Connectionism: A Hands-on Approach

Wiley, 22.4.2005 - 208 sivua
Connectionism is a “hands on” introduction to connectionist modeling through practical exercises in different types of connectionist architectures.
  • explores three different types of connectionist architectures – distributed associative memory, perceptron, and multilayer perceptron
  • provides a brief overview of each architecture, a detailed introduction on how to use a program to explore this network, and a series of practical exercises that are designed to highlight the advantages, and disadvantages, of each
  • accompanied by a website at that includes practice exercises and software, as well as the files and blank exercise sheets required for performing the exercises
  • designed to be used as a stand-alone volume or alongside Minds and Machines: Connectionism and Psychological Modeling (by Michael R.W. Dawson, Blackwell 2004)
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    Michael R. W. Dawson is a member of the Department of Psychology and the Biological Computation Project at the University of Alberta, Canada. He is the author of Understanding Cognitive Science (Blackwell , 1998) and Minds and Machines (Blackwell, 2004).

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