Bulletin No. 1-37 ...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1895
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Sivu 18 - Coin, silver, of the realm, or any money purporting to be such, not being of the established standard in weight or fineness.
Sivu 14 - Spirituous or alcoholic liquors, distilled from any material, or containing or compounded from or with distilled spirits of any kind, and any mixture thereof with water, for every gallon thereof of the strength of proof, and when of a greater strength than that of proof, at the same rate on the increased quantity that there would be if the liquors were reduced to the strength at proof.
Sivu 14 - Champagne and all other sparkling wines, in bottles containing each not more than one quart and more than one pint, eight dollars per dozen...
Sivu 9 - Parliament composed of two Chambers, called the States-General. The Upper House, or first Chamber, consists of 39 members, elected by the provincial States from among the most highly assessed inhabitants of the various counties.
Sivu 5 - Constitution and Government. According to the Constitution of 1831, Belgium is ' a constitutional, representative, and hereditary monarchy.' The legislative power is vested in the King, the Chamber of Representatives, and the Senate. The royal succession is in the direct male line in the order of primogeniture.
Sivu 40 - The franc piece weighs 5 grammes •835 fine, and contains 4 '175 grammes of fine silver. Bronze coins arc 10 and 5 centime pieces. There is a double standard of value, gold and silver, the ratio being theoretically 15^ to 1. Of silver coins, however, only 5-franc pieces are legal tender, and of these the free coinage has been suspended since 1876. The...
Sivu 18 - Books wherein the copyright shall be first subsisting, first composed or written or printed, in the United Kingdom, and printed or reprinted in any other country, as to which the proprietor of such copyright or his agent shall have given to the commissioners of Customs a notice in writing that such copyright subsists, such notice also stating when such copyright will expire.(*) Coin, viz.
Sivu 19 - Spirits (not being cordials, or perfumed or medicinal spirits), unless in ships of forty tons burden at least, and in casks or other vessels capable of containing liquids, each of such casks or other vessels being of the size or content of...
Sivu 17 - ... in respect of all such beer a similar addition to the drawback granted on exportation, shipment for use as stores or removal to the Isle of Man, by section four of the Customs and Inland Revenue Act, 1881.

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