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how through a thousand generations, and his visitations unto the third and fourth of sinners, Exod. xxxiv. 6. Whatever time the third and fourth generation may comprehend (though the word generation is not expressed in the Hebrew) it shews what the light of nature never knew, nor could ascertain ; that judgment must pass over into mercy, and there rest for

What finite mind, says Lord Bolingbroke, can comprehend the workings of an infinite mind ? Never was any thing better said to humble man, and to keep reason within the proper bounds of deference to revelation; not to subject it to man, which is too much done, but to God, which is too little attended to. What will short-sighted man affect to deny, that the visitations and judgments of the Lord are not absolutely necessary to correct and a. mend the more stuborn and hardened sinner : as Nebuchadnezzar, at the end of his scuen times, restored to his reason, the glory of his kingdom, to his honor and his brightness, says, "Now I praise and extol, and honor the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways are judgment; and those that walk in pride, he is able to abase,” Dan. iv. 36, 37. Thus will all the judgments of the Most High finish in the praise of those who have passed through them, into greater happiness and glory in the conclusion,


R. C.

Prince EUGENE's Prayer.

O MY God! I believe in thee : do thout strengthen my belief-I hope in thee : do thou confirm my hope I love thee : vouchsafe to redouble my love-I am sorry for my sins : O increase my repentance.

I adore thee, as my first principle ; I desire thee, as my last end : I thank thee, as my perpetual benefactor ; I call upon thee, as my supreme defender. My God! be pleased to guide me by thy wisdom, rule me by thy justice, comfort me by thy mercy, and keep me by thy power. To thee I dedicate all my thoughts, words, and actions ; that henceforth I may think of thee, speak of thee, act according to thy will, and suffer for thy sake.

Lord ! my will is subject to thine, whatever thou willest ; because it is thy will, I beseech thee, to enlighten my understanding, to give bounds to my will, to purify ny body, to sanctify my soul. Enable me, O my God! to reform my past offences, to conquer my future temptations, to reduce the passions that are too strong for me, and to practice the virtues that become me. O, fill my heart with a tender remembrance of thy favors, an aversion for my infirmities, a love for my neighbor, and a contempt for the world. Let me also remember to be submissive to my superiors, charitable to my enemies, faithful to my friends, & indulgent

to my inferiors. O God! help me to overcome pleasure, by mortification ; covetousness, by alms; anger, by meekness; and lukewarmness, by devotion. O, my God! make me prudent in undertakings, courageous in danger, patient under disappointment, and humble in success. Let me never forget, O Lord ! to be fervant in prayer, temperate in food, exact in my employs, and constant in my resolutions. Inspire me, O Lord! with a desire always to have a quiet conscience, an outward as well as inward mod. esty, an edifying conversation, and a regular conduct. Let me always apply myself to resist nature, to cherish grace, to keep thy commands, and to become meet for heaven. My God! do thou convince me of the meanness of the earth, the greatness of heaven, the shortness of time, and the length of eternity. Grant, that I may be prepared for death ; that I may fear thy judgment, avoid hell, and obtain paradise : For the sake and merits of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


A course of LETTERS on the Subject of UNI

VARSAL SALVATION, to a Friend who desired Information ; and who afterwards, upon being convinced of its Truth, and making Confession of it, met with strange Usage, and IIl-Treatment for it.

L E T T E R I.

MY DEAR FRIEND, I HEARTILY rejoiced to find you was not disheartened at the strange treatment you met with, for embracing the grace and hope of the gospel, in its fullest and utmost extent. It satisfies me you have been taught it of God; but it gave me a poor idea of your opposers. Your former persecutors were from the world; but now they have been from the church.

'Twas easy to foresee, how they would re. ceive, and conceive of you, if they had heard nothing of the doctrine before ; and yet one should wonder (if any thing was to be wondered at in fallen man) that such a doctrine as this, for which you have been so lately opposed, should not rather have rejoiced, than have given umbrage and offence upon first hearing of it. But I also, in a measure, find it, as you have found it, and therefore can more readily sympathize

with you.

As men's minds in general, are so little prepared for it at present, it becomes us to guard the doctrine, as well as to speak of it ; and to observe, that something very severe, awful and lasting, is meant by the miseries that will come upon the wicked, in another state. That in proportion as they sin, they will suf'er; and if they can, and will venture to sin, that such grace as this may abound towards them, they will find, to their no small mortification, that their misery and wretchedness will abound also : and the duration thereof, be measured hereby, in the just and equitable judgment of God. If this does not restrain them, it is not likely the ductrine of eternal torments will. This has been, and is still, the current doctrine of this, and of all past ages of the church ; and yet, how many have lived and died in sin, notwithstanding. Tis because they do not believe either one or the other, if they sin ; not because they do. It is a doctrine, like the other doctrines of grace, liable to abuse; and it is to be feared, many base ears, and corrupt hearts, will abuse it, and sin, because such grace and love doth abound. But, what then? Must it be stifled, and given up, on this account ? so then, must the Bible itself; for this is abused by multitudes. The real truth is, let but the doctrine of Universal Salvation, be scripturally stated, and well understood, and not according to men's carnal vicws and apprehensions of it, upon first sight and hearing; and it will not prove a licentious doctrine, but a doctrine according to godliness. Those that will sin, because God is merciful,

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