Sivut kuvina

13. At Chandernagore, the lady of J. G. Ver- 3. At Chowringhee, the lady of Capt. Crossley, lough, Esq., of a daughter.

62d N.J., of a son. 16. On the river, near Allahabad, the lady of 5. At Gorruckpore, the wife of the Rev. Mr. Lieut. Souter, 66th N.I., of a daughter.

Wilkinson, of a son. 18. At Chowringhee, Mrs. Nyss, of a daughter. 9. At Patna, the lady of G. King, Esq., civil

21. At Bhauglipore, the lady of Lieut. F. Brad- surgeon, of a daughter. ford, Ist L.C., of a son.

11. At Cawnpore, the lady of Maj. W. W. Davis, The lady of S. Nicolson, Esq., of a son.

of a son. 22. At the Mission House, Union Chapel, the At Lucknow, the lady of G. Baillie, surg, to lady of the Rev. J. Hill, of a daughter.

H.M. of Oude, of a daughter. The wife of Mr. J. Richardson, H.C.'s ma- 12. At Delhi, the lady of Capt. C. T. Wild, of rine, of a son.

a son. 25. At Bareilly, the lady of W. F. Dick, Esq., 13. At Goruckpore, the lady of Capt. A. Dickjudge and magistrate, of a son.

son, of a son. 27. At Muttra, the lady of Capt. J. Angelo, 3d 18. In Park Street, Chowringhee, the lady of L.C., of a son and heir.

Maj. Craigie, of a daughter. 28. At Monghyr, the lady of T. Tytler, Esq., Mrs. Churcher, wife of Mr. H. Churcher, H. garrison surgeon, of a son.

Co's marine, of a son. - At Allahabad, the lady of Maj. J. H. Cave, 19. At Fort William, the lady of Mr. W. Hewitt, commanding 10th extra N.I., of a daughter. assist. gar. surg., of a son.

30. The lady of Capt. R. C. Stevenson, H.M.'s 20. Åt Garden Reach, the lady of R. W. Poe, 59th regt., of a daughter.

Esq., of a daughter. Nov. 1. The widow of the late Rev. J. Law

At Dinapore, the lady of Lieut. C. Burrowes, son, of a son.

45th N.I., of a son. 2. On the Jumna river, the lady of Capt. W. 23. At Dum Dum, the lady of Lieut. D'Oyley, Turner, fort adj. and barrack master, Agra, of a of a son. son

26. In Fort William, the lady of Lieut. Ripley, At Chowringhee, the lady of Lieut. H. Hun- 2d Europ. regt., of a son. ter, R.N., of a son.

3. At Sulkea, the lady of Capt. E. Hughes, of the ship Lord Amherst, of a son. At Dum Dum, the wife of Mr. J. Kinshela,

MARRIAGES. musician, of a daughter.

Oct. 15. At the Armenian Church, C. P. Minos, 5. At Rungpore, the lady of R. P. Nisbet, Esq., Esq., to Mariam, daughter of the late C. Arakiel, of a daughter.

Esq., of Penang. - At Dum-Dum, the wife of Mr. H. Pain, in- 21. At Hyrampore, R. Bell, Esq., of Ramnagur, spector of provisions, of a daughter.

to Adolphina, third daughter of the late N. Rabe6. At Dum Dum, the lady of Lieut. Vanrenen, holm, Esq., his Danish Majesty's civil service. of artillery, of a daughter.

25. At St. Andrew's Church, W. S. Boyd, Esq., At Chowringhee, the lady of Capt. S. Lee, of the firm of Boyd, Beeby, and Co., to Margaret, of a still-born child (a son).

daughter of the late A. McKean, Esq., London. - Mrs. Pearson, wife of Mr. G. H. Pearson, - At St. Andrew's Church, Mr. G. Pritchard, of master H.C.'s marine, of a son.

the John Bull office, to Miss A. R. Rushton. 7. The lady of G. Richardson, Esq., civil ser- 30. At Cawnpore, T. Luxmoore, Esq., residency vice, of a son.

surgeon, Lucknow, to Eliza, widow of the late Mrs. Moffatt, wife of Mr. J. Moffatt, of the Lieut. Perret, Bengal cavalry. mint, of a son.

