Sivut kuvina


Caft to the decp I fell, by thy command,

My soul, now seek the fong, and find me there Caft in the midst, beyond the reach of land; What heaven has shewn thee to repel despair; Then to the midt brought down, the seas abide See, where from hell she breaks the crumbling Eeneath my feet, the seas on every fide; In fiorms the billow, and in calms the wave, Her hairs stand upright, and they stare around; Are moving coverings to my wandering grave. Her horrid front deep-trenching wrinkles trace, Forc'd by despair, I cry'd, How to my cost Lean sharpening looks deform her livid facc; I fled thy prefence, Oli, for ever lost !

Bent lie the brows, and at the bend below, But hrpe revives my soul, and makes me fay, With fite and blood two wandering eye-balls Yet tuw'rds thy temple shall s turn and pray;

glow; 0;, if i know not here where Saleni lies,

Fill'd are her arms with numerous aids to kill, Thy'temple's heaven, and faith has inward eyes. And God fhe fancies but the judge of ill. Alas! ike waters, which my whale surround, Oh, fair-eye'd Hope! thou see'st the passion nigh, Have through my furrowieg foul a paflage found; Daughter of promise, oh forbear to fly! find now she dungeon moves, new deprhs I try, Affurance holds thee, icar would have thee go, New thoughts of danger all his paths supply, Close t'iy blue wings, and fland thy deadly foe; The lat of decps affords the last of dread,

The judge of :ll is till the Lord of Grace, And wraps its fureral weeds aronnd my head : As such behuld him in the prophet's case, Now o'er the fand his solings seem to go,

Cast to be drown'l, devour'd within the sea, Where the big nountairs root their bass below; Sunk to the deer, and yet refror'd to day. And now to rocks and cleits their course ...vy Oh, love the Lord, my soul, whose parent care take,

So rules the world he punishes to spare.
Earth's endless bars, 'too strong for me to break; / If heavy grief my downcast heart oppress,
Yet, from th' abyss. my God! thy grace divine My body danger, or my ftatc distress,
Hath call'd hini upward, and my life is mine. With low submission in thy temper bow,
Still, as I tcss'd. I foarce retain'd ny breath, Like Jonah pray, like Jonah make thy vow;
My soul was fick within, and faint io death, With hopes of comfort kiss the chastening rod,
'Twas then I thought of shee, for piny pray'd, And, shunning mad despair, repose in God;
And to thy temple flew the prayers I made. Then, whatsoe'er the prophet's vow design,
The men, whom lying vanity eosvarės,

Repentance, thauks, and charity, be mine.
Forsake thy mercy, that which might be theirs.
Bui I will pay--my God! my King! receive
The folerin vows my full affection gare, ,

W'hen in thy temple, for a psalm, I fing
Salvation only from my God, my king.

From the bleak beach, and broad expanse of Thus ends the prophet; first from Canaan ferit,

fea, To let the Gentilcs know they must repent : To lofty Sal-nı, thought, direct thy way; God hears, and speaks; the whale, at God's con Mount thy light chariot, move along the plains, nant,

Aod end thy fight when Hezekiah reigns. Heares to the light, and casks hin forth to land. lios swistly thought has pass'd from land to Wish long fatigus, with unexpected eale,

land, Oppress’d a while, he lies aside the leas;

And quite nut-run tiine's measuring-glass of sand! His eyes, though glad, in strange altorish'd way Great Salın's walls appcar, and I resort Stare at the golden front of checriul day;

To view the fate of Hezekiah's court. Theil, slowly rais'], he sees the wonder plain, W:ll may that king 2 pieus verse inspire, And what he pray'l, he wrote, to sing again. Who cleans' the temple, who reviv'd the choir,

The rong recorded bringa his vow to mind; Picas'd with the service David fix'd before, He must be thankful, for he Lord was kind; That heavenly music might on earth adore. Strait to the work he fhunn'd he flies in hafte Icep-rob'd in white, he made the Levites stand (That seems his vow, or lecins a part at leasi); Ifith cymbals, harps, and psalteries in their hand; Preaching he conies, and thus denounc'd to all, He gave the priests their trumpets, prompt to Yer forty days, and Nineveh fall iall.

