Doctrina Et Politia Ecclesiae Anglicanae: An Anglican Summa : Facsimile with Variants of the Text of 1617

BRILL, 1995 - 350 sivua
Warden Richard Mocket's "Doctrina et Politia Ecclesiae Anglicanae" is a "Summa" of Anglican doctrine and organisation compiled by a chaplain of Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury. It includes (anonymously) Jewel's "Apologia" for the Church of England, Nowell's "Catechism," the thirty-nine Articles (in a controversial Latin version), Mocket's own - unique - Latin translation of the Jacobean "Book of Common Prayer," a brief summary of the official Anglican "Homilies" and Mocket's treatise "Disciplina et Politia Ecclesia Anglicanae" with the variants of his little-known manuscript and the issues of 1616 and 1617 of the printed edition. The whole volume is given in facsimile, the text being that of 1617 (edited). James I condemned the edition to be burnt (1617). It is therefore little known. The introduction (by M.A.Screech) discusses why so important a book was burnt, with the result that it - as well as this edition of Jewel's "Apologia" and Nowell's "Catechism" are all but unknown.

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Symbols Used in Editing
Bibliography Ixxxi
Forma consecrandi Archiepiscopos Episcopos
Richard Mockets Ecclesiae Anglicanae Disciplina
Quam Regis authoritatem in personas
Archiepiscoporum in Anglia dignitas
Episcoporum voluntaria
Contentiosa Iurisdictio
De Cathedralibus Ecclesiis
De Anglicanae Ecclesiae Synodis

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (1995)

M.A. Screech, Fellow Emeritus of All Souls College and Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford, Fellow of the British Academy of the Royal Society of Literature, London; Corresponding fellow of the Societe Historique et Archeologique de Geneve. Formerly Fielden Professor of French Language and Literature (London). Known for his works on Erasmus, Rabelais, Montaigne, Joachim Du Bellay and Renaissance religion.

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