The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, Nide 37

A. and C. Black, 1844

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Sivu 60 - Out of whose womb came the ice? and the hoary frost of heaven, who hath gendered it? The waters are hid as with a stone, and the face of the deep is frozen.
Sivu 112 - Notes on the Effects produced by the Ancient Glaciers of Caernarvonshire, and on the Boulders transported by Floating Ice.
Sivu 310 - I have to regret that up to the present time I have not been able to procure, either in this country or from Europe, the last two memoirs which embrace his views on Egyptian subjects, and especially the work entitled, ' Specimen historic naturalis antiquse artis operibus illustrate.
Sivu 217 - Cuvier," &c. 6th Edition, improved, with an account of a Visit to Walton Hall, and Mr. Waterton's method of Preserving Animals. Fcp. 8vo. with Wood Engravings, 7s. cloth. LEE -ELEMENTS OF NATURAL HISTORY, For the use of Schools and Young Persons : comprising the Principles of Classification, interspersed with amusing and instructive original Accounts of the most remarkable Animals. By Mrs. R. LEE (formerly Mrs. T: E. BOWDICH), Author of "Taxidermy," "Memoirs of Cuvier,
Sivu 309 - Negroes were numerous in Egypt, but their social position in ancient times was the same that it now is, that of servants and slaves. 9. The national characteristics of all these families of man are distinctly figured on the monuments; and all of them, excepting the Scythians and Phoenicians, have been identified in the catacombs.
Sivu 309 - 6. Kings of Egypt appear to have been incidentally derived from each of the above nations. " 7. The Copts, in part at least, are a mixture of the Caucasian and the Negro in extremely variable proportions. " 8. Negroes were numerous in Egypt, but...
Sivu 23 - ... of war, to the remotest seas. Indeed it appears probable that the law of gravity, as established by the Creator, puts forth in this single water-fall more intense and effective energy, than is necessary to move all the artificial machinery of the habitable globe...
Sivu 185 - Many enormous masses had already fallen on the beach, and the inhabitants thought that when the rains commenced far greater slips would happen. The effect of the vibration on the hard, primary slate which composes the foundation of the island was still more curious: the superficial parts of some narrow ridges were as completely shivered as if they had been blasted by gunpowder.
Sivu 34 - ... the minimum thickness of the crust of the globe, which can be deemed consistent with the observed amount of precession, cannot be less than one-fourth of the earth's radius...
Sivu 349 - The necessity for the issue tube being a good conductor of electricity is shewn by the experiments of Dr Faraday, who says, " A metal, glass, or box-wood tube, well soaked in distilled water, being used for the steam issue, the boiler was rendered well negative, and the steam highly positive ; but if a quill or an ivory tube be used, the boiler received scarcely any change, and the stream of steam is also in a neutral state.

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