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you have to answer in a degree for life long, the Angel which has the souls of all those that are under redeemed me from evil, bless your immediate charge and govern- these dear children. And'o may ment. You are bound to consult all of that generation be blessed! their spiritual no less than their May they have grace to fear and temporal welfare. Think of what love the Lord; and may he take immense consequence your ex- them to heaven when they die! ample, your requirements may be! I often consider too,' she added, You live not only for yourselves, but how the spirit of that patriarch refor others also. No man liveth to vived when he saw the wagon himself alone; but every one is an- wheels which were to carry him to swerable for the consequences of Egypt to see his son Joseph; and his conduct, as others are affected I long for the wagon wheels to by it: and the greater our influence come and carry me to my Saviour is, the more correct and exemplary in heaven. How glorious a rest, should be our behaviour. "Re- what a beautiful sight will that be! member the commendation given See how truly great

the Spirit of God by the Lord to Abraham: «I makes those in whom he resides, know him that he will command be their situation in life ever so his children and his household after humble, or their worldly attainhim, that they may keep the way ments ever so small. She studied of the Lord. The care of his fa- her Bible with a view to profit by mily was a leading evidence of his it, and to be ruled by its comfaithfulness and love to God. No mands; and the saving knowledge one can have a due regard for his of that blessed book gave her a own soul who is not concerned for right understanding of God, of herthe salvation of others, especially self, and of the world; and inspired of those who are in any way con- her, as it will every one who lays nected with him. Make, then, and up its words in his heart, with keep, the noble resolution of Joshua: noble and sublime, as well as just As for me and my house, we and pious sentiments. My dear will serve the Lord.'

brethren, fail not daily to consult “ When our dear children came that sacred volume, which is the from school for the Christmas holy- repository of all true wisdom. Take days, they were taken up to see it for a lamp unto your feet, and a this dying saint: she seemed great- light unto your paths. Pray that it ly affected by the sight of them, may be written on your hearts, and and said weeping, I used to have transcribed into


lives and great pleasure in their coming home, tions. It will give you more unand I thought I should have had derstanding than your teachers; it great pleasure now; but now, alas! will make you wiser than the aged.' I can do nothing for them. Her “ After having passed a sleepless affectionate mistress then said, 0 night, our departed friend_said, yes, Mary, you can do the best she believed her heavenly Father thing for them; you can pray for had kept her eyes waking that she them.' - Yes,' she replied, with might enjoy sweet communion with energy,

• that I do indeed! I often him; and that her refreshments, think of poor old Jacob, raising him- through these waking, painful self upon his bed when he was dying, hours, were greater than any she and saying, “ The God which has obtained from natural sleep. So fed me all

my life long, the Angel great was her composure, that she that redeemed me from all evil, bless gave directions respecting all the the lads;" and so would I raise my- circumstances of her funeral, in self on my dying bed, and say, The order as much as possible to relieve God. which has fed me all my those about her from trouble after


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her decease. Many other things if God had then, or soon should she said, and with so much calm- summon her, she were prepared to ness and consideration, that her appear before her Judge. Indeed, mistress could not help remarking, it was her constant custom to take

Mary, you seem as if you were every proper opportunity of awakenonly preparing for a journey.'—' So ing the minds of those with whom I am, Madam,' she replied with she lived, and stirring them to a due great cheerfulness, and the best regard for their precious and imjourney I ever took in all my life: mortal souls. She said, she was I am going to my dear Saviour.' very desirous to depart, if it were When Mr. H. according to his God's will; but if he thought fit to usual and laudable practice (a continue her life, she willingly subpractice which all medical men mitted to his good pleasure. On this would do well to imitate, when- ground, she dared not refuse to do ever it can be done with safety), all in her power to take any thing faithfully told her the nature and that was ordered her for that purdanger of her complaint, she very pose, because otherwise she should composedly answered, “Every bo- sin against him; and if his glory dy, Sir, must have something to would be in any degree promoted bring them to their end.' To her by long and very severe sufferings, mistress she observed, : You have she would not on any account wish heard, Madam, what Mr. H. has one of them lessened or removed; said about me. I beg you will not as yet she had had none that she be agitated on my account. It is could reckon severe. This she said what my heavenly Father has ap- when labouring under such very pointed, and he night have taken acute pain in her side, as frequentme out of the world by many more ly made her start and cry out alpainful ways. However, I shall most involuntarily, at which she do exactly as Mr. H. directs me, was very angry with herself, saybecause I think it right to do so.' ing,

