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Page 1
289 Tofts and Margaretta,
ib. 1 The Wandering Beauty,
ib. Dialogue de L'Amour et de Puëte,

Translation in English,
ib, Vent and Adonis, a Cantata,
290 Cantata,

Beauty, an Ode, ib. Myra, a Cantata,

Alexander's Feast : or, the Power of Music, ib. | Songs, 291 Translated from Persian Verses, alluding to ib. the Custom of Women being buried ib. wich Husbands, and Men with their ib. Wives, ib. Another, 292 On Arqueānalfa of Colophos, 293

On Fulvia, the Wife of Anthony, ib. Hudibras Imitated, written in 1710,

An Ode to the Creator of the World, 294


To Mr. Addison, on his Tragedy of Cato, ib. Advice to Mr. Pope, on his intended Trans295

lation of Homer's Iliad, ib. To the Memory of Milton,

To a Lady, with the Tragedy of Caro,

A Fragment, 296 Serenata for Two Voices, on the Marriage 297 of the Right Honourable Lord Cobhan), 248

to Mrs. Anne Halsey, ib. Horarius, in Libro Primo, Epistolarum, ib. In English, ib. On a Collar presented for Happy Gill, 299 The Character of the Lady Henrietta Ca

vcndith Hulles, ib, Truth, Honour, Henesty; the Motto cho

sen by che Right Honourable the Lady ib. Henrietra Cavendish Holles, ib. Hymn Sung by the Children of Christ's ib. Hospital, at the Entry of King George 300

into London, ib. A Monumental Ode, to the Memory of ib. Mrs Elizabeth Hughes, ib. An Allusion to Horace, Book I, Ode XXII. 301

Printed at the breaking out of the Reib. bellion, in the Year 1715, 302

A Fragment,

Apollo and Daphne, a Masque, ib. An Ode for the birth-day of her Royal ib. Highness, the Princess of Wales, ib. Extract of a Letter from Mr. Hughes to 303

the Lord Chancellor Cowper, 304

Ode to the Righc Honourable Lord Chanib. cellor Cowper, in allufion to Horace, 305

Lib. II. Ode XX. ib. Boilcau, Dans Sa I. Epistre au Roy,

In English,

An Iniage of Pleasure, in Imitation of an . Ode in Casimire,

An Ode in the Park at Alfted,
To Mr. Constantine, on his Paintings,

To Urania, (n her arrival at Jamaica, ib. Supplement and Conclusion to Milton's Il 307 Penseroso, or che Pentive Man, ib. | The Hue and Cry,

To a beautiful Lady, playing on the Organ,
To a Painter,
To the Author of Fatal Friendship, a Tra-

gedy, On Divine Poetry, Song wrirten for the late Duke of Glou

cester's Birth-Day, On a Peacock, finely cut in Vellum by

Molinda, On Lucinda's Tea-Table, The March, Written in a Lady's Prayer-Book, Ode on the Spring, Horace, Ode III, Book III. Greenwich Park, To Molinda, A Letter to a Friend in the Country, Verses presented to a Lady, with a Draw

ing (by the Author) of Cupid, Horace, Book I. Ode XXII. Imitated in

Paraphrase, Horace, Book II. Ode XVI. The Birth of the Rose, from the French, Six Cantatas; or, Poems for Music. After

the manner of the Italians. The Preface to the Lovers of Music, Cintata I.-On English Beauty, Cantata 11.-Alexis, Cantata II.-On the Sprios, Cantata IV.-Miranda, Cantata V - Corydon, Cantata VI.-The Cuquet, The Praises of Heroic Virtue. From the

Fragments of Tyrtzus, Under the Print of Tom Britton, the Mu

fical Small-Coal Man, Bong.--- l'he Fair Traveller, A Cantata, Song, Cupid and Scarlate.- A Cantata, A Cantata, with Symphonies, Paftora, 3 Cantata, A Pastoral Masque, A Cantata, A Fragment, Claudianus in Epithalamio Honorii et Ma

ria, A Cantata, The Soldier in Love, a Cantata, An: Ode in Praise of Spring, Apollo and Daphne, a Cantata, A Thought in a Garden, A Wilti, to the New-Year, 1705, Cantata, An Ode for Vocal and Instrumental Music.

