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all enemies; resist all temptations; eternal life, and they shall never conquer all sin; triuinph over all perish, neither shall any pluck opposition; and gain the victory them out of my Father's hand.” over all the malice, and craft, and To confirm your souls in this blesspower

of the devil, “ through our ed and most glorious truth; see Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”, that trembling, doubting, fearful Faith fights with an arm that is al-' believer in Christ Jesus, “ going mighty. Its power is, therefore, on his way weeping, " amidst irresistible; and its conquests are dangers, and trials, and oppositiou. sure and eternal. If, therefore, Is such a soul safe? See his face

fight the good fight of faith,” Zion-ward; witness the devotion in the « armour of God,” and in of heart, with which he cleaves to humble dependence on the power God; hear his fervent prayers; obof the Spirit of Christ, it will be, serve his holy hatred to sin; notice

V. Finally successful. If we his groans from the burden of inare “ fighting under the banners of dwelling corruption; notice his the cross against the world, the distress of mind, lest he fall under Alesh, and the devil, we are not the power of the enemy, disgrace fighting as those that beat the his profession, and « become a air,” or as uncertain of the issue of castaway." Do you ask, Is such the conflict. If we fight the Lord's a soul safe? I would rather ask, battles in the strength of the Spirit Can such a soul perish ?

No: of God, we know beforehand that behold, he goes forward; though, the victory is ours. “ Our suf- at times, halting, doubting, tremficiency is of God.” “ The Lord bling. He makes progress, though of hosts is with us: the God of Ja- he perhaps himself is unconscious cob is our refuge.” The Christian of any advancement. One diffimay have, and will have, his daily culty after another falls before liim. trials, and daily conflicts; but he Assailed on every side, “ without is only following the great “ Cap- by fightings, within by fears,” still tain of his salvation” to a success- he goes forward. He is a miracle ful termination of his spiritual war- to himself; he wonders at his sucfare. If he “ follow the Lamb cess and progress. Behold him at whithersoever he goeth,” he must last “coming up out of the wilderpartake of his success, and share ness, leaning on his Beloved.” See his triumphs. If, in the struggle, him just entering the “ dark valley, we are in faith “ looking to Jesus,” supported by the rod and staff” of we shall be kept by his mighty God's presence; see him entering power through faith unto salva- the gates of glory “ with everlasttion.” If we hold fast “ the shield ing joy upon his head.” Do you of faith,” and only use in faith now ask, Is such a soul safe? “the sword of the Spirit, nothing Why, “ the everlasting arms” of shall separate us from the love of mercy were beneath him all the God that is in Christ Jesus.” The way. The God of grace was his “ lion may roar;" Satan may rage; guide and sure defence. trials may abound; temptations rit of Christ supported him in every may allure; the world may frown; contest; carried him safe through the prospect may be dark; provi- all dangers; and thus proved to dences may be mysterious; the all, to us, the most glorious truth, soul may sometimes doubt, or fear, that “no sinner ever perished, or almost disbelieve; but the pro- who lived or died cleaving to the mise, the power, and the faithful- cross of Christ;" that the weakest ness of God in Christ Jesus, re- believer is safe in Christ Jesus ; main unalterably and for ever the that He who hath begun a. same. “I give unto my sheep good work in the soul will also

The Spi



finish it; and, that the weak and not only be “ rooted and grounded the strong are kept by the in Christ,” but also “ built

up mighty power of God through faith Christ,” or you will never reach unto everlasting salvation. Are heaven. “ Sit down now, and deyou fighting the good fight of liberately count the cost.” Life faith?” or,

you shrinking and death are set before you. from the difficulty of this holy

“ Choose you this day, whom ye warfare ? are you yielding to tempt. will serve.” Think how niuch will ation, or opposing it? are you depend on your choice; you canliving in sin, or above it? are not serve two masters. God give you expecting the wages without you grace to “ choose that good * the work of faith ?” are you rest- part which can never be taken ing on a “ dead faith,” or a bar- away from you;” that you may so ren profession? are you expecting faithfully " fight the good fight of heaven from Christ without obey- faith,” as to “.

lay hold on eternal ing his commands, or fighting un- life.” “ Live by faith in the Son der him for the conquest of all your of God;” pray for his grace; besins, and of all the enemies of your lieve his promises; live to his salvation ? are you weary in glory, that you may experience his well-doing,” and of the hard and mercy conducting your souls safe continued struggle against the through this wilderness of trials powers of darkness? You must and temptations, and preserving finish as well as begin the race, or you to his heavenly not expect to obtain " the prize Amen. of your high calling.” You must




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SEPTEMBER 21, 1822.-Per- utmost fortitude and resignation ! ceiving a most sudden and alarm- It seemed, indeed, to administer ing change in my beloved Emma's consolation to her dying mind; for, disease, and being also apprized through the tears of sorrow and reby her medical attendant of her gret, at parting with her earthly extreme danger, I felt it my most parents, which trickled down her imperious duty, however arduous interesting face, the smile of pious and truly painful the task, to in- acquiescence in her heavenly Faform her of the truth of her situ- ther's will beamed upon every feaation, and the hopeless state of ture. After some preliminary conher recovery.

