Original Letters Illustrative of English History: Including Numerous Royal Letters; from Autographs in the British Museum, the State Paper Office, and One Or Two Other Collections

Sir Henry Ellis
R. Bentley, 1846

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Sivu 102 - I find His Grace my very good lord indeed, and I believe he doth as singularly favour me as any subject within this realm. Howbeit, son Roper, I may tell thee, I have no cause to be proud thereof, for if my head would win him a castle in France (for then was there war betwixt us), it should not fail to go.
Sivu 150 - Dominus dedit, Dominus abstulit; sicut Domino placuit, ita factum est : sit nomen Domini benedictum
Sivu 34 - ... of them, for the abbey stood among the woods and the rocks of stone, in which rocks was pewter vessels found that was conveyed away and there hid ; so that it seemeth that every person bent himself to filch and spoil what he could, yea, even such persons were content to spoil them that seemed not two days before to allow their religion, and do great worship and reverence at their...
Sivu 34 - It would have pitied any heart to see what tearing up of the lead there was, and plucking up of boards, and throwing down of the spars ; and when the lead was torn off and cast down into the church, and the tombs in the church all broken (for in most abbeys were divers noble men and women, yea...
Sivu 34 - ... whose tombs were regarded no more than the tombs of all other inferior persons ; for to what end should they stand, when the church over them was not spared for their cause ?), and all things of price either spoiled, carped away, or defaced to the uttermost. " The persons that cast the lead into fodders plucked up all the seats in the choir, wherein the monks sat when they said service, which were like to the seats in minsters, and burned them, and melted the lead therewithall...
Sivu 337 - ... to sit down with them. Soon after, Ocane, the lord of the country, came in, all naked excepting a loose mantle, and shoes, which he put off as soon as he came in, and entertaining the baron after his best manner in the Latin tongue, desired him to put off his apparel...
Sivu 102 - Chelsea to be merry with him, whither, on a time unlooked for, he came to dinner, and after dinner, in a fair garden of his, walked with him by the space of an hour, holding his arm about his neck.
Sivu 55 - And then I demanded of him what his articles were. And he said one was that he and his company would go to London of pilgrimage to the King's highness, and there to have all vile blood of his Council put from him, and all noble blood set up again ; and also the Faith of Christ and His laws to be kept, and full restitution of Christ's Church of all wrongs done unto it ; and also the Commonalty to be used as they should be...
Sivu 200 - Think ye not that we can, by any sophistical subtleties, steal out of the world again the light which every man doth see. Christ hath so lightened the world at this time that the light of the Gospel hath put to flight all misty darkness; and it will shortly have the higher hand of all clouds, though we resist in vain never so much.
Sivu 283 - ... noe man to be angre with the same. Nexte come in a king, whoe passed this throne, having noe speche to thende of the playe, and thene to raitefie and approve, as in playne parliament, all thinges doon by the reste of the players, whiche represented the three estes.

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