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character; but when, on the con- Gospel must be preached with putrary, we find the miseries of hu- rity, plainness, fulness, faithfulman life, and no reconciled Father ness and affection, and a good to cheer and support, how painful example. “ The Gospel must be the thought!

preached with affection. Our Lord The gentlemen are doing and his Apostles, even when they much to relieve our suffering poor; used the greatest faithfulness and the noblemen have given liberally: zeal, never once forgot or tresThe temporal wants have excited passed on the law of kindness, a deep interest. O that we were and therefore their doctrine dropped all as anxious about the immortal as the dew- as the small rain upon part, and deeply impressed with the tender herb. Ten thousand eternal realities! This is the work hard and obdurate hearts have softof the Holy Spirit.

ened and dissolved at the recollecI am very happy to hear of your tion, that Jesus wept over Jerusamercies with respect to outward lem, and prayed on the cross for circumstances, and trust you are those bitter enemies, who also full, and abound with inward tormenting him and embruing their consolations and holy delights. I hands in his blood." And again, am thankful that you have been with plainness. “ To be able to blessed with bodily health, as I deliver the pure and unadulterated think it will be one means of ena- word with unaffected simplicity and bling you to accomplish your very plainness-to exhibit a thought important studies with ease and with precision-to clothe it in comfort. Be careful of the bless- words which will convey it warm ing, endeavour to preserve it, while to the understanding of the hearers you wisely improve it. May you without altering its character or inbe taught of God, and made wise tended effect-to combine and arto win souls! O, it is a desirable rangę many thoughts in such a attainment to increase in the know- manner as to give each its proper ledge and love of Jesus. May situation and weight: this is a duty you be favoured with a large por- which requires no ordinary portion tion of the spirit which animated of learning, genius, judgment, peSt. Paul, when he said, “ Yea, netration, and attention *.” But doubtless and I count all things but you have exceeding great and preloss, for the excellency of Christ cious promises to animate, supJesus


port, and cheer you; Lo, I am I can easily suppose you must be with you alway;" and, “My grace very much occupied till The is sufficient for you.” This is the enlightening influences of the Holy sure word of promise on wbich the Spirit will assist you; and if filled Lord has caused you to hope. with the spirit of wisdom, you will Old Mr. S-has been ill, but be fitted, consecrated, and sancti- is again recovering. When the fied for the honourable work as- doctor smiled, and said, “ Your

pulse is better, Sir," he replied, * * * When I think


I may

still be a have to inform the ignorant, correct the mistaken, rouse the secure in

* The passages marked by inverted

comwas, are acknowledged as extracts by sin, comfort the dejected, establish

the pious transcriber, who with her acthe upright in heart, promote true customed humility apologizes for introholiness, and that you desire, by ducing them with the observation, “ You divine aid, to make sound believ- may have read this before, but I only stir ers and real converts; surely I you up by way of remembrance.” She la

ments also the evil consequences which she ought to pray for a double portion

herself had witnessed to result from a want of the Spirit to rest upon you. of attention to the instructions contained

You are well aware that the in them.

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signed you.

6. That is to say,


prisoner a little longer.” I saw him lieve me, though very unworthy, yesterday. He complains now, your affectionate friend, that his mind cannot be long fixed

JESSIE on any subject. He still reads a

I feel an interest in Mrs. W-, great deal; is always in bed. He I stood with her on a solemn ocwas much pleased when I told him

casion. O that we may stand tothat there is a revival of religion in gether on the right hand of God! G- I have been thinking The promise that comforts me in that Lady —'s sainted spirit all my petitions for her is this ; will rejoice at this. She resided near G-; and it was her ardent the day of thy power.” I trust you

“ Thy people shall be willing in wish, and eamest prayer to God, will yet see her adorned in the that those inhabitants of the

beauties of holiness. Matt. xviii. mountains should hear of a Saviour.

19. How is W-? I trust his “ The wilderness and the solitary soul prospers, and that the afplace shall be glad, and the desert Alictive blow* has been sanctified shall rejoice and blossom as the

to all the relatives. When I look rose.” Mrs. is sitting by me to Jesus, I feel he is all-sufficient at present, and sends her best for all my wants : “ My people wishes to you, and desires an in- shall be satisfied with my goodterest in your prayers. Accept

ness, saith the Lord.” The events our united kind remembrances. of the year that draws to a close, May the Lord bless you abun- have been calculated to humble me, dantly with all spiritual blessings to exalt the Saviour, and to make strengthen you with might by his heaven more desirable. Spirit in the inner man, and make you to increase in the love of * The dispensation alluded

the death of the child mentioned in a Christ, which passeth knowledge.

