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For all in these, the Saviour deigned to die!
And now he rules to bring his exiles home.
His dear, his blood. bought millions shall pro-

His wondrous love, with pure seraphic flame.
Urge on thy blazon'd course; no mean descent
Hath caus’d thee to proclaim the Saviour sent.
But thou hast deeply drank Pierian streams,
Truth from thy writings dart,like thesun-beams,
Hail, happy flocks! who, by such shepherds led,
Imbibe celestial springs,& eat of heav'nly bread..
Go on, and play the man ; thou shalt obtain
The prize at last, the Saviour's plaudit gain !
Crown'd by the Saviour, at the glorious day,
For turning many right, who went astray.
Jesus will own you, not asham'd of him,
Appoint a kingdom, throne, and every thing.
Fain would I meet you at the Lord's right-hand,
As forming one of that high-favor'd band.


To MR. WINCHESTER, On hearing his Introductory. Lecture on the Pro

phecies. HAPPY the man commission'd from above, To teach the world JEHOVAH's boundless love ;, His universal kingdom to proclaim, And spread abroad the Saviour's matchless fame. Hear it, ye mortals ! with unbounded joy, And let this grand event your noblest pow'rs employ.

Enlarge my pow'rs, my God, to comprehend,
While I bow prostrate, and before thee bend.
The Saviour's love such wonders will complete,
As will reduce his foes to worship at his feet.
His mighty deeds employ the hosts above,
And countless myriads praise his boundless love.
Let not my tongue be silent on this theme,
Since on my heart a ray, an heav'nly beam
Of light hath shone--and darkness moves away--
Shine heav'nly light unto the perfect day.
Fain I'd attempt a sacrifice of praise ;
O breath divine ! breathe,breathe,seraphic lays;
And help a mortal, while enshrin'd in clay,
To sound the wonders of thy love's display.
A panting heart is all I can present,
I'm so astonish'd at this great event.
Nations and kingdoms hear the joyful sound,
And seek the grace, that ye be worthy found
To have a part in the Millennial regin,
Escape the second death, and hell's tormenting

How doth the Saviour's love invite and warn!
But 'tis rejected oft with impious scorn.
Ah! why will ye such offer'd grace despise !
A secret whisper oft within me cries.
O hear its admonition, and be blest,
And quickly flee from sin ; seek heaven's eter-

nal rest. Lord,thou hast said. Surely, I quickly come,' Amen, so come, Lord Jesus, take us home.



O FOR a sweet inspiring ray

To animate our feeble strains,
From the bright realms of endless day,

The blissful realms where Jesus reigns.
There low before his glorious throne,

Adoring saints and angels fall;
And with delightful worship own,

His smiles their bliss, their heaven, their all.
Immortal glories crown his head,

While sounding Hallelujah's rise,
And love, and joy, and triumph spread,

Through all the regions of the skies.
He smiles, and seraphs tune their songs

To boundless rapture while they gaze;
Ten thousand thousand joyful tongues

Resound his everlasting praise.


PSALM 148.

PRAISE to the Lord who arch'd the sky,

Is the sweet sound that wakes my tongue ;. Praise to the Lord who dwells on high, Shall finish the delightful song.

Bright heay'ns above, your Builder's name Resound though ev'ry shining coast;

Our God a vaster praise will claim, Where he unfolds his glories most.

Angels, who his great orders bear, And ye that guard the flaming throne,

Sweeping your golden harps, appear Ardent to sound his high renown.

Fair unexhausted fount of day, Bright trophies to thy Maker rear,

Thy broadest blaze is scarce a ray Of what his boundless glories are.

Our God, pale'empress of the night, Exacts his debt of praise from you ;

If faint your beams, yet they can write, In fainting strokes his honors too.

Ye starry orbs, to whom 'tis givin, Night's dreary horrors to illume;

Praise him, who hung you in his heav'n, To cheer the silent solemn gloom.

Ye deeps, with all the wieldless race, Peopling your wombs, his name adore;

Soft waft his praise, when smooth your face;, But sound it when your

billows roar.

Ye dragons of enormous size,
Can you your dreadful thanks forbear ?

His fiery vengeance points your eyes,
Your backs his shining liv'ry wear.

Lightnings, that round th? Eternal play, Thunders, that from his arm are hurl'd ;

Lectures of dreadful strain convey, Breaking or blazing on the world..


your zeal.

Let moulded hail, let fleecy snow,

: Conspire to spread our God's renown;

Snows, you must waft it soft and slow, While hail in tempest bears it down.

Vapours, when you ascend the skies, Glitt'ring in splendors not your own ;

Let praise on your wet plumes arise, And send it upwards to the throne.

Whirlwinds, that with tempestuous rage, Jehovah's dire commands fulfil ;

In this unbounded work engage, And loud and stormy be

Tall craggy rocks with lofty sound, Publish your Maker's praise abroad ;

And each inferior hill around, In gentler echoes teach their God.

Praise him ye trees, with verdure crown'd, And hung with fruits of various die ;

From the low shrub that creeps the ground, To cedars waving in the sky.

Roar out his praise, ye beasts of prey,
Through all your dens in fiercer strains ;

And let the tamer kine essay
His praises, as they graze the plains.

Ye birds of various-painted wing,
To praise attune your warbling throats;

Reptiles and insects aim to sing,
Tho’rude and artless be your notes.

Monarchs possess'd of boundless rule, Vicegerents of th’ Eternal King ;

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