Report of the Minister of Education

Ontario Education Department, 1877
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Sivu 76 - Association exerts great influence for good, the results of its work are quite marked in many of the Schools, particularly in those taught by the more energetic and enthusiastic portion of the young teachers. During the year we had three wellattended and exceedingly useful meetings, held in this handsome chamber, for the use of which we are indebted to the kindness of this Council. At these meetings, questions on modes of teaching, organizing and governing Schools were discussed, the older teachers...
Sivu 161 - If a candidate writes his name or initials, or any distinguishing sign or mark on his answer papers by which his identity might be disclosed they will be cancelled.
Sivu 148 - The Committee of Council have had under consideration the annexed report of the Honourable the...
Sivu 158 - Evaporation ; Conduction ; Convection ; Radiation. The Chief Physical and Chemical Characters, the Preparation, and the characteristic Tests of Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Fluorine, Sulphur, Phosphorus, and Silicon. Carbonic Acid, Carbonic...
Sivu 146 - Every candidate shall conduct himself in strict accordance with the regulations. Should he give or receive any aid, or extraneous assistance of any kind, in answering the examination questions, or if he...
Sivu 161 - Examiner will direct the candidates to stop writing, and will cause them to hand in immediately their answer papers, duly fastened in the envelopes. 6. The Examiner, at the close. of the examinations, will sign and forward, with the answers of the candidates, a solemn declaration (in a form to be provided by the Department) that the examinations have been conducted in strict conformity with the Regulations, and fairly and properly in every respect.
Sivu 39 - ... per cent, of the School population. Only in the Department of Public Schools Libraries has there been an apparent retrograde movement. This is to be explained at least in part by the fact, that trustees having responded on the whole so liberally to the requirements of the new law, in regard to...
Sivu 108 - Combining proportions by weight and by volume ; general nature, of acids, bases, and salts ; symbols and nomenclature. The -atmosphere — its constitution ; effects of animal and vegetable life upon its composition. /Combustion ; structure and properties of flame ; nature and composition <j£ •ordinary fuel.
Sivu 131 - Surfaces. (d) Natural Philosophy — Composition and Resolution of Forces; Principle of Moments; Centre of Gravity; Mechanical Powers, Ratio of the Power to the Weight in each.; Pressure of Liquids; Specific Gravity and Modes of Determining it; the Barometer, Syphon, Common Pump, Forcing Pump and Air Pump. Group C. — Modern Languages.
Sivu 107 - Council prescribes the subjects of study, and the amount to be done in each subject in the Lower School and in the Upper School respectively ; leaving it to the local authorities to decide (subject to the approval of the High School Inspectors) according...

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