versation, in which I had intimated This was, indeed, a time of so- her extreme danger, she inquired, lemnity and grief. Well knowing What, you think I shall die, the tender affection that truly sub- do you, my

dearest mamma ?sisted between us, I dreaded ex- Yes, my dearest Emma, I ceedingly to tell her that her days must part with you-I must.' on earth were fast drawing to a Well, do not fret. O my close;

heart felt as if dear mamma, pray do not weep so must burst with agonizing sorrow. for me; we must all die some time, But what was my surprise, and I and it is of no consequence when, may add comfort, when, instead if we do but die well. But, dear of its being a message of alarm or mamma, I

mamma, I may live with

you Farror to her, she met it with the months yet.”

and my

Here I had to declare, “ That with my heavenly Father ; but my is impossible.”

poor dear mamma says, she shall “ But I


live some time Iose a comforter and companion in longer to come.

me. O pray, my



you “O my blessed child, that is be a double husband to her. I highly improbable.”

know you

will." “ How long, then? for, telling Her feelings here quite overme when you think I shall die will powered her, and she fainted. I not hasten my death one moment. rubbed her temples with lavender“ My dearest Emma, you may

water, and she revived. As soon be spared a fortnight-a week- as she was able to speak, she said, and perhaps but a few days." My dear mamma, I give you my

“ But tell me, my dear mamma, Bible and Prayer Book. I leave shall I go to heaven ? that is what you my work-boxes, &c.; use I want to know. Shall I go?them every day; handle them.

Yes, my dear, I trust, and You know it is the way with a have every reason to hope, upon great number, as soon as their rescriptural ground, that you are a lations die, immediately to lock up lamb of Christ's flock.”

all belonging to them. But this I “ But are you sure? This is a call false affection, as well as not point I want to feel certain." exercising the proper feeling to

Upon my reassuring her, that wards those they once tenderly I felt completely satisfied myself, loved. Do not you mind what that after death her soul would be others do in this respect. It will at rest, she exclaimed,

make me so happy, if you assure “ But I am a very great sinner, me, that you will daily accustom my dear mamma.'

yourself to use those things in which My beloved child, blessed be your poor dear-Emma delighted." God! there is a greater Saviour, She then disposed of her clothes to who died for our sins.”

her different relatives with great “O mamma, what a precious collectedness and judgment; and Saviour he is to a dying worm! literally, like good Hezekiah, beYes, blessed Redeemer, thy blood gan to set her house in order. From cleanseth_from all sin! My dear the appearance, as well as the exmamma, I am happy, resigned, and act neatness of her wardrobe, her contented to die."

latter end must have been contemI shall never forget what a smile plated by herself for some time of serenity and peace shone upon past. Upon her favourite servant her interesting countenance, when coming into the room, she said, she uttered these last words. They “ Mary, I am going to die.” Seewere expressed with such holying the poor girl much affected, resignation, fortitude, and even • Pray, what do you cry for? I cheerfulness, as quite astonished am very happy. You have been Her papa

entered the room. faithful unto me, my true and faith“Papa, I am very ill; and mam- ful Mary. Yes, my good Mary, ma says I am going to die very I love you; you have been a great soon. She says I shall go to comfort through many a sleepless heaven. Do you think I shall ?"

night: you have read to me, and “ Yes, my dear, that you will.” repeated many a beautiful hymn,

“ • In my Father's house are so appropriate to my situation and many mansions,' and if,” she ex

affliction. Pray, my


mamma, claimed, “ if the least is but pre

be a friend to her as long as you pared for me, how delightful!' olive; and you, Mary, continue what cause for gratitude and praise with


dear mamma whilst you through all eternity! I long to be remain in service. Pray, be very


kind to her; wait upon her: you pray for divine grace to assist you know she is often indisposed; be to persevere in all that is good. very attentive to her, and to my Fear God above every thing. Dread dear papa also; but never, One- to offend him by any single action ver be impertinent to them. You that is wrong. We are all, my have always been a good girl., I dears, great sinners by nature. It never caught you in a lie in my is the power of God only that life; nor do I ever recollect your changes the heart. Reverence the committing an action that was sin- sabbath; keep it holy. Only think ful. Go on in the path of duty- of your privileges; how exceedlive more closely to God- and ne- ingly thankful you ought to be for ver let the ungodly world turn you your early instruction. Remember aside. Never, Mary, mix with our superior advantages, and what worldly company, nor partake of faithful ministers we have *. Look any of its vain amusements. Keep also at our example, as well as yourself out of the way of tempta- the best of advice instilled into tion; nothing, I assure you, will our minds. My affectionate little do for the support of a death-bed brothers, I pray that God will enbut true religion: it is then that the able you so to live, that when you power

