, to the length does he carry these impresjoy of her pastor. May the Lord sions at times, that, as in the case preserve her in her present sim- of the woman before

us, paplicity and modesty of manner and rent is constrained to be silent eveu spirit, and never permit a guilty before her own child, and that at a and ensnaring generation to turn time when the heart is full, and her heart from that Saviour whom she is longing to converse freely on I believe she now loves and desires the things concerning their mutual to serve !

and everlasting peace. Before I conclude this paper,

I At some future day I may permust drop one word of admonition haps, with the divine permission, and entreaty to parents who have give another anecdote or two of children under instruction at Sun-similar benefits arising to parents day schools. Do, I beseech you, through the medium of Sunday encourage them to open their minds schools. to you at home, and to relate in

ALIQUIS. your own chimney-corner the les


Shout ye the Lord Jehovah's name!
To everlasting years the same

He lives! he rules ! he reigns!
His wondrous works our fathers saw
Beneath the yoke of Pharaoh's law,

In bondage and in chains.
When, with a high and mighty hand,
He brought them out from Egypt's land,

His presence led the way
Through desert waste and wilderness
Secure, to Canaan's realm of bliss,

Nor suffer'd them to stray.
But when they disobey'd his will,
He scourg'd them in bis anger. Still,

When they their sins bewaild,
He their iniquities forgave;
And when they cried, he deign'd to save-

His faithfulness ne'er fail'd.
He, through the feeblest instrument,
Has cáus'd th’ oppressor to relent,

And giv'n us to rejoice.
Daughters of Judah! shout his name,
Through everlasting years the same,

With one accordant voice.

ON WANT OF SUCCESS IN THE MINISTRY. “ The comfort of the present rect instruction. And I scruple not day,” said an amiable divine, “ is, to say, that for one case in which that the rage for hypercritical spe- an address of the nature of those culation is gone by, and that every alluded to may be useful, there are one seems to be taken up with con- at least a hundred where the desidering how he may best contrive gree, of ignorance respecting the to do good to his ungodly neigh most simple truths of Scripture bour. The disposition that prevails what sin is-what its penalty--why to give instruction, wherever that themselves are obnoxious to it instruction is wanted, and will be how they may escape the danger, received, is a very striking feature &c. is so great, that although a of the times we live in.” Cheering moving appeal to have pity upon and delightful to the mind, how- themselves, to turn to God,' to ever, as this reflection is, whether think of the things that concern we take into view the giver or the their peace ere it be too late, &c. receiver of the blessing, it has one may for the present produce emoalloy; namely, that the real good tion; the want of any distinct idea done, the number of conversions left on the mind of the cause of produced, is very disproportionate their misery, or of the means of to the time consumed and the la- escape, will prevent permanent bour bestowed on the object. Hard- good from being done. ly any complaint is more common, Perspicuity in speech, and what even amongst the most laborious is even still more essential, perspiclergymen, than want of success in cuity of idea (for the poor

will often the exercise of the ministerial func-' comprehend a difficult word, when tions; an inquiry, therefore, into a complex or ill-defined idea will the probable causes of failure be- completely baffle them, and yet comes a question of no common one is often mistaken for the other), interest.

are, together with minuteness of Most undoubtedly, the increase, explanation by means of compathe opening the mind to receive in- rison and example, never taking it struction, and sealing it on the for granted that a thing must be heart, is from God: yet in the moral understood because familiar to ouras well as in the natural world, there selyes, absolutely necessary in must be an adaptation of means the instruction of the poor. How to the end : each successive day's are they, whose idea of God is, experience and observation concurs that he is like a man of heaven, in strengthening my conviction, that it is not hell

, that it is a place that there is a " so speaking as that of rest from pain and suffering-of men may believe.” I am persuaded, prayer, that it is the repetition of that many fail in producing the de- perhaps some Catholic legends-sired result, from attempting to how are such persons qualified to impress rather than to instruct, to understand the instruction comexcite the feelings rather than tomonly given from the pulpit*, howinform the understanding. The ever excellent and applicable to language of Scripture, when speak- themselves it may substantially be! ing of the addresses of the early Christian teachers, reasoning, ex- * See Foster's Essay on the Evils of popounding, opening and alleging, pular Igvorance; to the correctness of disputing, and persuading, show- which, as it respects the interior of the

mind uncultivated by education or religion, ing by the Scriptures, &c, conveys a close intercourse of some years with the the idea that their preaching con lower classes may allow me to bear testi. sisted much in explanation and di- mony.

Alas! may some of my younger all

, is but as means to an end; it is brethren say, burning with zeal the opening a channel to supply and longing to make known the a want: but the value of facility of unsearchable riches of Christ, but communication depends upon the conscious of the immense differ- value of that which is communience between a mind trained to cated. Different circumstances nice discrimination, enriched with have for some years called my atvarious lore, and an intellect so little tention to this subject, and have raised above that of the brute crea- strongly confirmed me in the tion; how can I descend to the level opinion, that the fundamental cause of minds like these? What common of failure lies in the want of a clear ground is there between us? It is, statement of the way of salvation. I will acknowledge, a difficult The prominent error I conceive to task; but turn not away in disgust. be, the representing the procuring Strengthen yourself for the combat cause of the pardon of sin as a by a deep view of their moral, and present instead of a past act on the which must terminate in their ever- part of God. The disease and its lasting misery, and recollect that fatal termination are portrayed the instrument of raising them from with the hand of a master; but this state, at once wretched and when the remedy comes to be dedegraded, is in your hands. Look scribed, the clearness which had at the love of Him who for your accompanied the preceding statesake “

came out from the Father,” ment I have looked for in vain. and became “ a servant of ser- Instead of the sinner being directvants,” and “ condescend to men ed back to that which intervenes of low estate.” And recollect, an between the soul and condemnaargument which in moments of dis- tion, the death of Christ; and incouragement and sloth never fails vited to believe in the truth, and to rouse me ;-their destruction, re- rest his hope of forgiveness on this maining as they are, is no less cer- foundation; and then having retain than your safety: the same un- ceived the atonement, his confailing truth which is your security science being purged from dead is their condemnation. Endeavour works, exhorted to bring forth to throw yourself into their minds; fruit unto holiness-to abide in converse with them; and by ques-. Christ as his living head, and foltions attempt to make them think, low him as his Shepherd-do we and to draw out their ideas. This not too often find this order inwill be a great assistance to you in verted? Are not the offices which the composition of your sermons; Christ sustains for his believiug it will enable you to enter into their people blended and confused with inaptitude, difficulties, and that which is the only ground of rors; will show you what they approach to the ungodly? And want, and the most probable means the figurative expressions of Scripof reaching them. Explain words ture, coming, looking, washing, to them: the greater part of every &c. occasionally so applied as to congregation are deplorably igno- become a source of error, leading rant of the meaning of some of the the mind to conceive the pardon of words most frequently occurring in sin to depend upon an operation Scripture, and upon

the correct now to take place, instead of its understanding of which, much of being led to revert to the cross of the profit with which they read and Clirist as the Redeemer from the hear must depend. Such curse of the law. prayer, grace, repentance, justify, Connected with this system is sanctify.

another error of more importance But plainness of speech, after than on the first view we should JANUARY 1823.



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