31. At Chittagong, Capt. J. E. Debrett, Bengal - At Alipore, the wife of Mr. Bowser, head

Artillery, to Martha, youngest daughter of J. Burmaster Military Orphan School, of a son.

rup, Esq., of Brighton, Sussex. 12. Mrs. Dorrett, relict of the late A. Dorrett, Nov. 1. At Turcolea Zillah Sarun, G. Tayler, Esq., of a son.

Esq., to Harriet Eliza, eldest daughter of H. Hill, 13. At Barrackpore, the lady of W. Lowther, Esq. Esq., civil service, of a daughter.

2. At Saharunpore, Capt. F. Young, commandThe lady of G. P. Bagram, Esq., of a son. ing Siemeor bat. at Deyrat in the Dhoon, to Jen14. The lady of J. C. Burton, Esq., of a daugh- nette Jemissina, youngest daughter of Lieut. Col. ter.

J. J. Bird, commanding Saharunpore Prov. Bat. Mrs. W. H. Twentyman, of a son.

9. At Purnea, J. Barnes, Esq., to Miss Grace 15. At Chowringhee, the lady of Major Loder, Cummings. of a son.

At Purneah, R. B. Perry, Esq., to Miss E. S. -The lady of A. Pereira, Esq., of a daughter. Goullet.

At the Free School, Mrs. P. Sutherland, of 10. At St. John's Cathedral, C. Hogg, Esq., of a daughter

Calcutta, to Lucy Marshall, sister of J. Marshall, 16. The lady of C. W. Welchman, Esq., M.D., Esq., of Callinetercy, county of Kerry. of a son.

15. At Benares, T. E. Dempster, Esq., assist. 18. At Dacca, the wife of Mr. D. D'Cruz, mis- gar. surg., Buxar, to Maria Christiana, second sionary, of a daughter.

daughter of Lieut. Col. Com. Innes, C.B., com19. At Sylhet, the lady of H. Harris, Esq., of manding 39th N.I. a daughter.

16. At Pertaubghur, Lieut., Interp., and Quart. 21. At Chittagong, the lady of W. Graham, Mast. Deare, 69th N.Í., to Anne Somerset, eldest Esq., M.D., of a daughter.

daughter of P. Hughes, Esq., Upper Montague 23. The lady of C. A. Cavorke, Esq., of a Street, Russell Square, London. daughter.

19. At the Cathedral, W. A. Barton, Esq., purAt Futtyghur, the lady of Capt. R. B. Ful- ser of the ship Lady Campbell, to Amelia Watson, ton, of a son,

eldest daughter of the late Capt. J. L. Garrick. 25. At Cossypore, the lady of Lieut. J. G. Col- 21. At the Cathedral, Mr. J. Young, adj. gen.'s lins, H.M.'s 13th Drags., of a daughter.

office, to Mary, only daughter of the late J. Mo27. The lady of Capt. J. T. Lewis, 28th N.I., ran, Esq. of a daughter.

24. At Coel, Lieut. and Adj. D. E. Mackay, horse 28. At Cawnpore, the lady of H. Vincent, Esq., artil. brig., to Agnes Anne, fourth daughter of W. 16th Lancers, of a daughter.

Spotteswoode, Esq., Perthshire. - At Burdwan, the lady of J. R. Hutchinson, 30. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. J. L. Muffin, to civil service, of a son.

Ann Elizabeth, second daughter of the late T. Muf29. At Bhauliah, the lady of T. G. Vibart, Esq., fin. Esq. civil service, of a son.

Dec. 5. At St. John's Cathedral, Capt. J. Hall, 30. At Bankipore, the lady of F. Hurd, Esq., to M. V. C. Burlini, eldest daughter of Dr. L. Burof the Board of Revenue in the Central Provinces, lini, of a son.

13. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr.G.H.Huttmann, Dec. 1. The lady of F. B. Smith, Esq., of a son. of the Government Gazette office, to Miss M. A.

Mrs. Black, wife of Mr. James Black, jun., Elsey, of Mile End Grove, London. mate of the H.C.'s marine, of a son and heir.

15. At St. John's Cathedral, Capt. R. Thorn2. In camp, near the village of Maranchee, the hill, of the David Scott, to Miss C. E. Adams. wife of Capt. Stainforth, 1st cav., of a daughter. 20. At St. Andrew's Church, J. Dunbar, Esq.,

3. At the Government House, Fort William, the civil service, son of Sir A. Dunbar, Bart., to Anna lady of Maj. Gen. Sir Thomas McMahon, bart., of Sophia, second daughter of the Rev. G. Hagar, of a son.