raise Frúr feiz'd the Gentilcs, Nineveh believes; The tuneful frul, by force of found, to praise. All fast with penitence, and God forgives. A skilful master for the song he chose,

Nor yet of use the prophet's suffering fails, The longs were David's thefe, and Asaph's those; Hell's decp black boroni more than Mews the 'Then burns their offering, all around rcjoice, whale's,

Each tuncs his insrument to join the voice; But fone referblance brings a type to view, The trumpers founded, and the singers sung, The place was drak, the time proportion'd coo. The people wormipp'd, and the temple rung. A race, the Savior cries, a sinful race,

Each, while the victim burns, presents his heart, Temits for a sign the powers of heavenly grace, Then the priest blesses, and the people part. And let them talie tlie sign! as Jonah lay,

Lail! facred Music! fince you know to draw Three days and nights within the fish of prey; The soul to hcaven, the Spirit to the law, Sn fhall the Son of Man defcend below,

I come to prove thy force, thy warbling itring Earth's opening entrails Thall retain him so.

May tune my soul to write what others ling.

P O E ivi S. But is this Salem ? this the promis'd blifs, Arten:ive here he gaz'd, the prophet pray'd, These lighs and groans: what means the realm by Back went the fun, and back pursued the shade. this?

Cheer'd by the sign, and by the prophet hcald, What folemn sorrow dwells in every street? Whar facred thanks his gratitude reveal'd! What scar confounds the downcat looks I meet? As fickly swallows, when a summer ends, Alas: the king' whole nations sink with woe, Who mily'd the passage with their fiying friends, When righteous kings are summon'd hence to Take co a wall, there lean the languid head, go;

While all who find them think the sleepers dead; The king lies ick; and thus, to freak his doom, If


their warmth new days of summer bring, The prophet, grave Ifaiali, stalks the room · They wake, and joyful flut:er up to figg : Oh, privce, thy forvant, sent from God, believe; So far'd the monarch, fick to death hc lay, Set all in order, for ou canit rot live,

His court despair'd, and watch'd the last decay; Solemn he faid, and fighing left the place ; At length new favour shines, new life he gains, Deep prints of horror furrow'd every face; And rais'd he fings; 'tis thus the song remains : Within their minds appear eteroal glooms,

I faid, my God, when in the loth's disease Black gaping marbles of their monarchs' tombs; Thy propher's words cut off my future days, A king belov'd deceas'd, his offspring none, Now to the grave, with mournful haste, I go, Aod wars destructive, ere they fix the throne. Now death unbars his fable gates below. Strait to the wall he turn'd, with dark despair, How might iny years by course of nature laft! ('Twas tow'rds the temple, or for private prayer,) But thou pronounc'd it, and the prospect país'd. And thus to God the pious monarch spoke,

I said, my God, thy servant now no more Who burn'd the groves, the hrazen serpent broke: Shall in thy teniple's sacred courts adore ; Remember, Lord, with what a heart for righe, No more on earth with living man converse, What care for truth, I walk'd within thy aglit. Shrunk in a cold unconfortable hearse. 'Twas thus with terror, prayers, and tears, he My life, like tents which wandering thepherds toss'd,

raise, When the mid-court the grave Isaiah cross'd, Proves a short dwelling, and removes at ease. Whom, in the cedar columns of the square, My fins pursue nie; see the deadly band ! Meets a sweet angel, hung in ziitrering air. Mly God, who sees them. cuts me from the land; Seiz'd with a trance, he stapp'd, before his eye As when a weiver finds his labour (ped, Clears a rais'd arch of visionary sky,

Swift from the beam he parts the fastening thread. Where, as a minute pass'd, the greater light With pining sickness all from night to day, Purpling appear'd, and south'd and set in night; Frim day to night, he makes my strength decay: A moon succeeding leads the starry train,

