Annual Report, Numero 56

From 1891 to 1918 the reports consist of the Report of the director and appendixes, which from 1893 include various bulletins issued by the library (Additions; Bibliography; History; Legislation; Library school; Public libraries) These, including the Report of the director, were each issued also separately.

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Sivu 98 - Other Worlds than Ours ; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
Sivu 156 - Reports of Divers Cases in Pleas of the Crown in the Reign of King Charles II., with Directions to Justices of the Peace, and others; to which are added, Three Modern Cases, viz., Armstrong and Lisle, the King and Plummer, the Queen and Mawgridge. Third Edition, containing...
Sivu 154 - THE PAWNBROKERS', FACTORS' AND MERCHANTS' GUIDE TO THE LAW OF LOANS AND PLEDGES. With the Statutes and a Digest of Cases on Rights and Liabilities, Civil and Criminal, as to Loans and Pledges of Goods, Debentures, Mercantile and other Securities. By HC FOLKARD, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Author of " The Law of Slander and Libel,
Sivu 100 - OCEAN. The Ocean, Atmosphere, and Life. Being the Second Series of a Descriptive History of the Life of the Globe.
Sivu 95 - The Desert of the Exodus. Journeys on Foot in the Wilderness of the Forty Years' Wanderings, undertaken in connection with the Ordnance Survey of Sinai and the Palestine Exploration Fund. By EH PALMER, MA, Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic and Fellow of St.
Sivu 106 - Scotia; or, Portraits of Forest Trees Distinguished for their Antiquity, Magnitude, or Beauty, drawn from Nature, with 50 highly finished etchings, imp. folio, half morocco extra, gilt top, a handsome volume (pub £9 9s), £2 2s. The Modern Cupid (en Chemin de Per), by M.
Sivu 74 - HISTORIC certainties respecting the early history of America, developed in a critical examination of the book of the chronicles of the land of Ecnarf. By Rev.
Sivu 158 - Professor of Public Law and of the Law of Nature and Nations in the University of Edinburgh. New Edition, Revised and much Enlarged. 8vo, 18s. The Institutes of the Law of Nations. A Treatise of the Jural Relation of Separate Political Communities.
Sivu 36 - Archives of Science and Transactions of the Orleans County Society of natural Sciences.

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