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29 But such as lays the lofty looks of pride,

For I their vain conceits before discern, And makes cool thought in humble channel glide; | Theo write thy song which Israel's sons shall learn. But such as clears the cheats of error's den,

As thus the wondrous voice its charge repeats, Whence magic mists surround the souls of men; The prophet musing deep within repeats, , Whence self-delusion's trains adorn their flight, He fecms to feel it on a streaming ray, As snow's fair feathers fleet to darken sight;

Pierce through the soul enlightening all its way. Then rest, and in the work of fancy spread,

And much obedient will, and free desire, To gay-wav'd plumes for every mortal's head, And much his love of Jacob's feçd inspire; These empty forms, when death appears, disperse, And much, oh! much above the warmth of those Or melt in tears, upon its mournful hearse; The sacred fpirit in his bosom glows, The sad reflection forces men to know,

Majestic Notion seems decrees to nod, Life surely fails, and swiftly flies below.

And holy Transport speaks the words of God. Oh, left thy folly lose the profit fought,

He now returns, the finih'd roll he brings, Oh never touch it with a glancing thought,

Enrich'd with strains of past and future things; As men to glasses come, and straight withdraw, The priests in order to the tent repair, And straight forget what sort of face they saw : The gather'd tribes attend the elders there : But fix, intently fix, thine inward eyes,

Oh! sacred Mercy's inexhausted fore! And in the strength of this great truth be wise. Shall these have warning of their faults before, If on the globe's dim side our senses stray,

Shall these be told the recompences due, Not usd to perfect light, we think it day:

Shall heaven and earth be call'd to witness to Death seems long sleep; and hopes of heavenly Then still the tumult, if it will be so, beams,

Let fear, to lose a word, its caution dew; Deceitful wishes, big with distant dreams;

Let close attention in dead calm appear, But if our reason purge che carnal fight.

And softly, softly steal with silence near; And place its objects in their juster light,

While Mofes, rais'd above the listening throngs We change the side, from dreams on earth we Pronounces thus in all their ears the song : move,

Hear, Oh ye heavens, Creation's lofty Thew, And wake through death, to rising life above. Hear, Oh thou heaven:encompass'd carth below, Here o'er my soul a folenin filence reigns,

As filver showers of gently dropping rain,
Preparing thought for new celestial strains, As honcy dews diftilling on the plain,
The former vanih off, the new begin,

As rain, as dews, for tender grass design'd,
The folemn silence stands like night between, So shall my speeches sink within the mind,
In whose dark bosonı day departing lies,

So sweetly turn the soul's enlivening food, And day succeeding takes a lovely rise.

So fill and cherish hopeful feeds of good, But though the song be chang'd, be still the flame, For now my numbers to the world abroad And still the prophet, in my lines the same; Will loudly celebrate the name of God.. With care renew'd, upon the children dwell,

Ascribe, thou nation, every favour'd gribe, Whose sinful fathers in the desert fell,

Excelling greatness to the Lord ascribe, With care renew'd, if any care can do,

The Lord! the rock on whom we safely trust, Ah! left they fin, and left they perish too.

Whose work is perfect, and whose ways are justs Go seek for Mofes at yon sacred tent,

The Lord! whose promise stands for ever true; On which the Presence makes a bright descent.

The Lord! most righteous, and most holy too. Behold the cloud, with radiant glory fair,

Ah, worse election! Ah, the bonds of find Like a wreath'd pillar, curl itself in air !

They choose themselves, to take corruption in : Behold it horering just above the door,

They stain their souls with vice's deepest blots, And Moses meekly kneeling on the floor.

When only frailties are his children's frots. But if the gazing turn the edge of light,

Their thoughts, words, actions, all are run aftray, And darkness spring from unsupported light, And none more crooked, more perverse, than thes, Then change the sense, be sight in hearing Say, rebel nation, and unwisely light, drown'd,

Say, will thy folly thus the Lord requite ? While there strange accents from the vision found: Or is he not the God who made thec free,

The time, my fervant, is approaching nigh, Whose mercy purchas'd and establish?d thee? When thou shale gather'd with thy fathers lie; Remember well the wondrous days of old, And soon thy nation, quite forgetful grown The years of ages long before thee cold, Of all the glories which mine arm has shown, Ask all thy fathers, who the truth will fhew, Shall through my covenant perversely break, Or ask thine elders, for thine elders know. [down, Despise my worship, and my name forfake,

When the Most High, with fceptre pointed By customs conquer'd, where to rule they go,

Describ'd the realms of each beginning crown, And serving gods that can't protect their foe.