Reckoning the time, I roll wish refless groans, She glides, and sinks her silver horns avain! Till, with a lion's force, he crush my bones; A second fancied morning drives the shades, New morning dawos, but, like the morning pait, Clos'd by the dark, the second evening fades, 'Tis day, 'cis oight, and still my sorrows last. "The third bright dawn awakes, and strait he sees Now, forcaming like the crane, my words I spoke, The remple rise, the monarch on his knees. Now, like the swallow, chattering quick, and Pleas'd with the scene, his inward thoughts re

broke; joice,

Now, like the doleful dove, when on the plains
When thus the guardian angel form'ů a voice : Her mourning tone affects the listening swains.
Now fow'rds the captain of my people go, To heaven, for aid, my wearying eyes I throw,
And, féer, relate him what thy visions show; At length they're weary'd quite, and sink with
The Lord has heard his words, and seen his tears,
And through fifteen extends his future years. From dea:h's arrelt, for some delays, I sue;

Here, to the room prepar'd with dismal black, Though, Lord, who judgød me, thou reprieve me,
The prophet eurning, brought the comfort back.
Oh, monarch, hail, he cry'd; thy words are Rapture of joy! what can thy servant fay?

He sent his prophet to prolong my day;
Thy virtuous actions meet a kind regard;

Through my glad limbs I feel the wonder riin, God gives thee fifteen years, when thrice a day Thus said the Lord, and this himself has done. Shews the round fun, within the temple pray. Soft shall I walk, and, well fecur'd from fears, When thrice the day! Surpriz'd, the monarch Poffefs che comforts of my future years, cries,

Keep Toft, my heart, keep humble, while they When thrice the sun! what power have I to rise !

roll, Put, if thy comfort's human or divine,

Nor e'er forget my bitterness of soul. 'Tis short to prove it-give thy prince a sign. T'is by the means they sacred words fupply, Behold, the prophet cry'd (and stretch'd his That mankind live, but in peculiar l; hands),

A second grant thy mercy pleas'd to give, Against yon lattice, where the dial flands;

And my rais'd fpirits doubly seem to live. Now fhall the fun a backward journey go

Bchold the time! when peace adorn'd ny reign, Through ten drawn lines, or leap to ten below. I'was then I felt my stroke of humbling pain ; 'Tis cafier posting nature's airy track,

Coriuprion dng her pit, I fear'd to fink, Replics the monarch : let the sun go back. .

God lor'd my soul, and snatch'd me from the brink.




He turn'd my follies from his gracious eye, These ask the fact for Hezekiah done,
As men who pass accounts, and cast them by. And much they wonder at their God the sun,
What mouth has death, which can thy praise That thrice he drove, through one extent of day,

His gold-Mod horses in etherial way : What tongue , the grave, to speak thy glorious Then vainly ground their guess on nature's laws; náme?

The frundef knowledge owns a greater cause. Or will the senseless dead exult with nirth,

Faith knows the fact transcends, and bids nie Mov'd to their hope by prontises on earth?

find The living, Lord, the living only praise,

What help for practice here incites the mind: The living only fit to sing thy lays :

Strait to the song, the thankful song, 1 move; These feel thy favours, these thy temple see; May such the voice of every creature prove ! These raise the song, as I this day to thee.

If every creature meets its share of woe, Nor will thy truth the present only reach,

And for kind rescues every creature owe, This the good fathers shall their offspring teach; Io public so tliy Maker's praise proclain, Report the blessings which adorn my page, Nor what you begg'd with tears, conceal witk Aud hand their own, with mine, from age to age.

shame. So, when the Maker heard his creature crave,

'Tis there the ministry thy name repeat, So kindly rose his ready will to save,

And tell what mercies were vouchfaf 'd of late; Then march we solemn tow'rds the temple-door, Then joins the church, and begs, through all our While all our j:yful music founds before;

days, There, on this day through all my life appear, , Not only with our lips, but lives, to praise. When this comies round in each returning year; 'Tis there our sovereigns, for a signal day There strike the strings, our voices jointly raise, The feast proclaim'd, thcir signal thanks repay. And let his dwellings hear my songs of praise. O'er the long streets we see the chariots wheel,

Thus wrote the monarch, and I'll think the lay And, following, think of Hezekiah ftill, Design'd for public, when he went to pray ; In the bless'd dome we meet the white-rob'd choir, I'll think the perfect composition runs,

In whife swect notes our ravish'd souls aspire; Perform'd by Heman's or Jeduthun's sons. Side answering fide, we hear, and bear a part,

Then, since the time arrives the Seer foretold, All warm’d with language from the grateful heart ; And the third morning rolls an orb of gold, Or raise the song, where meering keys rejoice, With thankful zcal, recover'd prince, prepare And teach the bose to wed the treble voice; To lead thy nation to the dome of prayer.

