An Attempt to Develop the Law of Storms by Means of Facts: Arranged According to Place and Time; and Hence to Point Out a Cause for the Variable Winds, with the View to Practical Use in Navigation. Illustrated by Charts and Wood Cuts

J. Weale, 1850 - 530 sivua
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Sivu 456 - Eleven of them ranged alongside of us about the distance of three miles. The greatest diameter of the largest appeared to me at that distance as if it would measure ten feet. They retired from us with a wind at...
Sivu 456 - It was in vain to think of flying; the swiftest horse or fastest sailing ship could be of no use to carry us out of this danger, and the full persuasion of this riveted me as if to the spot where I stood, and let the camels gain on me so much in my state of lameness that it was with some difficulty I could overtake them.
Sivu 143 - ... that the great circuits of wind, of which the Trade Winds form an integral part, are nearly uniform in all the great oceanic basins ; and that the course of these circuits and of the stormy...
Sivu 507 - The mercury is sustained in the tube by the pressure of the atmosphere on the surface of the fluid in the...
Sivu 456 - ... with a majestic slowness ; at intervals we thought they were coming in a very few minutes to overwhelm us; and small quantities of sand did actually more than once reach us. Again they would retreat so as to be almost out of sight, their tops reaching to the very clouds.
Sivu 297 - ... people not used to it ; it seemed as if the whole ship's side was going at each roll. Wooden, our carpenter, was all this time smoking his pipe and laughing at the doctor ; the second lieutenant upon deck, and the third in his hammock.
Sivu 296 - It blows a little, and has a very ugly look : if in any other quarter but this, I should say we were going to have a gale of wind.' — ' Ay, it looks so very often here when there is no wind at all ; however, don't hoist the topsails till it clears a little ; there is no trusting any country.
Sivu 24 - The prospect was majestic beyond description : the gigantic waves rolling onwards, seemed as if they would defy all obstruction ; yet as they broke over the careenage they seemed to be lost, the surface of it being entirely covered with floating wrecks of every description ; it was an undulating body of lumber, shingles, staves, barrels, trusses of hay, and every kind of merchandise of a buoyant nature.
Sivu 301 - This won't do for me, to be the first man out of the ship, and first lieutenant ; we may get to England again ; and people may think I paid a great deal of attention to myself, and did not care for any body else. No, that won't do ; instead of being the first, I will see every man, sick and well, out of her before me.
Sivu 298 - I'll answer for it, sir; I have seen it tried several times on the coast of America with success. "Well, try it; if she does not wear, we can only loose the fore-sail afterwards." This was a great condescension from such a man as Sir Hyde. However, by sending about two hundred people into the fore-rigging, after a hard struggle, she wore; found she did not make so good weather on this tack as on the other; for as the sea began to run across, she had not time to rise from one sea, before another dashed...

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