When Adam's offspring providential care, Displeas'd at this, I'll turn my face aside

To people countries, scatter'd here and there; Till sharp Affliction's rod reduce their pride ;

He to the limits of their lands confin'd, Till, brought to better mind, they seek relief,

That favour'd Ifrael has its part aflign'd, By good confeflions in the midst of grief.

For llrael is the Lord's, and gains the place Then write thy song, to stand a witness still Reserv'd for those, whom he would choose to Of favours paft, and of my future will, in


When such

Him in the desert, him his mercy found, Slow-parching death, and pestilential heat, Where famine dwells and howling deafs the Shall bring the bitter pangs of lingering Fate. ground,

The teeth of beasts shall swift destruction bring, Where dread is felt by savage noise increast, The serpents wound them with invenom'd sting, Where folitude erects its seat on watte :

The sword without, and dread within, consume And there he led him, and he taught him there, The youth and virgin, in their lovely bloom, And safely kept him with a watchful care; Weak tender infancy, by suckling fed, The tender apples of our heedful eye,

And helpless age, with hoary frosted head. Not more in guard, nor more securely lie.

I said I'd scatter all the sinful race, And as an eagle, that attempts to bring

I said I'd make its mere remembrance cease, Her unexperienc'd young to trust the wing, But that I fear'd the foe's unruly pride, Stirs up her nest, and futters o'er their heads, Their glory vaunted, and their power deny'd, And all the forces of her pinions spreads,

While thus they boast, our arm has shewn us And takes and bears them on her plunes above,

brave, To give peculiar proof of royal love;

And God did nothing, for he could not save. 'Twas fo the Lord, the gracious Lord alone, So fond their thoughts are, so remote of sense, With kindness most peculiar, led his own: And blind in every course of Providence. As no strange God concurr'd to make him free, O did they know to what my judgments tend ! So none had power to lead him through but he. O would they ponder on their latter end! To lands excelling lands and planted high, They soon would find, that when upon the field That boasts the kindest influencing sky,

One makes a thousand, two, ten thousand yield. He brought, he bore him, on the wings of grace, The Lord of Hosts has sold a rebel state, To taste the plenties of the ground's increase; And fure enclos'd it in the nets of Fate; Sweet dropping honey from the rocky soil, For what's another's rock compar'd with ours, From flinty rocks the smoothly flowing oil, Let them be judges that have prov'd their powers, The gilded butter from the ftately kine,

That on their own have vainly call'd for aid, 'The milk with which the duggs of sheep decline, While ours to freedom and to glory led. The marrow fatness of the tender lambs,

Their vine, indeed, may seem to flourish fair, The bulky breed of Bafan's goats and rams; But


it grows in Sodon's tainted air The finest flowery wheat that crowns the plain It sucks corruption from Gomorrah's fields, Diftends its husk, and loads the blade with grain, And galls for grapes in bitter clusters yields, And still hè drank from ripe delicious heaps And poifon sheds for wine, like that which comes Of clusters press’d, the purest blood of grapes. From afps, and dragons deach-infected gums. But thou art wanton, fat, and kickest now,

And are not these their hateful fins reveal'd, Oh, well directed, Oh, Jeshuron thou :

And in my treasures for my juftice seal'd? Thou foon wert fat, thy fides were thickly grown, To me the province of revenge belongs, Thy fatness deeply cover'd every bone;

To me the certain recompence of wrongs. Then wanton fulness vain oblivion brought, Their feet shall totier in appointed cime, And God, that made and fav’d thee, was forgot; And threatening danger overtake their crime; Wbile gods of foreign lands, and rites abhorr'd, For, wing'd with feather'd hafte, the minutes dy To jealousies and anger mov'd the Lord;

To bring those things that niuft afflict them nigh. While gods thy fathers never knew were own'd, The Lord will judge his own, and bring them luw, And fiends themselves with sacrifice aton'd.

