The World, by Adam Fitz-Adam, Nide 2

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Sivu 100 - And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound themselves under a curse, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they had killed Paul.
Sivu 243 - The whole skill and judgment of the poet now consists in selecting about a hundred words (for the opera vocabulary does not exceed that number) that terminate in liquids and vowels, and rhyme to each other.
Sivu 204 - Why, doctor, I find you are but a bad engineer. While you aim at your mouth you will never hit it, take my word for it. A floating battery, to hit the mark, must be pointed something above or below it. If you would hit your mouth, direct your four-pounder at your forehead, or your chin.
Sivu 178 - ... without accommodating them to the approbation of popular prejudice, or hold his reputation, after he has once procured it, on any safer tenure than the uncertain voice of the multitude.
Sivu 255 - ... this occasion be so uncourteous, as to suspect me of being a hired and interested puff of this work ; for I most solemnly protest, that neither Mr. Johnson, nor any person employed by him, nor any bookseller or booksellers concerned in the success of it, have ever offered me the usual compliment of a pair of gloves or a bottle of wine; nor has even Mr.
Sivu 128 - ... leads you to every ditch that is emptying, or brick-kiln that is reeking for him, to his barn that is to be turned into a church, or to his farm that is to be made a ruin for the sake of his prospect ; till at length he brings you so late home, that you are obliged to sit down undressed to a spoiled dinner with a family out of humour.
Sivu 272 - ... of humour. The only danger is, lest the habit of levity should tend to the admission of any thing contrary to the design of such a work. To this I can only say, that the greatest care has been taken in the course of these papers to weigh and consider the tendency of every sentiment and expression; and if any thing improper has obtained a place in them, I can truly assert that it has been only owing to that inadvertency which attends a various publication, and which is so inevitable, that (however...
Sivu 237 - I had not been frightened almoft to death, and incapable of thinking, fpeaking, or knowing what I did. THE wretch, after having apologized to the lady for the...
Sivu 125 - French (which many worthy patriots and elderly gentlewomen are in dreadful apprehenfion of) we ought no doubt to throw off all regard to the memory of queen Elizabeth, and to lament that her minifter was not impeached of high treafon, for advifing and encouraging fo pernicious an attempt againft that Magna Charta of drefs, the old Englifh RUFF and FARDINGALE.
Sivu 237 - WAS quite thunderftruck at this intelligence,and accufed the wretch who brought it me as the vileft of men. He fell upon his knees, conjuring me not to think him capable of any defign in. what was done, and vowing to facrifice his life and fortune to reinftate me in the good opinion of, my friends.

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