Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène: Journal de la vie privée et des conversations de l'empereur Napoléon à Sainte Hélène, Osa 3


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Sivu 79 - Those who have wrought great changes in the world never succeeded by gaining over chiefs, but always by exciting the multitude. The first is the resource of intrigue, and produces only secondary results : the second is the resort of genius, and transforms the face of the universe !" The Emperor, adverting to the truth of history, expressed his disbelief of all that was attributed to Mahomet.
Sivu 56 - Their Majesties the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Emperor of Austria, the Emperor of the French, the King of Prussia...
Sivu 27 - come the faith, the religion, the morality of all " nations ; and in spite of all that may be ad" vanced to the contrary, this memorable era will " be inseparably connected with my name...
Sivu 184 - We had taken some cannon, colours, and a great number of prisoners ; two of our detachments who were coming to join the army, fell in with the division which had cut us off from the Verona road. A report was immediately spread in the rear, that the French army was surrounded and lost. During this battle the General-in-chief was several times surrounded by the enemy. He had several horses killed and wounded.
Sivu 230 - Soult who was near me. He said, he was ready to undertake what I wished ; but entreated that I would speak to his wife, by whom, he said, he expected to be reproached. I desired him to send her to me. She assumed an air of hostility, and...
Sivu 5 - What are you thinking of at this moment ?"— " Sire, in a pamphlet which I lately read, I found it stated that your Majesty was shielded by a coat of mail for the security of your person. A report of the same kind was circulated among certain classes in Paris ; and in support of the assertion, allusion was made to your Majesty's sudden embonpoint, which was said to be quite unnatural.
Sivu 92 - ... expected ; and it was at the very moment when he was delivering a long prosing speech, which appeared to me a mere string of absurdity and impertinence, that I scrawled on the corner of the chimney-piece the order to withdraw him from his embassy, and to send him as soon as possible to France ; a circumstance which was the cause of a good deal of merriment at the time, and which the abbe seems very desirous of concealing.
Sivu 24 - ... among themselves, and part of their petulance and ill-temper fell upon their Chief." He took these little incidents deeply to heart. On one occasion he said in bitterness, " I know that I am fallen ; but to feel this among you ! I am aware that man is frequently unreasonable and susceptible of offence. Thus, when I am mistrustful of myself I ask, should I have been treated so at the Tuileries? This is my test.
Sivu 93 - ... fathom the depths of terror into which almost every European sovereign has fallen, transport yourselves in imagination to Dresden, and there contemplate that superb Prince, at the period of his highest glory, so nearly bordering on his fall! "The Emperor occupied the state apartments of the palace whither he had transferred a considerable portion of his household. Here he gave grand dinner parties ; and, with the exception of the first Sunday, when the King of Saxony had a gala, Napoleon's parties...
Sivu 232 - Institute, the manner in which it was composed, the spirit of its members, &c. When he took his place in the Institute, on his return from the army of Italy, he said that he might consider himself as the tenth member in his class, which consisted of about fifty. Lagrange, Laplace, and Monge, were at the head of this class. It was rather a remarkable circumstance, and one which attracted considerable notice at the time, to see the young General of the army of Italy take his place in the Institute,...

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