And then repent, and turn upon the foe. Oh! fools, unmindful whence your order'd frame, And when the judgnients from his own remove And whence your life-infusing spirit came; Will chu's the foe convincing!y reprove : Such í corruptions could his hate provoke, Where are the gods, the rock, to whom in vain And thus their fate his indignation spoke :

Your offerings have been made, your victims It is decreed, I'll hide my face, and fee,

slain? When I forsake them, what their end shall be; Let them arise, let them afford their aid, For they're a froward, very froward train, And with protection's shield surround your head. They promise duty, but return disdain.

Know then your Maker, I the Lord am he, Within my soul they've rais'd a jealous flame, Nor ever was there any God with me; By new-nan'd gods, and only gods in name; And death, or life, or wounds, or health, I give, They make the burnings of my anger glow, Nor can another from my power reprieve. By guilty vanity's displeasing shew;

With solenın state I lift my arm on high, I'll also teach their jealousy to fret,

Above the glories of the lofty sky: At such as are not form'd a people yet,

And by myself majestically swear, I'll make their anger vex their inward breast, I live for ever, and for ever there.

If in my rage the glittering sword I whet, A fire, a fire that nothing can assuage,

And, sternly sitting, take the judgment-fcat, Is kindled in the fierceness of my rage,

My just awarding sentence dooms my foe, To burn the depths, consume the land's increase, And vengeance wields the blade, and gives the And on the mountains' strong foundations seize.

blow, Thick heaps of mischief on their heads I send, And dcep in flesh the blade of fury bites, And all mine arrows, wing'd with fury, fpend; And deadly deep my bearded arrow lights,



P Q R S.

31 And both grow drunk with blood defil'd in fin, He white with innocer.ce, his figure she, When executions of revenge begin.

And both harmonious, but the sweeter he. Then let his nation in a common voice,

Death learns to charm, and, while it leads to blise; And with his nation let the world rejoice : Has found a lovely circumstance in this, For whether he for crinies or trials spill

To suit the meekest turn of easy mind, His fervants blood, he will avenge it still; And actions cheerful in an air sefign'd. He'll break the troops, he'll scatter them asar, Thou flock whom Moses to thy freedom led, Who vex our realm with desolating war,

How wilt thou lay the venerable dead? And on the favour'd tribes and on the land,

Go (if thy fathers taught a work they knew) Shed victories and peace, from Mercy's hand. Go build a pyramid to glory due,

Here ceas'd the song, and Israel look'd behind, Square the broad base, with floping fides arise, And gaz'd before, with unconfining mind, And let the point diminish in the fies. And fix'd in silence and amazement faw

There leave the corpse, impending o'er his head The strokes of all their state beneath the law. The wand whose motion winds and waves obey'de Their recollection does its light present

On fable banners to the fight describe To thew the mountain bless’d with God's de- The painted arms of every, mourning tribe. scent,

And thus may public grief adorn the tomb, To thew their wanderings, their unfix'd abode, Deep-streaming downwards through the vaulted And all their guidance in the desert road, Then where the beams of recollection go,

On the black stone a fair infcription raise, To leave the fancy dispofscss'd of show,

That fums his government to speak his praise, The fairer light of prophecy's begun,

And may the style as brightly worth proclaim, Which, opening future days, fupplies their sun, As if affection, with a pointed beam, By such a fun (and fancy needs no more)

Engravid or fir'd the words, or honnur due They see the coming times, and walk them o'er, Had with itself inlaid the tablet through. And now they gain that rest their travail sought, But stop the pomp that is not man's to pay, Now milk and honey ftream along the thought, For God will grace him in a nobler way. Anon they feel their souls the blesling cloy, Mine eyes perceive an orb of heavenly state, And God's forgot in full excess of joy:

With splendid forms and light serene replete; And oft they fin, and oft his anger burns,

I hear the sound of fluttering wings in air, And every nation's made cheir scourge by turns, I hear the tuneful tongues of angels there : Till, oft repenting, they convert to God,

They fly, they bear, they rest on Nebo's head, And he, repenting too, destroys the rod.