Art's fofining echoes in the music found, My fancy takes her chariot once again,

And, answering nature's, from the roof rebound. Moves the rich wheels, and mingles in thy train; Here close my verfe, the service aská no more, She fees the singers reach Moriah’s hill,

Bless thy good God, and give the transport o'cr. The ninstrels follow, then the porches fill; She wakes the nunierous instruments of art, That each perform its own adapted part;

H A B A K K U K. Seeks airs expressive of thy grateful strains, And, listening, hears the vary'd tune she feigns. Now leave the porch, to vision now retreat,

From a grave pitch, to speak the monarch's woe. Where the next rapture glows with varying heat; The notes fow down, and deeply sound bciow; Now change the cime, and change the templeAll long-continuing, while depriv'd of case

foene, He rolls for tedious nights and heavy days.

The following seer forewarns a future reign. Here intermix'd with discord, when the crane To fome retirement, where the prophet' fons Screams in the notes, through sharper fünse of Indulge their holy flight, my fancy runs ; pain;

Some sacred college, built for praise and prayer, There, run with descant on, and taught to shake, And heavenly dream, the feeks Habakkuk there. When pangs repeated force the voice to break : Perhaps 'tis there he moans the nation's fin, Now like the dove they murmur, till it fighs Hears the word come, or feels the fit within ; They fall, and languish with the failing cyes : Or fees the vision, fram'd with angels' hands, Then slowly slackening, to surprise the more, And dreads the judgments of revolted lands; From a dead pause his exclamations foar,

Or holds a converse, if the Lord appear, To meet brik health the notes ascending fly, And, like Elijah, wraps his face for fear. Live with the living, and exult on high :

This deep rocess portends an act of weight, Yet still distinct in parts the music plays,

A message labouring with the work of fate. Till prince and people both are callid to praise; Methinks the skies have lost their lovely blue, Then all, uniting, strongly strike the string, Aftorm rides fiery, thick the clouds ensue. Pue forth their utmost breath, and loudly sing; Fall'n to the ground, with prostrate face I lie: The wide-spread chorus fills the sacred ground, Oh! 'twere the same in this to gaze and die ! And holy trapsport scales the clouds with found. But hark the prophet's voice; my prayers co: Or thus, or livelier, if their hand and voice

plain Join'd the gond anthem, might the realm rejoice. Of labour spent, of preaching urg'd in vain.

This story known, the learn'd Chaldeans came, And must, my God, thy sorrowing servant ftill Drawn by the sign obferv'd, or mov'd by fame; Quit my lone joys, to walk this world of ill?


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57 Where spoiling rages, strife and wrong command, 1 0, Lord, by whom their number'd years we find, And the flack'd laws no longer curb the land ? Ev'n in the midst receive the drooping mind;

At this a strange and more than human sound Evin in the midst thou canst then make it known, Thus breaks the cloud, and daunts the trembling | Thy love, thy will, thy power, to save thine own. ground.

Remember mercy, though thine anger burn,
Behold, ye Gentiles ; wondering all behold, And soon to Salem bid thy flock return.
What scarce ye credit, though the work be told; 0, Lord, who gav'st it with an outstretch'd hand,
For, lo, the proud Chaldean troops I raise,

We well remember how thou gav'st the land.
To march the breadth, and all the region seize; God came from Teman, southward sprung the
Fierce as the prowling wolves, at close of day,

flamc, And swift as cagles in pursuit of prey.

From Paron-mount the one that's holy came;
As easterr: winds to blast the season blow,

A glittering glory made the desert blaze,
For blood and rapine flies the dreadful foe; High heaven was cover'd, earth was fill'd with
Leads the fad captives, countless as the sand,

Derides the princes, and destroys the land. Dazzling the brightness, not the fun fo bright,
Yet these, triumphant grown, offend me more, 'Twas here the pure substantial fount of light;
And only thank the gods they chose before. Shot from his hand and side in golden streams,
Art thou not holiest, here the prophet cries;

Came forward effluent horny-pointed beanis :
Supreme, eternal, of the purest eyes;

Thus Mhone his coming, as sublimely fair And shall those eyes the wicked realms regard, As bounded nature has been fram'd to bear; Their crimes be great, yet victory their reward? But all his further marks of grandeur hid, Shall these ftill ravage more and more to reign,

Nor what he could was known, but what he did. Draw the full net, and cast to fill again?

