Guinness World Records 2009

Guinness World Records, 2008 - 287 sivua
With hundreds of new records, photographs, and gatefolds, an updated edition of the favorite annual reference features more tales of heroism, survival, and feats of daring, as well as new sections on forensic science, the environment, terrorism and conflict, home entertainment and consumer tech, health of the nation, games and puzzles, and peculiar pastimes.

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Guiness world records

Käyttäjän arvio  - Susan B. -

Guiness Book of World Records never fails to interest young readers and even adults with its interesting and great fun facts to read. Attracts even the most reluctant reader! Lue koko arvostelu

Very Satisfied

Käyttäjän arvio  - kmoore624 -

Purchased this book for my 7 year old daughter as per her request. Great book. Alot of interesting pic!!! Full color with 3D. Would highly recommend over any other world record book. Lue koko arvostelu

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