And in thick glory wrap the reverend dead; O nation timely warn'd in facred strain, This errand crowns his songs, and tends to O never let thy Mores sing in vain!

prove Dare to be good, and happiness prolong,

His near communion with the quire above. Or, if thy folly will fulfil the song,

Now fwiftly down the steepy mount they go, At least be found the seldomer in ill,

Now swiftly glides their shining orb below, And still repent, and soon repent thee flill; And now moves off, where rising grounds deny When such fair paths thou shale avoid to tread, To spread their valley to the distant eye. Thy blood will rest upon thy linful head;

Ye bless's inhabitants of glittering air, Thy crime, by lasting, will secure thg foe, You've borne che prophet, but we know not where. The gracious warning to the Gentiles go,

Perhaps, lest Israel, over-fondly led, And all the world, that's call'd to witness here, . In rating worch when envy leaves the dead, Convinc'd by thine example, learn to fear. Might plant a grove, invent new rites divine, The Gentile world, a mystic lfrael grown, Make him their idol, and his grare the shrine. Will in thy first condition find their own,

But what disorder ? what repels the lighe? A God's descent, a pilgrimage below,

And ere its feason forces on the night?
And promis'd reft where living waters flow. Why sweep the spectres o'er the blasted ground?
They'll see the

describe in every trace

What shakes the mount with hollow.rvaring The frowns of anger, or the smiles of grace;

suund? Why mercy turns aside, and leaves to thine, Hell rolls beneath it, terror stalks before What cause provokes the jealousy divine;

With fkrieks and groans, and horror bursts a door: Why justice kindles dire avenging flames,

And Satan rises in infernal state, What endless


the lifted arm proclaims; Drawn up by malice, envy, rage, and hate, Why mercy shines again with cheerful ray, A darkening vapour with fulphureous (team, And glory doublc-gilds the lighcfome day. In pitchy curlings cug'd by fullen flame, Though nations change, and Israel's empire dies, And fram'd a chariot for the dreadful form, Yet still the case on earth again may rise;

Drives whirling up on mad confusion's storm, Eternal Providence its rule retains,

Then fiercely burning where the prophet dy'de And still preserves, and still applies the trains. Nor fall thy nation 'Icape iny wrath, he cry'd;

'Twas such a gift, the prophet's sacred pen, This corpse I'll enter, and thy flock mislead, On his departure, left the fons of men;

And all thy miracles my lies hall.aid. . Thus he, and thus the swap her breath resigns, But where?--He's gone, and, by the scented Ikya (Within the beauty of poetic finęs),.

The favourite courtiers have been lately oighi

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Oh, flow to business, curs'd in mischief's hour, Now twenty years, that rollid in heavy pain,
Trace on their odours, and if hell has power Saw Jabin gall then with Oppression's chain,
This said, with spite and with a bent for ill, When she, submissive to divine command,
He shot with fury from the trembling hill.

Proclaims a war for Freedom o'er the land,
In vain, proud fiend, thy threats are half expreít, And bids young Barack with those men descend,
And half lie choking in thy scornful brcaft,

Whom in the mountains he for battle train'd. His shining bearers have perform'd their ritc, Go, says the prophetess, thy foes affail, And laid him softly down in shades of night, Go make ten thousand over all prevail, A warrior heads the band, great Michael he, Make Jabin's captains feel

thine edged sword, Renown'd for victories in wars with thee,

Make all his army, God has spoke the word. A sword of flame to stop thy course he bears, He, fit for war, and Israel's hope in fight, Nor has thy rage avail'd, nor can thy snares; Yet doubts the numbers, and by that the fight, The Lord rebuke thy pride! he meekly cries : Then thus replies with wish to stand secure, The Lord has heard him, and thy project dies. Or eager thought to know the conquest sure;

Here Moses leaves my song, the tribes retire, Belov'd of God, lend thou thy prelence tou, The desert flies, and forty years expire;

And I with gladness lead th' appointed few; And now, my fancy, for a while be still,

But, if thou wilt not, let thy fon deny, And think of coming down from Nebo's hill. For what's ten thousand nien, or what am I? Go search among thy forms, and thence prepare If so, she cries, a share of toil be mine, A cloud in folds of soft surrounding air !