former letter, and the two friends in whom Continue to pray for me. I

so deep an interest is expressed were his greatly need your prayers; and be






so much purity on the lạnd you It is the duty, and ought to be live in. the delight, of the Christian mi- 1. The professed religion of the nister, to bear on his heart at all greater part of Europe is now, as times the spiritual interests of his it was formerly in England, Ropeople; and, when not engaged man Catholic; that is, they regard in public ministrations, to be yet the Pope of Rome as the supreme laying up something in store, which head of the

church, as the succesmay profit their souls and tend to

sor of St. Peter, and Christ's vitheir edification. It is under the car-general upon earth. In times influence of these feelings, that I past the Pope assumed the prerodesire to impart to you the obser- gative of granting pardon for sins vations I made not long ago, du- committed bowever enormous, and ring a visit to the Continent, upon even of selling indulgences for sins the religion prevailing there; in the in contemplation; and so far was hope, that they may lead you to this monstrous usurpation carried at clasp the Bible more closely to one period, that a scale of prices your bosom, and to bless a gra- was annexed to crimes of different cious God, who has caused the dye; and he who could comply light of the Gospel to shine with with the Pope's terms, might purchase absolution even for adultery you look around, and see so many and murder; an absolution, which paintings and statues, and images the people were taught to believe and reliques. Sure I am, that St. was the same as a pardon pro- Paul's spirit would be stirred withnounced by God himself, and in him, were he now alive, and to would equally exempt the offender witness what passes in a Roman from all punishment hereafter. Catholic place of worship : here he

These abominations, which pre- would see one poor suppliant kneelvailed in this country before the ing before a crucifix and gazing inReformation, no less than on the tently upon it, as if it were animated Continent, are indeed, in these and able to help him : there he days of light and knowledge, in a would see another bending before great measure done away: but the the statue of some favourite saint, spirit of the religion is still the repeating his prayers, presenting same: the priest enforces his spiri- his offerings, and purchasing, as it tual authority wherever he can; in- were, by the trinkets that he leaves sists upon confession of sins to him- and the candles that he lights, the self as a necessary condition to ab- saint's intercession: he would see solution, and makes pardon to de- different services going on at difpend on the penances imposed.

ferent altars, with distinct congreYou will easily perceive how gations around them, just as the unscriptural is this proceeding; for, inclinations of the people lead to who can forgive sins save God the worship of this or that particuonly,--and what is penance with- lar saint. out penitence in his sight? Such a It is in vain to say they worsystem is indeed too well suited to ship the Saviour through the saint, the corrupt nature of fallen man: and the invisible God through the for he would gladly perform the visible image. A few reflecting most rigorous penance and undergo minds may do this. But, as hyany painful privation, rather than man beings, we are strongly in“ crucify the flesh with the affec- fluenced by what is before our tions and lusts." Far easier is it eyes; and the habit of bowing to confess your sins to a priest, down before the sign, will lead us than to offer the sacrifice of a in time to venerate the sign itself, broken heart to God: far easier to and to give to the saint those afchange your food—to abstain from fections which are due to the Sameat-to fast for a time--than to viour only. And I could not but strive against your besetting sin, observe, that the offerings to the to pluck out the right eye and cut Virgin, or some tutelary saint, for off the right hand that causes you benefits received or evils averted, to offend: far easier, in short, to often exceeded those that were practise aoy bodily austerities, than presented to the Son of God himto keep the heart pure within, and self. to bring every thought thereof in In our pure profession of recaptivity to the obedience of ligion, we are invited to carry our Christ.

sins and our sorrows at once to the 2. Their churehes are noble Saviour's bosom; to approach the structures; and when you enter throne of grace in humble contithem, the lofty roofs, the massydence, with penitent and believing pillars, and the long-drawn aisles, hearts; to plead the atoning blood impress the mind with reverential of Jesus as our only propitiation; awe; and you are led involuntarily and without the intervention of to say, “Surely this is the house saint or angel, to rely on him alone of God!” But this solemn feeling as our advocate with the Father, is soon painfully disturbed, when assured, that “whosoever cometh

unto him he will in no wise cast here we witness another fatal feaout."

ture of the Roman Catholic reli3. But there is another feature gion in its tendency to rest on the of their public worship, that will outward act of worship, rather affect you with still greater sur-' than to cherish those holy and heaprise. Cou'rary to reason and to venly affections excited in the bocommon sense, and in despite of som; I mean, that contrition of the express command of Scripture, spirit that renouncing of sin and the service is performed in a tongue self-that love to the Saviour—that unknown to the congregation. The spiritual joy—that deadness to the people understand one language, world—and that communion with and the priest prays in another. God. No sooner is the mass endHe stands before the altar, which ed, and the forms of religion comis covered with images, and can- plied with, than all the world is dlesticks, and crucifixes-arrayed mad for gaiety and pleasure. The in gorgeous vestments of gold and shops are opened, the theatres silver-bowing the head-bending are filled, the gambling-houses rethe knee-waving the hands-sa- sorted to, and fêtes and fireworks, luting the cup-raising the Host and cards and dancing, and music and repeating the prayers in Latin. and mountebanks, and all that can Meanwhile the people kneel and turn the mind from seriousness, and look on; they hear, but they un- the heart from God to the world, derstand not; no intelligible word abound in every quarter: as if the of devout supplication reaches their people were eager to redeem the ear; nothing to humble the sinner time which they considered to have and exalt the Saviour': he that been lost at church, and were deprayeth, is to them that hear, termined, in return for their devosounding brass or a tinkling cym- tion, to have a double share of dibal.”

