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Illustration of the FRONTISPIECE.

IT was customary with the ancient Romans, upon the accession of a new Prince to the imperial throne, to express, by some emblematical device on the public coins, on medals, or other like monuments of fame, the Fælicitas Regni or Imperii they expected from his government. It must give infinite pleasure to the subjects of Great Britain, that they can in this manner honour the beginning of the reign of their august Monarch, GEORGE The Third; not with hearts of servile adulation, as the Romans were wont; not with wishes which oppressive tyranny made vain; but with hearts of sincere confidente in his patriotic disposition; and with wishes, which his royal word to preserve their constitution, has given them the strongest hopes to fee accomplished.

The Proprietors of the Universal Magazine, elated with this prospect of Britain's htm happiness, have endeavoured to express their fense of it in the annexed Frontispiece. They are also glad to see recorded, in their memoirs of the transaction* Of the last year, the total reduction of the French empire in North America; and perhaps the time is approaching, when the goodness of the British cause, the known wisdom and abilities of his Majesty's Ministry, and above all the zeal and firmness of all orders amongst us-for the support of the present war, will induce France to ihink serioufly of her state of humiliation, and sue for a peace. May our country enjoy it safe, permanent, and glorious; and may all other nations in like manner taste of its blessings, at least as long as we and they have the fense to value peace, and the virtue to deserve it.

This then will be considered by grateful posterity as the true æra of British felicity. It will acquire fresh force and vigour with age, ar.d at length will extend its afloence to every part of the political system. NyMB. CXCI, Vol. XXVIII.' „J Vi«

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