Wherefore do I groan? Several persons with kind inten- I can bear all this; and my Sation recommended her to try dif- viour will not lay more upon ferent remedies, but she would ap- me than he will enable me to enply none of them without Mr. H.'s dure. How much more did he permission. This she considered as suffer for me a sinner! His cup a matter of conscience, saying, that was all bitter ; but he gives me many people, after having applied many sweet refreshments. This is for regular medical aid, would se- another instance of that real greatcretly take other medicines which ness and dignity of mind which true might probably counteract the pre- religion only can inspire. She then scriptions of their proper attendant, prayed most fervently for us, for whereby they both hurt themselves our children, for her fellow-serand acted dishonourably by those vants, for all with whom she had whom they formally consulted. She ever lived, for all who had used charged one of her fellow-servants or thought ill of her, for all the who slept in the same room with her, parish, and for the whole world. in case she should be taken off sud- She expressed with tears her thankdenly in the night, neither to be fulness to her valuable medical atalarmed herself, nor to disturb any tendant for his unremitting exerof the family before the usual hour tions, and said, 'I wish him to of rising, but to stand by her bed- know how grateful I feel for his atside for some time looking at her, tention to me. He has done

every to recollect that she might have thing for me that man can do, and been that corpse; and to ask her in the kindest way. I am sure he own heart very seriously, whether, feels for me. No one could do me

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any lasting good; for I was sure fore him. He is pleased with our from the first that my time was importunity, and would have us come; but he has soothed my pain, look up to him as children to a faand made my passage as easy as

ther in

every time of need. A way human skill could make it.' One of access is always open through day, when her sufferings had been the all-prevailing mediation of his very great, she said, “ If people dear Son, for whose sake he will could feel but for a short time what hear our petitions and grant our it is to die, they would not live so requests; and shall we not take carelessly as they do. Thankful, advantage of such a permission, indeed, ought those to be who can and desire all the benefits conseundress themselves and lie down in quent upon the due use and imtheir bed free from pain, and rise provement of it? We know not up again in the morning to their what mercy we may lose by redaily work; but we are apt to be straining prayer before God. How sadly forgetful of these blessings can we expect success in any unwhen we are in health and strength. dertaking, if we do not entreat for It is an every-day sin, sufficient of a blessing from heaven upon it? itself to condemn us for ever. It And if it is our duty as Christians is ungrateful and undutiful. We to pray one for another (as the go about our business and think Apostle exhorts us to do), how nothing of it, because it is common; much more for those who are near whereas every breath we draw, and dear to us; especially our and every step we take, ought to children, who by reason of their fill us with thankfulness for his un- age and inexperience are necessadeserved mercies. The good Lord rily exposed to the most powerful pardon and deliver us! She add- temptations of the world, the flesh, ed, • Profession is nothing, and and the devil ? We read, that holy talking is nothing, and feeling is Job made continual and particunothing; a religious life is all that lar supplication and intercession can be depended upon, as eviden- through the appointed means for tial of our justification.

each of his children, lest they “ The mother of this faithful dis- should sin and curse God in their ciple was as well as herself a pray- hearts, or should at any time have ing Christian ; and she prayed not done so. O let us follow his exonly for herself but for others also. cellent example! Let me enforce She earnestly besieged the throne upon all parents the practice of this of Grace in behalf of her children, most important duty. Thus only and she was a living witness of the can you expect a blessing to rest success of her prayers. Probably upon them and upon your endeathe grace bestowed on her on vours to promote their welfare. whom we are speaking may have Fail not to recommend your chilbeen the effect of her early and dren to the care and protection of earnest intercessions. The fer- your heavenly Father, that through vent effectual prayer of the righte- his grace they may be delivered ous availeth much. The conver- from the corruptions that are in the sion of that eminent bishop and world, from the deceitfulness of great luminary of the church, St. their own hearts, and from the Augustine, may be considered as snares of Satan. Entreat the Lord an answer to the reiterated fervent daily, that he would sanctify them supplications of his pious mother in body, soul, and spirit, and preMonica. Prayer is not only our serve them unto his heavenly bounden duty but our highest pri- kingdom. vilege. God graciously invites and “Our faithful domestic possessed encourages us to lay our wants be- a most tender conscience, of which,

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were it expedient, I could ad- This may serve to explain further duce many striking proofs. Little what I observed before, from the failings of duty, and what may be beloved Apostle, that they, who called by some trifling circum- are born of God cannot sin,' i. e. stances, which too many would they feel such a hatred, abhornot perceive, affect those who are rence, and dread of sin, that they renewed in the spirit of their mind, cannot sin deliberately or continuand have advanced to a high de- ally. Sin is a state or element in gree of virtue and holiness. The which they cannot live; whereas last time she received the blessed the unregenerate by evil habit and sacrament at church, for some rea- custom can hardly

cease from son or other, she was induced to sin. If they do right, it is as much put only sixpence into the plate, out of course as if the others do whereas she had always before wrong. In either case, it is a debeen accustomed to give a shilling. viation from their regular method of She did not forget afterwards that thinking and acting. Pray, I beshe had felt less liberal on that oc- seech


for a tender conscience; casion than she ought to have done, that you may be so sensible of and had given a momentary con- your smallest errors and derelicsent to the suggestions of Satan tions of duty as to be preserved and her own deceitful heart; and thereby, through God's grace,

from in order to atone as well as she the great offence of wilful and precould for this fault, she requested sumptuous sins. that two shillings might be put in “ This eminent disciple was also for her on Christmas-day, though charitable after her power. Her she could not be present, which faith was an operative faith. It was accordingly done. She told worked by love, and thus evime, that if she knew of any denced itself to be lively and gewhom she had wronged in the nuine, the gift of God. Perhaps, slightest degree, either in their like the poor widow in the Gospel, goods or reputation, she would en- according to her ability, she did treat their pardon, and with Zac- more than we all.'