To the Memory of the Most Noble
Williani Duke of Devonshire,
Epilogue spoken by Mr. Mills, at the

Queen's Theatre, on his Benefit Night,
Feb. 16. 1709; a little before the Duke

of Marlborough's going for Holland, Lines written in a Window at Greenhithe, The Toaiters,

ib, 315 ib. ib.



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The Patriot. To the Right Honourable

lington-House, in Surrey, the Scąt of
William Lord Cowper, Lord High Chan-

Mr. Bridges, cellor of Great Britain,

325 Lines written in a Window at Wallingtonsuhe Second Scene of the First Act of Oref

House, then the seat of Mrs. Elizabeth
tes, Translated from Eurípedes,

ib, Bridges,
On the Birth-Day of the Right Honour The supplement: the character of Mts.
able Lord Chancellor Parker,


Elizabeth Bridges, The XIyth. Olympic of Pindar, to Asopi The Ecstacy, an Ode, cus of Orchomenus,

ib. | The Tenth Book of Lucan's Pharsalia, The Morning Apparition, written at Wal



ib. 329



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*The Temple of Death, in Imitation of the

French, Ode on Love, Elegy to the Duchess of R A Letter from Sea, Love's Slavery, To one who accused him of being too Sen

· fual in his Love, The Warning, To Amaretta, The Venture, Inconitancy Excused.--A Song. Song, Despair, On apprehension of Losing what he had

newly Gaincd, in Imitation of Ovid, The Reconcilement.-A Song, Song, To a Coquet Beauty, The Relapse, The Recovery, The Convert, The Picture, in Imitation of Anacreon, On Don Alonzo's being Killed in Portugal, upon account of the Infanta, in the Year

1683, The Surprise, A Dialogue Sung on the Stage between an · Elderly Shepherd and a rery Young


341 On one who Died discovering her Kindness,

On I,ucinda's Death,
To a Lady retiring into a Monastery,

The Vision. Written during a Sea Voy3459 age, when sent to command the forces 347

for the 'Relief of Tangier, 348 | Helen to Paris. From Ovid. Translated 349 by the Earl of Mulgrave and Mr. Dry. ib. den,

Part of the Story of Orpheus. Being a ib. Translation out of the Fourth Book of ib.

Virgil's Georgic, 350 An Essay on Poetry, ib. Ode on Brutus; ib. ib.

MISCELLANIES. 351 | The Rapture,

On Mr. Hobbes, and his Writings,

Written over a Gate, ib.

The Miracle, 1707, 352 On the Death of Henry Purcell, ib.

On the Loss of an only Son, Robert Marib.

quis of Normandy, ib,

On Mr. Pope and his Poçins, ib. Şranzas, 353 On the Election of a Poet Laureát,

On the Tinics,

On the Duke of York Banished to Brussels, ib.

On the Deity, ib. Prologue to the Alteration of Julius Cæsar,

Chorusses in Julius Cæsar,

Prologue to Marcus Brutus, 354 Chorufles in Marcus Brutus,

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409 | Henry and Emma. A Poem, upon the

Page Considerations on part of the Eighty-eighth Mercury and Cupid,

410 Pfalm, 387 On Beauty, a Riddle,

ib. To the Rev. Dr. F. Turner, Bishop of Ely, The Question. To Lisetta,

411 who had advised a Translation of Pru

Lisetta's Reply,

ib. dentius,

The Garland,

ib. A Pastoral. To the Bishop of Ely, on his The Lady who offers her Looking-glass to departure from Cambridge,