version, Now, then, be more than ever What devout man can behold thankful, that


have a form of this, or hear of this, without great your

tongue sorrow of heart? Alas! that in wherein you were born; so judi- England, in this enlightened age, ciously composed, it has been said, the

day of the Lord is still so sadly that the wisest may at once exer- profaned! Alas! that our public cise their knowledge and devo- roads, and public gardens, and tion, and so plain, that the most public houses, are so thronged on ignorant may pray with under- that holy day with lovers of pleastanding; so full, that nothing is sure rather than lovers of God! omitted, which is fit to be asked in But yet, blessed be his name, public; and son particular, that it there are wholesome laws amongst comprises most things which we us, which in a measure preserve, would ask in private; its language and which, if duly enforced, would simple and significant, most of the mainly ensure the due observance of words and phrases being taken out that sacred day; and there is too à of the Holy Scripture, or bor- goodly and a daily increasing comrowed from the first and purest pany of Christians, who in their ages : so that, whoever takes ex- heart love the Sabbath; who call ception at these, must quarrel with it their delight-holy of the Lord, the language of the Holy Ghost, and honourable; who regard it as a and fall out with the church in its type and sweet foretaste of the greatest purity.

rest prepared for them above. To 4. I am next to speak of the them the church-going bell is inawful profanation of the blessed deed a grateful sound; they hasten Sabbath on the Continent. And with joyful feet to the courts of the


prayer, in


sanctuary; there they pour out their it would be fatal to his usurped hearts in prayer and praise; there authority as Bishop over all the they wait to be fed and nourished Christian world : that it would not by the good word of God. And support the secular power and when they return from the temple, splendour of the priesthood: that it is not to mix with the world - to it would give no countenance to dissipate the serious impressions the Latin masses, and unmeaning excited in the house of God: no, ceremonies, and unauthorized inthey hasten home to commune with vocations of the Roman Church; their own hearts in secret, to search and therefore he would still seal up the Scriptures, and to pray over that blessed book, which God inwhat they have heard: and then tends to be as widely diffused as they repair perhaps to the house of the air and light of heaven; that mourning to bind up the broken- book, which contains all that is hearted; or they seek to guide the sublime in doctrine, all that is holy steps of the infant to the Saviour; in tendency, all that is consolatory or they converse with those who to the human heart, all that is fear the Lord, on their common wanted to make us wise unto salsalvation : and thus they pass from vation. one holy duty to another, and find Remember, our forefathers were the Sabbath not only the holiest, Roman Catholics, even as others, but the happiest day of the week. and involved in the like supersti

5. But I pass by other painful tions. And what wrought the blesserrors and abuses in the Roman ed Reformation in our church ?church, and close these remarks The Bible. What has relieved us with one lamentable fact, which I from penances, and pilgrimages, conceive to be at the root of all and Popish impositions ?- The that is wrong in their religion : it Bible. What gave us a Liturgy in is, that the holy word of God, the our mother tongue, and a simple Bible, is kept from the eyes and and scriptural form of worship?ears of the people. You, who have The Bible. What reinstated the the Scriptures in every house, and Saviour in that homage and adoraare constantly exhorted to read tion, which the saints and the Virgin and meditate upon them; you will Mary had usurped ?— The Bible. scarcely believe, that in Roman What has led to better hallowing Catholic countries the people are

the sabbath ?-The Bible. What is discouraged, and oftentimes posi- with us the poor man's riches, the tively forbidden, to look into that sick man's medicine, the dying blessed book. Many of them have man's support ?- The Bible. Yes, never seen it, and some are utterly “ the Bible, the Bible alone is the ignorant of its existence. But what religion of Protestants.” will you say, when I tell


that O then rejoice and be thankful the Pope, not more than six years for the possession of this sacred ago, in speaking of that benign in- volume, and all the blessings it stitution the Bible Society—that has brought with it! Read it more blessing to the world and glory of frequently ; study it more devoutly; our land-called it a crafty device, pray more fervently for the help of an impious machination, and a the Holy Spirit to understand it. pestilence to be abolished? And Above all, let your own life he a why is the Roman Pontiff so hos- daily comment on the Bible; and tile to the Bible Society? Well while the Bible is dearer to you does he know, that if the Bible be than life, lend your aid to spread it circulated and read, all the cum- universally, that darkness, and erbrous superstition of Popery will ror, and superstition may be disfall before it: well does he know, pelled from the earth. Pity and

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