of it is felt and wanted. Re- come to die, you may follow me to member what I say to you, on ny heaven. O that is where I want dying bed, Mary, never forget to go to ! where I hope to go to! me: I hope, I pray that I may see where I pray to go to! I trust I you again in a brighter and better shall; I feel as if I should. Lord world. I give you my cloak and grant I may! This world is a very my bonnet; but take out the fea- poor place; so much sin, so much thers, they are very unbecoming to pride and wickedness, I feel quite servants. Never dress fine, or tired of it. What a large proporwhat is called smart, but always tion of trifling characters are in it! neat. Mamma, have the kindness As you grow older, my dears, to present Mary with respectable shun evil company; avoid worldly mourning for me; talking about companions; and tremble at the death will not hasten it one mo- swearer and profane, whatever their ment. I love Mary, as my second situation or circumstances in this sister. She has been, I repeat it life may be. The more prosperous with gratitude and thankfulness to a wicked man is, the more danher, very kind and attentive to me gerous, in general, is his society. throughout the whole of my ill. There are but two roads, my dears;

the broad and the narrow. Choose She then wished her brothers to the latter; it is that, and that alone, be called, and after affectionately that can lead you to heaven. My asking them each how they were, dears, you have this day to witness she said, “ You are now, my, a dying sister. Look at her! She dears, summoned to witness your is very young; only fifteen years sister on her dying bed.” She then of age. She might bave expected exhorted them in the most affecting to look forward to many years to manner, to be obedient and dutiful come. But my heavenly Father to their parents. “O never grieve sees fit to take me from you all them, never fret them by any im- very early in life. I have not a proper conduct. Always speak the wish to live. God knows what is truth; keep close to it. Never be best for us. But how has he tempted to hide a fault by an un- blessed me whilst on earth! I have truth. Nothing is so detestable as a liar. Read your Bible daily to

* * The family attend St. John's Chapel, . yourselves; pray also daily; and Bedford Row.


had every comfort, every enjoy., viour! What a mercy, I repeat ment; kind and indulgent parents ; it, that I have been kept all the affectionate brothers and relatives; days of my youth! What is there thousands of mercies that many, that I have not to be thankful for? many of my poor fellow-creatures So many mercies, so many comhave never experienced. Nay, I forts! My soul shall declare the can say that every wish of my loving kindness of the Lord, and heart has been gratified; and yet, what he has done for my soul. by choice, I would not live any My dearest mamma and papa, I longer here; it is far better to de- love you very much. Yes, most part and be with Christ. I never dearly you entwine around me; and thought I should or could be so each is one half of me--you are happy on my death-bed. I still both near my heart. How can feel myself a great sinner; but I, how shall I, ever give up my there is a plenteous redemption, fond parents ? They are all and My dear mamma used to tell me every thing to me in this world. frequently, that when I came to die, There is nothing I wish to live for I should experience that peace but to do my duty to them; and, of mind which passeth all under- as much as a daughter can, to add standing; and so I find it. I can- to their comfort and happiness. not express what I feel. Once Come, my dear mamma, and remore, my dears, let me assure you, pose yourself by me. 0 how I if you would die well you must live love you! But do not fret or weep well. O never, never forget your on my account; you will be very dying sister's admonition. be wicked if you do. Mamma, are affectionate and dutiful to dear papa departed spirits allowed to pray ? ” and mamma. A wicked child will On my answering, that prayer never prosper. God has declared ended on earth, and praise comthis, and he cannot lie. Think of menced in heaven; “0,” she said, poor

Emma when she is gone, and “ because, if it were, your dear talk of her often one to another." Emma would never cease to pray She then presented each of them for you: but, if permitted, I should with a book to keep for her sake; wish to be your guardian angel ; and most tenderly and affectionate- and my spirit will always hover ly embraced them.

around you

both. Do not think I requested her to rest herself and dwell upon me as I used to be for a short time, fearing that she on earth, your darling Emma. O might be again exhausted. • I no, no! then, I am sure you will am not tired, my dear

inamma, al- mourn and grieve for me. But folthough I am so weak--s0 very



whither I am going. I weak -no outward strength left. shall be far happier with my God I could say much more, but I must and Saviour! I would not exthink and pray now. I am very change my situation for all the wicked, I fear.” After a short riches in the world. I hope, and pause, she said, “ Can you think it is my earnest desire and prayer, for me, whether I have not com- that


be a warning to mitted

any bad actions? I have all my relatives and friends; and been trying to bring whatever I more particularly to my young can possibly recollect of my past ones.

I trust it will teach them life; and, through mercy, I have the great uncertainty of all creature been kept from leading a sinful life. comforts; and show them the neAnd yet, I feel and know I am a cessity of preparing to meet their great sinner: but, O my blessed God--to remeinber their Creator blessed Saviour! There is my in the days of their youth,” hope. He is my pardoning Sa

[T'u be concluded.) FEBRUARY 1823,



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