Venus. Taken from an Epigram of To the Countess of Exeter, playing on the

Plato, Lute, ib. Cloe Jealous,

ib. On a Picture of Seneca Dying in a Bath, 389 | Answer to Cloe Jealous, in the fame Style; An Ode, ib. the Author Sick,

ib. An Epistle to Fleetwood Shephard, Esq. ib. A better Answer,

b. Another Epistle to the same,

Pallas and Venus, an Epigram,

413 To the Countess of Dorset, written in her

To a Young Gentleman in Love, a Tale, ib. Milton, 391 An English Padlock,

414 To the Lady Dursley, on the same Subject,


Hans Carvel, To my Lord Buckhurst, very Young, play

A Dutch Proverb,

415, ing with a Cat,

ib. Paulo Purganti and his Wife; an Honest, An Ode, ib. but a Simple Pair,

iba' A Sorg, ib. The Laddle,

417 The Despairing Shepherd,

ib. Written at Paris, 1700, in the begianing To the Hon. Charles Montague, Esq. aster

of Robo's Geography, wards Earl of Halifax,

393 Written in the beginning of Mezeray's Variations in a Copy, Printed 1692, ib. History of France,

419. Ad virum Doctissimum Dominum Samuel,

Written in the Nouveaux Interers des lum Shaw, &c. ib. Princes de L'Europe,

ib. Translation, by Mr. Cooke, ib. Adriani Morientis ad Animam fuam,

ibe On the Taking of Namur,


From Monsieur Fontenelle, Ode, in Imitation of Horace, B.III. Ode II. ib. Imitated in English,

ib. Hymn to the Sun,

396 A Passage in the Moriæ Encomium of ErafThe Lady's Looking-Glass, 397 mus Imitated,

ib. Love and Friendship, a Pastoral, &c.

ib. To Dr. Sherlock, on his Practical Discourse To the Author of the foregoing Pastoral, 398 conceruing Death,

ib. To a Lady, she refusing to continue a Dif

Carmen Seculare, for the Year 1700,

420 pute with me, and leaving me in the

The Remedy Worse than the Disease,

425 Argument. An Ode,

. An Ode, inscribed to the Memory of the On seeing the Duke of Ormond's Picture

Hon. Col. George Villiers, drowned in at Sir Godfrey Kneller's, ib. the River Piava,

ib. Celia to Damon,

399 Prologue, Spoken at Court before the Prologue fpoken by Lord Buckhurst, in

Queen, on her Majesty's Birth-day, 1704, Westminster-School, at a Representation

A Letter to Monsieur Despreaux ; occaof Mr. Dryden's Cleomenes,


sioned by the Victory at Blenheim, An Ode, presented to the King, on his Ma

Lines upon a Passage in the Scaligerianá, 428 jesty's arrival in Holland, after the To a Child of Quality, Five Years Old; Queen's Death, 1695, , the Author being then Forty,

ib. Ode sur la prise de Namur, par les Armes

Partial Fame,

ib. du Roi, L?Anice, 1692. Par Monsieur For the Plan of a Fountain ; on which are Boileau Despreaux,

40% the Efigies of che Queen op a TriumphTranslation into English, ib. al Arch, &c.

ib. An Ode, 405 The Cameleon,

429 Presented to the King, at his arrival in Merry Andrew,

ib. Holland, after the Discovery of the Con.

A Simile,

ib. spiracy, 1696, ib. The Flies,

ib. The Secretary. Written at the Hague, 406 A Paraphrase fron the French,

430 To Cloe Weeping, ib. From the Greek,

ib, To Mr. Howard. An Ode, ib. Epigrams,

ib. Love Difarmed,

407 To a Person who Wrote Ill, and Spoke Cloe Hunting,

Worse against mo,

ibe Cupid and Ganymede, ib. On the same Person,

ib. Cupid Mistaken, 498 Quid üt Futuram çras suge Quærere,

431 Venus Mistaken,

ib. A Ballad on the Notbrowne Mayde, wricA Song, ib. ten Three Hundred Years fince,

ib The Dove, A Lover's Anger,

IO Model of the Nut-browa Maid, To Cloe, 433





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, ib, ib. 503 504 ib.


ib. 505


Page An Ode, humbly Inscribed to the Queen,

Canto III on the glorious Success of her Majesty's Solomon on the Vanity of the World. Arms, 1706,