Dire plagues before him ran at his command,
As watchmen silent fit, I wait to fee

To waste the nations in the promis'd land,
How solves my doubt, what speaks the Lord to me. A scorching fame went forth where'er he trod,

Then go, the Lord replies, suspend thy fears, And burning fevers were the coals of God.
And write the vision for a term of years :

Fix'd on the mount he food, his measuring reed Thy foes will feel their turn when those are past,

Marks the rich realms for Jacob's feed decreed : Wait, though it tarry; sure it comes at last. He looks with anger, and the nations fly 'Tis for their rapine, lusts, and thirst of blood,

From the fierce sparklings of his dreadful eye; And all their unprotecting gods of wood,

He turus, the mountain shakes its awful brow; The Lord is prefent on his facred hill,

Awful he turns, and hills eternal bow. Cease chy weak doubts, and let the world be still. How glory there, how terror here, displays

Here terror leaves me; with exalted head, His great unknown, yet everlasting ways ! I breathe fine air, and find the vision fled;

I see the fable tents along the strand
The seer withdrawn, infpir'd, and urg'd to write,

Where Cufhan wander'd, desolately stand;
By the warm influence of the sacred fight. And Midian's high pavilions suake with dread,

His writing finish'd, prophet-like array'd, While the tam'd seas thy rescued nation tread.
He brings che burden on the region laid;

What burst the path? what made the Lord en-
His hands a tablet and a volume bear,
The tablet threatenings, and the volume prayer; Could waters anger, feas incite thy rage,
Both for the temple, where, to fhun decay,

That thus thine horses force the foaming tide,
Enrollid the works of inspiration lay.

And all the chariots of salvation ride? And awful, oft he stops, or marches flow,

Thy bow was bare for what thy piercy swore ; While the dull'd nation hears him preach their woe. Those oaths, that promise, Israel had before.

Arriv'd at length, with grave concern fur all, The rock that felt thee cleav'd, the rivers flow, He fix'd his table on the sacred wall.

The wondering desert lends them beds below. 'Twas large inscrib'd, that those who run might Thy might the mountain's heaving shocks conread:

fess'd, “ Habakkuk's burden, by the Lord decreed; High shatter'd Horeb trembled o'er the rest. “ For Judah's fins her empire is no more,

Great Jordan pass'd its nether waters by, " The fierce Chaldeans bathe her realm in gore.” Its upper waters rais'd the voice on high :

Next to the priest his volume he resign'd, Safe in the deep we went, the liquid wall 'Twas prayer, with praises mix'd, to raise the Curling arose, and had no leave to fall. mind;

The fun effulgent, and the moon serene, 'Twas facts recounted, which their fathers knew, Stopt by thy will, their heavenly course refrain : 'Twas power in wonders manifest to view; The voice was man's, yet both the voice obey, 'Twas comfort, rais'd on love already past,

Till wars completed close the lengthen'd day.
And hope, that former love returns at last. Thy glittering spears, thy rattling darts prevail,

The priests within the prophecy convey'd, Thy spears of lightning, and thy darts of hail.
The fingers' tunes to join his anthem made. 'Twas thou that march'd against their heathen
Ilear, and attend the words : and, holy thou

That help'd the prophet, help the poet row. Rage in thy visage, and thy fail in hand;

0, Lord, who rul'st the world, with mortal ear 'Twas thou that went before to wound their head, I've heard thy judgments, and I shake for fear. The captain follow'd where the Saviour led :

gage ?

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Torn from their earth, they feel the desperate ; If justice leaves to wound, and thou to groan, wound,

Beneath new lords, in countries not thine own, And power unfounded fails for want of ground. Know this for mercy's act, and let your lays, With village-war thy tribes, where'er they go, Grateful in all, recount the cause of praise : Distress the remnant of the scatter'd foe;

Then love returus, and while no fins divide Yet mad they rush'd, as whirling wind descends, The firm alliance, power will shield thy side. cind deem'd for friendless those the Lord be See the grand round of Providence's care, friends.

