International Encyclopedia of Military History, Nide 1

Routledge, 2006 - 1442 sivua
Includes information on AEGIS combat System, Afghan Wars, African Americans in the U.S. Military, The Alamo, Alexander the Great, All-Volunteer Force, antipersonnel weapons, Arab-Israeli Wars, Yasser Arafat, archers and archery, arctic and mountain warfare, body armor, armored personnel carriers, war of attrition, AWACS, battering ram, battle, bayonet, Big Bertha, biological warfare, blimps and dirigibles, Bosnia War, brainwashing, bushido, Gaius Julius Caesar, camouflage, camp followers, cannon, Carthaginian-Syracusan Wars, castles, catapult, cavalry, Charlemagne, Chinese invasions of Tibet, citizen-soldier, civil liberties and war, civil-military relations, claymore, code of conduct, military colors, banners and standards, command structure, conscription, conscientious objectors, Continental Navy, Cossacks, Crazy Horse, Culloden, D-Day Campaign, desert warfare, demobilization, desertion, desert warfare, dreadnought, edged weapons, ethnic cleansing, ethnicity in the military, Fedayeen, feudalism, flintlocks, fragging, friendly fire, Finnish-Russian War, game theory, Geronimo, G.I., Golan Heights, Guernica, guerrilla warfare, Gulf War, Hannibal, Hapsburg-Ottoman Wars, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Irish Republican Army, Islamic wars of expansion, isolationism and the Military, Jacobite rebellions, jihad, Joan of Arc, jungle warfare, just war theory, lasers, laws of war, low intensity conflict, Macedonian-Roman Wars,

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Tietoja kirjoittajasta (2006)

James Bradford is a Professor of History at Texas A&M and the editor of many books on military history, including Makers of the American Naval Tradition and Quarterdeck and Bridge: Two Centuries of American Naval Leaders.

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