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* We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of hap. piness.”—DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE U. S.








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No. I

Settlement, 58. Robert Douglass, jr., Liberal
Editor's Address to the Public, page 1. T. Donation, New Anti-Slavery Society, Lectures
Patrons and Correspondents, Visit to Texas, 2:'on West India Slavery, Latest Accounts from
Emancipation in the British Colonies, British Mexico, Free Labor Dry Goods Store, 5., “What
Slavery in the West Indies, 7. Memorial from good can we do?” Wanted, Self distrust, Ladies
Western Virginia, Do. to the General Assembly Anti-Slavery Society, 60. The Sold, 62. Slavea
of Virginia, 8. Colored Settlements in Canadá, ry, Gloom, 63. Terms of Subscription, 64.
A Sign, Mexican Treaty, The Horrors of the

No. V.
Slave Trade, 10. District of Columbia, 11. An.
other Female Anti-Slavery Society, Cruelties of Another Coadjutor, Prospectus of the Eman.
West India Avery, 12. Description of a West cipator, 66. More Anti-Slavery Periodicals,
India Slave Whip, The Consumption of Slave New England Anti-Slavery Society, 66. Re-
Produce, 13. Looking at the Soldiers, Tea Ta. view of three Lectures on British and Colonial
ble Talk, 14. The Summer Skies, 15. Pros. Slavery, &c. by George Thompson, 67. Reuben
pectus of G, U. E. 16.

Madison, 69. Slavery, 72. Richard Humphrey's

last Will, 73. Highly Important from England,
No. II.

Town of Brazoria in Texas, Richard Brool e, 74.
Petitioning Congress, John Quincy Adams, Mexico, The Richmond Inquirer and Louisville
17. Political Affairs of Mexico, 18. Mexican Public Advertiser, 76. Society at Green Pläins,
Colonization, Thoughts on African Colonization, Ohio, Another Philanthropic Association, 77.

Testimony against Slavery, Stores for the Pro- Lament for Africa, The Tears of Woman, Son.
ductions of Free Labor, 20. Decency, Further net, Memory, 78. Are you opposed to Slavery ?
Description of the Texas Country, 21. The Extract from the Fifth Report of the Ladie Äs..
Union in danger, Canada Joint Stock Company, sociation for Liverpool, &c. •79: Wilberforco,
23. Warner Mifflin, Letter from Canada, 23. Colony, Mexico, 80.
Immediate, not Gradual, 26. Affray in New

No., VI:
Jersey, A Pardon asked, New Anti-Slavery Pa-
Brief Notices, To Readers and Correspon- of Sugar Cane by Free Labor, Proceedings in

The Rev. Gen. Duft®Green, Mexica, Guiture

, 27. Reasons for Flogging the Slaves, England, 81. Sentiments of the Colored People;
Rice, Free Produce Stores, 28. Female Litera- 82." Wholesale Free Produce Store,' An Old
ry Association of Philadelphia, 29. The coming Tar's 'Testimony, 83. Richard Brooke, 84. Re-
Year, The Parting, 30. The Sugar Plumbs, 31. port made to the Pennsylvania Legislature, 85.
Proposals for the Abolitionist, 32.

Slavery in Kentucky, Things in Richmond, Va.
No. III.

88. Slave cases in Massachusetts, What would
Abolition of Slavery in the District of Colum- Review of three Lectures, continued, 90. Free

be the consequence, Antiquities of Mexico, 89.
bia, Striking at the Root, 33. Political Affairs Labor, 92. Spring, The Marquis la Fayette, 93.
in Mexico, Letter from Charles Stewart, 34. Evening Thoughts

, Slave who hast been toiling,
Arnold Buffum, “the Hatter," and Rev. Joshua Familiar Conversation, An Extract, 94. The
N. Danforth, 35. Further description of the
Texas Country, 36. Winter in Mexico, Jeffere Hunining Bird, Fragment, 95. Institution for

Colored Females, New York Phænix Society,
son's Opinion, 38. Richmond Inquirer vs. Nul. Slavery in St. Helena, Slavery in the World, 96.
lification, 40. Anthony Bennezitte, Outlines of
a plan for the Abolition of Negro Slavery, 41.

No. VII.
Unblushing Avowals, 42. New Publications,
Slavery in Maryland, African Colonization, Ca-

British Colonial Slavery, Editor's Absence, 97.
nadian Colonization, A real Virginia Slavite, 43. The “ Daily Intelligencer," 98. Convention of
The Year, The District of Columbia, 44. Emi People of Color, 99. Address of do. 100. The
gration to Mexico, 46. The Shelter, Cæsar and Free Negroes and Slaves, Philadelphia Library.

Kidnapper, News from Jamaica, Hayti, 102.
Clara, 47.

Company of Colored Persons, The Journal of
No. IV.

Commerce of the Island of Cuba, 103. The

Peace-maker, 104. New Troubles, 105. Nulli.
Errors of the Press, District of Columbia, Mexi. fication and Slavery, Views from the South, 106.
can Colonization, 49. The Abolitionist,J. Q. Ad. The Canterbury Aff ir, 107. Do. do. Discussion
ams, Nullification, 52. Prejudice in Pennsylvania, on Colonization, 108. The Negroe's Prayer,
English Opinions of the Colonization Society, 53. Slavery, 109. Free Produce Society of Chester
Movements in England, Slavery in the West In. County, Pa., 110. Beast's hunt men in Dema.
dies and in the United States, 55. Manual La-
bor School for Colored You Declaration of

the Garrison of Mexico, 56. Production of Free
Labor, 57. Colonization Society-trouble in the Mexican Colonization, 113. Maryland Coloni.
wigwam, Anti-Slavery Periodicals, Wilberforce ration, 114. The Texas Country, 115. Convention

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rara, 111.

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