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1. Proportional.

2. Natural.

3. Instituted.

4. Moral.

5. Moral good and evil.

6. Moral rules.

7. Laws.

8. Divine law, the measure of sin and duty.

9. Civil law, the measure of crimes and innocence.
10, 11. Philosophical law, the measure of virtue and vice.

12. Its enforcements, commendation, and discredit.

13. These three laws the rules of moral good and evil.
14, 15. Morality is the relation of actions to these rules.

16. The denominations of actions often mislead us.
17. Relations innumerable.
18. All relations terminate in simple ideas.
19. We have ordinarily as clear (or clearer) notions of the

relation, as of its foundation.
20. The notion of the relation is the same, whether the rule,

any action is compared to, be true or false.

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