dicheus instantly restore fourfold. ligence gladly to bestow of her If she had spoken angrily to any little, and thus gathered to herself person, though on the most just a good reward in the day of necause, such as the defence of her cessity.' She has clothed several master's right or credit, she could children in this parish. She was not rest satisfied till she had apolo- always ready to relieve, as far as gized for the offence. One day she was able, the wants of her when her mistress went to see her, poorer neighbours; and having she felt so very restless and uneasy cheerfully administered to their nethat she desired to be left alone for cessities whilst living, she was not some time; but soon after her con- unmindful of them at her death. science smote her, for having acted She never kept by her any wearing as she thought ungratefully, and she apparel which she had ceased to would not go to sleep till she had use, but made it a rule to give away asked her pardon for what she what she left off, and to leave it off called her unhandsome and disre, whilst it would be serviceable to spectful conduct towards her. O others. We have no right,' she what a blessing is a quick and said, ' to spend our money in buytender conscience! The possessor ing more than we want, or to hoard of it will be sure enough not to up that which we possess.' Charity, commit great and heinous sins, or Christian love, is declared by when so grieved for what may the Apostle to be the crown and be almost said to be no sins at all. perfection of all other graces and

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virtues. For its utility and conti- you: and when faith and patience nuance it is accounted the greatest shall have had their perfect work, of the three : for, when faith shall then your rest will be glorious' (albe lost in vision, hope be swallowed luding to a passage in Isaiah, which up in enjoyment, love will abide she had often quoted with much for ever, and be the constant exer- feeling and satisfaction in the course cise and delight of the saints of her sickness). Upon this she through the countless ages of eter- smiled, waved her hand on the bed nity.

several times in token of her as* During the last few days she sent, and breathed out, “Ay, ay, felt much comfort from the persua- ay,' in a triumphant tone, « that sion that the end of her earthly ex- rest will be glorious. As no faristence was approaching. This ther change took place, it was conviction elevated her spirit, and feared she might continue through filled her with unmingled joy. One another night, and therefore an evening she dwelt much on the song opiate was offered to her, in order of the redeemed in heaven, and to procure sleep. Her voice was repeated several passages from the much altered, and very weak; but Revelations. She said, they all she said, “I fear I cannot swallow sang one song; there was no va- it.' As soon, however, as she was riance there; they all sang, · Sal- told it was right to try, she made vation to the Lamb, who had loved an astonishing effort, raised herself them, and washed their guilty and up, and with great resolution drank defiled souls in his own blood. it down. She then uttered, • Thank They all ascribed the glory of their God Almighty!' and lay down. redemption to him alone.' Her After the power of audible speech conversation at this time was so had failed, her lips were continuanimated, her countenance so en- ally moving in prayer. lightened, her whole soul so ab- “Although she had suffered much sorbed in love and praise, and such pain throughout the whole of her a foretaste of heaven seemed to illness, by which trial she was enpervade her spirit, that her mistressabled, as I have before stated, to could not help observing to her, glorify God, and to manifest those • Mary, you are quite on the graces of faith, love, and patience Mount to-night.' She assented, wherewith he had so largely enand said, 'I hope I have got near dued her, yet it pleased her heathe top now; I am going up step venly Father to render her deparby step, supported by my precious ture most quiet and easy; so much Saviour's hand. It is he that leads so, that the precise moment when me, for I could not get there by my the happy spirit took its flight could own strength. On the morning of hardly be ascertained. When inher dissolution she was seized formed of her apparently approachwith violent pains all over her bo- ing end, I hastened up stairs in dy. Her mistress, ever attentive order to commend her soul to God to her spiritual as well as her in the solemn and affecting words bodily wants, said to her, 'You of our apostolic church; but findhave not long to be here. Jesus ing on my entering the room, that will soon release you.' To which she was already with Him whom she replied, 'I hope, he will; I her soul loved, prayer was turned pray that my dear Saviour may to praise; and according to her

come and fetch me from own previously expressed desire, hence. In the afternoon, observ- such of the family as were there asing her difficulty in breathing, the sembled kneeled down, and a pious same kind friend said, • Jesus is and excellent minister then resitrying your faith; he is purifying dent with us, offered up a thanks


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