See realms aflisted here, and punish'd there ; Thy trampling horse from sea to za subdue, O’er the just circle cast thy wondering eyes, The bounding occan left no more to do.

Thank while you gaze, and study to bc wife.
0, when I heard what thou vouchfal 'A to win,
With works of wonder must be loft für siv;
I quak'd through fear, the voice forsook my tongue,

Or, at my lips, with quivering accent hung;
Dry leanness entering to my marrow came,

See the star that leads the day,
And every loosening nerve unstrung niy (ramie.

Rising, shoots a golden ray, How shall I rer, in what protecting shade,

To make the shades of darkness go
When the day chimes, and hosile troips invade?

From heaven above and earth below;
Though neither blossoms on the fig appear,
Nor vines with clusters deck the purpling riar;

and warn us early with the fight,

To leave the beds of filent night ; Though all our labourz vlivc-trees belic,

From an heart sincere and sound, 'Though fields the subtance of the breai deny;

From its very deepest ground; 'Though flocks are sever'd from the silent íold,

Send devotion up on high, And the rais'd stalls to lowing cattle hold;

Wing'd with heat to reach the sky.
Yet shall my fuul he glad, in Grd rejoice,

See the time for sleep has run,
Yet to niy Saviour will I list my voice;
Yet to my Saviour still my teniper sings,

Rise before, or with the sun :
What David set to instruments of ftrings: [feet. The fountain of eternal day;

List thy hands, and humbly pray, The Lord's my strength, like hinds he mukes my

Thal, as the light serenely fair, Yon mount's my resuye, I as safely firet ;

Tilustrates all the trads of air; Or (if the long's apply'd) he make me still

The Sacred Spirit so may rest, 'Expect returning to Noriah's hill.

With quickening heans, upon thy brcast; In all this hynin what daring grandeur shines,

And kindly clean it all within, What darting glory rays among :he lines:

From darker blemishes of fin; What mountains, carthquakes, clouds, and smokes

And shine with grace until we view

l'he realnı it gilds with glory too. What ambient aires conceal the Lord withic;

See the day that dawns in air, What working wonders give the promis'd place,

Brings along its toil and care : And Inad the conduct of a stubbirn race !

From the lap of night it springs,
In all the work a lively fancy flows,

With heaps of business on its wings;
O'er all the work sincere affection glows :
While truth's firm rein the course is fancy guides, Prepare to meet them in a mind,

Thor bows submissively resign'd;
And o'er affection zeal divine presides.

That would to works appointed fall. . Borne on the prophet's wings, methinks I lly

That knows that God has order'd all. Anorgst eternal artibutes on high :

And whether, with a small ropast, And here I couch at love supreniciy fair,

We break the sober morning fak; And now at power, azon ar mercy there;

Or in cui thoughts and houses lay So, like a warbling bird, my tunes I raise,

The future methods of the day; On those green boughs the tree vi life displays;

Or cirly walk abroad to niect Whose twelve fair fruits, cach month by turus re

Our business, with industrious feet : ceives,

Whare'ei we think, whate'er we do, And, for the satirns' healing, ope their leaves.

His glory still be kept in view. Theo be the nations heal'd, for this I fing,

0, giver of eternal hlils, Descending f:{tly from the prophet's wiring

Heavenly Father, grant me this; Thou, world, attend the case of Israel; fee

Grant it all, as well as me, 'Twill thus at large refer to God and thee,

All whole hearts are fix'd on thec; If love be fewn thee, turn thine eyes above,

Who revere rhy Son above,
the duties relative to love;

Who thy Sacred Spirit love.
If power be fliewn, and wonderfully fo,
Wonder and thank, adore, and bow below,
If power that led thee, now no longer luar,
Bui brow bent jusice draws the flaming lilasie;

Whun love is (corn'd, when tin the liverd pro-

The sun is swistly mounted high,
Lei tears and prayers avert, or heal tie fi:okes; It gilears iu the Toutheru sky;

are seen,

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