Another. share, and some dishonour thine; Go find a breeze to lift thy cloud on high,

For God, to punish doubt, resolves to shew To waft thee gently-rock'd in open sky,

That less than numbers can suppress his foe; Then stealing back to leave a silent calm,

You'll move to conquer, and the foes to yield, And the reposing in a grove of palm,

But 'tis a woman's act secures the field.
The place will suit my next succeeding strain, Now feen the warriors in their ranks affign'd,
And I'll awakė thee soon to sing again.

Now furling banners flutter in the wind :
Her words encourage, and his actions lead,

Hope fpurs theni forward, Valour draws the blade;

And Freedom, like a fair reward for all,

Stands reaching forth her hands, and seems to call, TIME, fire of years, unfold thy leaf anew, On t'other side, and almost o'er the plain, And still the past recall to present view,

Proud Sisera, Jabin's captain, brings his men, Spread forth thy circles, swiftly gaze them o'er, As thick as locusts on the vintage fly, But where an action's nobly sung before,

As thick as scatter'd leaves in autumn lie, There stop and stay for me, whose thoughts design Bold with success against a nation try'd, To make another's song resound in mine.

And proud of numbers, and secure in príde. Pass where the priest's procession bore the law, Now founds the trumpet, now ny fancy When Jordan's parted waters fix'd with awe,

warms, While Israel march'd upon the naked sand,

And now methinks I'view their toils in arms, Admir'd the wonder, and obtain'd the land; The lively phantoms tread my boundless niind, Slide through the numerous fates of Canaan's And no faint colours or weak strokes de sign'd: kings,

See where in diftant conquest from afar, While conquests rode on expedition's wings, The pointed arrows bring the wounds of war; Glance over lsrael at a single view,

See where the lines with closer force engage, In bondage oft, and oft unbound anew,

And thrust the spear, and whirl the sword of rage: Till Jabin rise, and Deborah stand enrollid, Here break the files, and vainly strive co close, Upon che gilded leaf's revolving fold.

There on their own repell'd assist their foes. Oh, king subdued! Oh, woman born to fame! Here Deborah calls, and Jabin's soldiers fly, Oh, wake my fancy for the glorious theme; There Barack fights, and Jabin's soldiers die, Oh, wake my fancy with the sense of praise, But now nine hundred chariots roll along, Oh, wake with warblings of triumphant lays. Expert their guiders, and their horses strong; The land you rise in fultry suns invade;

And Terror, rauling in their fierce array, But, when you rise to fing, you'll find a shade. Bears down on Israel to restore the day, Those trees in order, and with verdure crown'd, Oh, Lord of battle, Oh, the danger's near! The facred prophetess's tent surround,

Affist thine Israel, or they perish here. And that fair palni a ftont exactly plac'd,

How swift is Mercy's aid, behold it fly That overtops and overspreads the rest,

On rushing tempests through the troubled ský: Near the firm root a mofly bank supports,

With dashing rain, with pelting hail they blowj. Where Justice opens unexpensive courts :

And sharply drive them on the facing foe. There Deborah fits, the willing tribes repair, Thus bless'd with help, and only touch'd behind, Refer their causes, and she judges there;

Thc favourite nation presses in the wind. Nor needs a guard to bring her subjects in, But heat of action now difturbs the fight, Each grace, each virtue, proves'a guard unseen; And wild confusion mingles all the fight; Nor wants the penalties enforcing law,

Cold-whistling winds, and shrieks of dying men, While great Opinion gives effectual awe.

And groans and armour, found in all the plain,


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м The bands of Canaan sate no longer dare,

Then trembled earth, and shook the heavens on
Oppress'd by weather, and destroy'd by war;

And, from his chariot whence he rul'd the fight, And clouds in drops forsook the melted fxy,
Their haughty leader Iraps to join the flighc. With fumbling waters, hills were heard to roar,
See where he flics, and see the viétor near; And felt such fhock, as Sinai felt before.
See sapid conquest in pursuit of fear.

But fear abating, which by time decays,
Sce, fue, they both make off, the work is o'er, Tlie kings of Canaan sose in Shamgar's days,
And fancy clear'd of vision as before.

