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the king in his beauty! O glorious sight! May I be there to see!-Where is there a soul, tha: for the sake of a little earthly pleasure, would be willing to lose sight of such glory as this?

Nought in this world may be compared to this. Well might the spirit pronounce those who were found worthy to partake of this glory, blessed indeed :: especially, when all the rest of the dead shall be deprived of the same.. O! would to God I had language to paint out this scene to your understandings in those sublimer strains, in which I view it! I can dwell upon it with such rapturous delight,as heaven itself cannot exceed. Not but that heaven is more glori ous in itself; yet this is of so much more immediate consequence, that it almost outshines the very eclat of heaven..

Again, to be with Christ in the judgment; who can express the pleasure?: Here is something also, that the wicked who do not die in the Lord shall never taste.. Only paint out to your selves, in your own minds the difference of the feelings between the criminals at the bar, and those who sit on the bench with the chief judge, to see that impartial justice is rendered to every man according as his work shall be.

Finally brethren, let us look forward to that day when all things shall be made new, and all the stars (or people) shall be filled with the glory of God; then shall those who die in the Lord. shine like stars of the first magnitude in the fir mament of the new heaven, even as one star differeth from another star in glory..

3. May we all be faithful to labor in Christ's vineyard, knowing that in a few more rolling suns our work will be done; and then we shall reap, if we faint not. Our labor here will soon be at an end, therefore let us take the great captain of our salvation for our example, who continually went about doing good as opportunity presented.

4. We may learn from what hath been said, that God hath given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son; yet whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free. All the works which we may ever expect will follow us beyond the grave, are faith, hope, charity, and the fruit of the same, which is love to God and love to man. When faith and hope are swallowed up in realities, they will come to an end ; but charity, that universal, benevolence, wiH never cease, so long as there is a God to love, we exist, or any objects worthy of our esteem.

Therefore, let us be persuaded, that neither life nor death, height above, nor depth beneath, things present nor things to come, nor any other creature shall ever be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I shall now conclude this discourse, by making. a few addresses,suited to the present occasion; beginning with the bereaved Consort of the deceased.

Dear Bereaved Sister,

GOD hath seen fit in years past to bless you with a husband and a growing family. Your lives have been prolonged, through the goodness

of God, and doubtless you have enjoyed goody days together. But he hath seen fit of late to visit you with his chastening rod. The ar rows of death have been commissioned, to come into these windows; first a branch was lopped off thereby, but now the root is taken; first the offspring was slain, but now the head is fallen a victim; and by this stroke you are obliged to part with your bosom companion,


He hath taken his leave of you for a little sea son, and you must now take your leave of him. But may you not hope to meet him again in that world of glory which we have been treating upon. Therefore do not mourn without meaRemember that no chastisement, for the present is joyous but grievous; yet afterwards it yieldeth the peaceable fruits of righteousness to all them that are exercised thereby. Endeavor to put your trust in God, and may he be your head and husband, and a Father to your fatherless children.. Although you are called to mourn, yet you have not to mourn without hope. You have reason to believe that your husband had chosen that better part, which shall not be taken from him.

Therefore gird up the loins of your mind with truth, watch and be sober, having your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel, and be ready to follow your departed husband, whenever the Lord shall call

A few words to the Children of the deceased. My Young Friends,

ALTHOUGH you are young, yet you are

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Yet re

called to mourn the loss of a Father.
member that you have still a Father, in heaven;
the God and Father of all living. Therefore,
as your earthly parent is taken from you, you
must look up to God, he will be your Father.
While you call to mind your earthly parent, re-
member the councils, which doubtless he hath
given you from time to time, and endeavor to
walk thereby. Although you are young, re-
member too, that you may die.
It is but a lit-
tle while, since your little brother was taken
from you, and now your father will soon be
buried out of your sight. Be not terrified at
these things, but receive instruction thereby.
Place not too high a value on the things of
time and sense; but seek the kingdom of heav-
en, and its righteousness, and all other needful
blessings shall be added unto you.

A word or two to the Brethren of the deceased.
Dear Brethren,

YOU are this day called to mourn the loss of a worthy Brother, thus teaching you the frailty and mortality of human nature, and the uncertainty of all earthly enjoyments. May each of 'you be suitably affected thereby, and may it be a profitable lesson unto you. And may you learn from it, to be also ready, at all times, to close with death, and bid a final farewell to all things of time and sense. May God sanctify this stroke of his providence to you, to the bereaved Consort, to the children, & all the connexions of the deceased, to your spiritual and everlasting good. I shall close with a few words to this respectable audience.

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My Brethren and Friends, WE have before us a solemn monitor, teaching us our own dissolution.

How oft do we see one failing on the right hand, another on the left-children taken from their parents, and parents from their childrenwives from their husbands, and husbands from their wives; and some in a most sudden and unexpected manner.* We still survive, witnessing to ourselves and others, that we are monuments of God's mercy.

We have this day come to pay the last respects to the remains of one of our fellow mortals.

The allwise Jehovah hath seen fit to remove from this house, a kind and tender husband, an affectionate father, a loving brother, a useful citizen, and a happy member of society, most loving and beloved.

This ought to admonish us, who are heads of families, to discharge our duties as parents, not knowing how soon we may be taken from our children.

Let the youth be quickened to their duty, to walk in the paths of virtue and piety.

Let us, one and all, while we feel to drop a tear of sympathy, and mourn with those that mourn, endeavor to so live, and so conduct, as we shall wish we had done when we come to die. That we may finally sweetly fall asleep in Jesus Christ, and be received into those realms of celestial glory, where no sin nor sorrow can Amen.

ever enter.

• This refers to Mr. Seth Walker, who was drowned in a well.

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