On the truths contained in popular superstitions: with an account of mesmerism

W. Blackwood, 1851 - 248 sivua

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Sivu 83 - Death his court, and there the antic sits, Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp, Allowing him a breath, a little scene, To monarchize, be fear'd and kill with looks...
Sivu 130 - Nothing in nature could better represent this strange and unaccountable operation, than for one to goad another, alternately on every side, with a piece of red-hot iron. The exercise commonly began in the head, which would fly backward and forward, and from side to side, with a quick jolt, which the person would naturally labor to suppress, but in vain...
Sivu 131 - He must necessarily go as he was stimulated, whether with a violent dash on the ground and bounce from place to place like a foot-ball, or hop round with head, limbs and trunk, twitching and jolting in every direction, as if they must inevitably fly asunder.
Sivu 74 - I suppose it manifested, are of too trivial a nature to justify so novel a hypothesis. My answer is, the cases are few and trivial only because the subject has not been attended to. For how many centuries were the laws of electricity preindicated by the single fact that a piece of amber, when rubbed, would attract light bodies ! Again, the school of physiological materialists will of course be opposed to it.
Sivu 64 - I have had opportunities of inquiring of two near relations of this General Wynyard upon what evidence the above story rests. They told me they had each heard it from his own mouth. More recently, a gentleman, whose accuracy of recollection exceeds that of most people, has told me that he had heard the late Sir John Sherbroke, the other party in the ghost-story, tell it much in the same way at a dinner-table.
Sivu 17 - But, alas ! the trials which await it in that character ! — what an ordeal is before it ! A new truth has to encounter three normal stages of opposition. In the first, it is denounced as an imposture ; in the second — that is, when it is beginning to force itself into notice — it is cursorily examined, and plausibly explained away ; in the third, or cui bono stage, it is decried as useless, and hostile to religion.
Sivu 22 - A Vampyr is a dead body, which continues to live in the grave, which it leaves however by night, for the purpose of sucking the blood of the living, whereby it is nourished, and preserved in good condition, instead of becoming decomposed like other dead bodies.
Sivu 104 - ... by adding the letter / with exact precision to the word first written. To ascertain whether he used his eyes, the archbishop interposed a sheet of pasteboard between the writing and his face. He took not the least notice, but went on writing as before. The limitation of his perceptions to what he was thinking about was very curious. A bit of aniseed cake that he had sought for he ate approvingly ; but when, on another occasion, a piece of the same cake was put into his mouth, he spat it out without...
Sivu 131 - I observed the undergrowth had been cut down for camp-meetings, and from fifty to a hundred saplings were left for the people who were jerked to hold by. I observed where they had held on they had kicked up the earth, as a horse stamping flies.
Sivu 68 - It happened as you say ;' or when, before he spoke, his astonishment betrayed that I was not wrong. Instead of recording many instances, I will give one which, at the time, made a strong impression upon me.

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