And still continued ev'u in Jael's.times,
Thus (if the mind of man may seem to move Their empire fixing with successful crimes.
With some resemblance of the skies above)

Opprcfiion ravag'd all our loll abodes,
When wars are gathering in our hearts below, Ner dare the people trust the common roads;
We've seen their battles in ethereal show:

But raths perplex'd and unfrequcnted chose,
The long diftended trads of opening sky,

To fhun the danger of perplexing foes. The phantonis azure field of fight fupply:

Thus direful was deform'd the country round, The whitish clouds an argent armour yield, Unpeopled towns, and disinprov'd the ground. #radiant blazon gilds chcir argent field;

Till l, resolving in the gap to stand,
Young glittering coniets points) : level'd spear, 1, Deborah, rose a niother of the land,
Which for their pennons hang their flaming hair, Where others, flaves by settled custom grown,
Ando'er thc helms for gallant glory drest

Could serve, and choose to serve; the gods un
Sit curls of air, and nod upon the crest.

Thus arm'd, they fcem to niarch, and secme to fight, Where others suffer'd with a time regret,
And seeming wounds of death delude the fight, Destruction spilling blood in every gate,
The ruddy thunder-clouds look staind with gore, And forty thousand had not for the field
And for the din of war within they rear.

One fpear offensive, or defensive ihitid.
Then flies aside, and then afide pursues,

O towards the leaders of my nation move, Till in their molion all their shapes they loose, O beat my warming heart with sense of love, Dispersing air concludes the mimic scene,

Commend th' afferiers in their own accord, The íky shuts up, and swiftly clears again.

And bless che sovereigr ca fer, bless the Lord. But does their Sisera share the common fare,

Speak ye, that ride with power return'd in Or mourn his humbled pride ip dark retreat ?

ftate, With such inquiry near the palm repair,

Speak ye the praise, that rule the judgment-leat, Vidtorious honour knows and tells it there.

Speak ye the praise to God, that walk the roadas To that fair type of Israel's late success,

While safety brings you to restor'd abodes. l'hich nobly riles as its weights deprels,

The rescued villagers, no more afraid
To that fair type returus the joyful band,

Of archers lurking in the faithless shade,
Whofe courage rose to free their groaning land; And sudden death convey'd from founding frings,
There stands the leader in the


Shall fase approach the water's rising springs;
There stands the judge in beauty's awful charms; And, while their turns of drawing there they wait,
And whilft, reclin'd upon the resting spear, Loitering in case upon a moffy seat,
He pants with chace and breathes in calmner air, Cail all the blaflings of the Lord to mind,
Her thoughts are working with a backward view, And fing the Lord in all the bleilings kind.
And would in song the great exploit renew.

The townfinen iclcued from the tyrant's reign She fees an arm'd oppreffion's hundreit hands Shall Hock with joy to fill their walls again, impofe its fetters on the promis'd lands,

See justice in the gates the balance bear,
She lees their nation struggling in the chains, And none but her unsheath a weapon there.
And wars arising with uncqual trainş.

Awake, O Deborah! O avvake to praise !
She fees their fate in arms, the field iinbrued, Awake, and utter forth triumphant lays.
The foc disorder'd, and the foe pursued,

Arise, O. Barack! be thy pomp begun, Till conqueft, dreft in rays of glory, cone

Lead on the triumph thou Abinoam's fon;
With peace and freedom, brought in triumph Thy captives bound in chains, when God's decree

Made humbled princes itoop their necks to thee,
Then round her heart a beamy gladness plays, When he, the giver of success in fight,
which, darting forward, thus converts co praise. Advanc'd a woman w'er the fups of might.
For Israel's late avenging on the foe,

Against this Amaleck, of banded focs,
When led by no compelling power below,

I, Deborah, root of all the war, arose,
When each spring forward of their own accord, From Ephraim sprung, and leading Ephraim's line;
For this, for all the mercy, praise the Lord. The next in rising, Benjamin, was thine.
Hear, o ye kings; ye neighbouring princes, | The ruling heads of half Manaflen's land,

To serve in danger, lcfr their safe command.
My long triumphant Mall inltruct your


The tribe of Zebalun's unactive aren My fong triumphane bids your giory bow, For glorious armis forsook the peaceful peo. li God confef'd, the God of Jacob now.

The lords of Issachar with Deborah went, O glorious Lord! when, with thy sovereign | The tribe with Barack to the vale was tent, hand,

Where he on foot performi'd the general's party Thou led'lt the nation off from Edom's land, Aad Mhar'd the foldier's toil to raise their heart. VoL, VII.


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