Voltaire and His Times

T. Constable and Company, 1854 - 552 sivua

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Sivu 551 - THE PRIEST AND THE HUGUENOT; or. Persecution in the Age of Louis XV.
Sivu 372 - THE first man who. having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying This is mine, and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society.
Sivu 551 - FRANCE BEFORE THE REVOLUTION; or, Priests, Infidels, and Huguenots, in the Reign of Louis XV. In Two Vols. small 8vo, with Frontispieces, price 7s. " A rich historical treat."— BeU's Weekly Messenger.
Sivu 400 - Let mothers deign to nurse their children, morals will reform themselves, nature's sentiments will be awakened in every heart, the state will be repeopled. This first point, this point alone, will bring everything back together.
Sivu 480 - My countrymen did not even know what a planet was; they were all arrant ignoramuses. Their superstitions were quite different from those of the Greeks.
Sivu 553 - DISCOURSES on the Application of Christianity to the Commercial and Ordinary Affairs of Life, 1 Vol., 4s.
Sivu 415 - If you acknowledge it to be founded on the equality of all men in the sight of God, on the...
Sivu 552 - To commend these works is superfluous ; they have met with universal approbation from the British press and public. That the periodical press, representing so great a variety of religious and political opinion, should have so generally noticed them, and that, too, with high commendation, is a circumstance exceedingly rare, if not altogether altogether unparalleled. They have charms for the merely literary man, and they will obtain a hearing for evangelical truth in quarters from which it would otherwise...
Sivu 552 - Harms very much as he has served himself in the course of his labours, in compiling these Memoirs. He, occupied with his great subject, has kept himself out of view ; and we, warmed at the same fire, have been almost forgetting him, as he himself. But he will have his revenge of us. All the world has read, or will presently be reading, what he has written ; and thousands of readers will be grateful to him for what he has done, so well, for their edification and pleasure ; or even if they forget to...
Sivu 153 - You are not ignorant," * you will find him say, " that this great revolution in the human mind, and in the political system of Europe, commenced with Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, who was commissioned by his superiors to preach against the wares which they could not sell.

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