440 Preface, Her Right Nane,

44.1 knowledge, Bok 1. Cantara,

ib. | Fleasure, Book II. Line Writeen in an Ovid; a Translation

Power, Buok III. from the French,


POEMS A True Maid,

ib Another,

ib Engraven on Three Sides of an Antique A Reasonable Affliction,

445 Lamp, given to Lord Harley, Another,

ib. The Turtle and Sparrow, an Elegiac Tale, On ihe ianie Subject,

ib. occafioried by the Death of Prince George, On the same,

ib, 1708, Phylis's dge,

ib. | Applicacion ; written long after the Tale, Forma Bona Fragile,

ib. Down-hall, a Ballad, An Epigram. Writren to the Duke de Verses spoken to Lady Henrietta-CavenNoailles,

ib. dish-Holles Harley, Nov. 9. 1719, Epilogue to Smith's Phædra and Hippo

Piologue to the Orphan, represented by litas,

ib. some of the Westminster Scholars, at A Critical Monent,

446 Hickford's Dancing-room, Feb. 2. 1720, Epil, gue to Mrs. Manley's Lucius,

ib. | Husband and Wife, The Thief and the Cordelier. A Ballad, ib. Truth and Falsehood, a Tale, To Chloe,


The Conversation, a Tale, An Epitaph,

ib. The Female Phaeton, Written in Montaigne's Essays, given to The Judgment of Venus,

the Duke of Shrewsbury in France, after Daphne and Apollo. Imitated from the the Peace, 1713,

First Book of Ovid's Metamorphoses, An Epiltle, desiring the Queen's Picture,

The Mice. To Mr. Adrian Drift, 1708, To the Right Honourable the Countess Two Riddles, first' printed in the ExamiDowager of Devonshire; on a piece of

ner, 1710, Wieflen's, wherein were all her Grand

Epigram Extempore, to the Master of St. fons Painted,

ib. John's College, 1712, A Fable, from Phædrus,


Nell and John,
To the Right Honourable Mr. Harley, ib,

Bibo and Charon,
To Mr. Harley, Wounded by Guiscard, ib. Wives by the Dozen,

Fatal Love,
An Extempore Invitation to the Earl of
Oxford, Lord High freasurer,


A Sailor's Wife, Erle Robert's Mice. In Chaucer's Style,


On a Fare, let in the House of Commons, In the same Style,

ib. / The Modern Saint, Another,

ib. The Parallel, On a Flower Painted by Simon Varelst,

ib. To a Young Lady, who was fond of ForTo the Lady Elizabeth Harley, afterwards

tune-telling : Marchionefs of Caermarthen,

A Greek Epigram imitated, Protogenes and Apelles,


To a Friend on his Nuptials, Democrious and Heraclitus,

ib. The Wandering Pilgrim, humbly addressed On my Birth-day July 21,

452 to Sir Thomas Fraokland, Bart. PoftEpitaph, Extempore,

ib. master and Pay-matter General to Queen For my own liimliftone,


Ar:ne, For my owni Monument,

ib. Venus's Advice to the Muses, Galcerus Danitonus ad Amicos,

ib. Cupid curned Ploughman. From Moschus, Luated in English,

ib. Ponrius and Pontia, The First Hynin of Callimachus.-To Ju

Cupid turned Stroller. From Anacreon, piter,


To a Poet of Quality, praising the Lady

The Second Hymn of Calimachus. To


The Pedant,

Cautious Alice,
Charity. A Paraphrafe on the Thirteenth
Chapter of the First Epistle to the Co-

The Incurable, rinthians,


To Fortune, Cupid in Ambush,

436 Nonpareil, Engraved on à Column in the Church of

Challe Florimel, Halstead in Essex,

ib. Doctors differ, Alma; or, the Progress of the Mind.

Epigram, Canto 1.

ib. On Bishop Atterbury's Burying the Duke Canto I

yf Buckinghaib, 1727,

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ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. ib, ib. ib.



ib. ib.

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