Sivut kuvina

Chace from our minds the infernal foe; And peace, the fruit of love bestow; And, lest our feet should step astray, Protect and guide us in the way.

Make us eternal truths receive,
And practise all that we believe;
Give us thyself, that we may see
The Father, and the Son, by thee.

Immortal honour, endless fame,
Attend the Almighty Father's name;
The Saviour Son be glorified,
Who for lost man's redemption died ;
And equal adoration be,
Eternal Paraclete, to thee!

[blocks in formation]


THEE, Sovereign God, our grateful accents praise ;
We own thee Lord, and bless thy wondrous ways;
To thee, Eternal Father, earth's whole frame,
With loudest trumpets, sounds immortal fame.
Lord God of Hosts for thee the heavenly powers,
With sounding anthems, fill the vaulted towers.
Thy Cherubims thrice Holy, Holy, Holy, cry;
Thrice Holy, all the Seraphims reply,
And thrice returning echoes endless songs supply.
Both heaven and earth thy majesty display;
They owe their beauty to thy glorious ray.
Thy praises fill the loud apostles' choir :
The train of prophets in the song conspire.
Legions of martyrs in the chorus shine,
And vocal blood with vocal music join.
By these thy church, inspired by heavenly art,
Around the world maintains a second part;
And tunes her sweetest notes, O God, to thee,
The Father of unbounded majesty ;
The Son, adored co-partner of thy seat,
And equal everlasting Paraclete.
Thou King of Glory, Christ, of the most high,
Thou co-eternal filial Deity;


Thou who, to save the world's impending doom,
Vouchsaf'st to dwell within a virgin's womb;
Old tyrant Death disarm’d, before thee flew
The bolts of heaven, and back the foldings drew,
To give access, and make thy faithful way;
From God's right hand thy filial beams display.
Thou art to judge the living and the dead;
Then spare those soulsfor whom thy veins havebled.
O take us up amongst thy bless'd above,
To share with them thy everlasting love.
Preserve, O Lord! thy people, and enhance
Thy blessing on thine own inheritance.
For ever raise their hearts, and rule their ways;
Each day we bless thee, and proclaim thy praise ;
No age shall fail to celebrate thy name,
No hour neglect thy everlasting fame.
Preserve our souls, O Lord, this day from ill ;
Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy still :
As we have hoped, do thou reward our pain;
We've hoped in thee-let not our hope be vain.


(29TH June.)

O sylvan prophet! whose eternal fame
Echoes from Judah's hills and Jordan's stream;
The music of our numbers raise,
And tune our voices to thy praise.

A messenger from high Olympus came
To bear the tidings of thy life and name ;
And told thy sire each prodigy
That heaven design'd to work in thee.

* I subjoin the original hymn, which is supposed to have been composed by Lactantius.

Ut queant, laxis resonare fibris,
Mira gestorum, famuli, tuorum,
Solvi polluti labii reatum,

Sancte Joannes !

Nunciens, celso veniens Olympo,
Te, Patri, magnum fore nasciturum,
Nomen et vitæ seriem gerendæ,

Ordine promit.
Ille promisssi dubius superni,
Perdidit promptæ modulos loquelæ ;
Sed reformasti genitus peremptæ

Organa vocis.
Ventris abstruso recubans cubili,
Senseras regem, thalamo manentem ;
Hinc Parens nati, meritis uterque ;

Abdita pandit.

Hearing the news, and doubting in surprise,
His falt'ring speech in fetter'd accent dies ;
But Providence, with happy choice,
In thee restored thy father's voice.

In the recess of nature's dark abode,
Though still inclosed, yet knewest thou thy God!
Whilst each glad parent told and blest
The secrets of each other's breast.

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