Elgin, N.B.


3. Miss M, B. Lawson, eldest daughter of the

late Rev. J. Lawson, aged 14. Sept. 20. At Nusseerabad, Charlotte, wife of Capt. 4. W. K. Jackson, Esq., formerly of the NoaA. Smith, 50th N.I., aged 27.

colly salt agency, aged 69. 21. At Bulundshur, Powell Holt, eldest son of 5. Madame Marie Georgette, lady of Mon. Paul Capt. H. White, 2d Extra L. C.

Quaintin, aged 53. Oct. 4. At Ghazeepore, J. Gibb, Esq., surgeon. 6. At Chittagong, Julia Maria, daughter of Capt. 5. At Cawnpore, Lydia Dampier, eldest daughter H. James, 2d Gr. Bat., aged 2 years and 6 months, of the late Lieut. Col. J. Norris, Madras engineers. and on the 8th Dec. Caroline Eliza, infant daugh

7. At Nusseerabad, Arabella, wife of Capt. G. ter of Capt, H. James, aged 1 year and 3 months. Boyd, 50th N.I.

8. Mr. W. Bason, sen., formerly a branch pilot, 10. At Meerut, Capt. J. J. Gordon, 35th N.I.

aged 60. - At Bhowanypore, Mr. R. S. Sinkinson.

- Mr. P. Judd, indigo planter, Jessore, aged 27. 13. Mr. W. McKintosh, head assistant in the 9. At Berhampore, Mary Anne, second daughExecutive Commissariat Office.

ter of Mr. S. Turner. 18. Mr. J. B. Bone, assistant in the house of

While coming up from Saugor, Capt. D. ThoMessrs. J. Baretto and sons, aged 22.

mas, 10th N.I., and superintendent of cadets. 20. Mary Anne, daughter of the Rev. J. B. War- - Mr. A. Harper, brother to W. Harper, Esq., den, aged 2 years.

aged 35. 24. On his way to the presidency, Capt. E. B. Mrs. Jane Hill, widow of the late Mr. J. Hill, Pryce, 52d N.I.

branch pilot, H.C.'s marine, aged 52. 26. At Jyepore, Charlotte Catharine, infant Mrs. Da Costa, aged 47, relict of the late daughter of Lieut. Col. Raper.

John Da Costa, Esq., editor of the Times news30. At Fort William, James Kirkwood, youngest paper, and second daughter of the late G. Vrigson of Lieut. Col. Cassidy, H. M.'s 31st regt. non, Esq.

31. On board the hospital ship David Clarke, at 10. At Arracan. Lieut. E. Lyon, 49th N.I. the mouth of the Arracan river, Lieut. Fraser, H. - At Banjetty near Moorshedabad, Amelia M.'s 54th regt.

Martha, the lady of H. T. Travers, Esq., Bengal Capt. J.W.E.Taylor, country service, aged 39. civil service.

Mrs. Sandys, mother of Mr. J. F. Sandys, of At Allipore, Amelia, youngest daughter of Garden Reach, aged 72.

the late Mr. J. Harrison. Nov. 1. Charlotte Mary, the lady of Fry Mag. 11. At Fultah Reach, on board the ship Lady niac, Esq., civil service.

Campbell, Lieut. and Adj. McCarthy, H.M.'s 47th 2. On the Arracan river, Lieut. Col. W. Baker, regt. 42d N... This officer had commanded the regi- 12. In Fort William, Ens. H. Surgeant, H. M.'s ment for seven years.

54th foot, aged 23. - At Rungpore, Assam, Lieut. W. Fraser, 46th Cecilia, infant daughter of Mr. J. M. HopN.I.

kins, assist., Board of Revenue. 3. At Sulkeah, Mrs. Susanna Wiltshire, relict of At Chittagong, Capt. R. B. Fergusson, 63d the late Mr. C. Wiltshire, aged 38.

N.I. 5. Adeline Elizabeth, infant daughter of Mr. 14. At Cawnpore, Lieut. S. Boileau, 32d N.I. T. Marriott, of the Free School.

W. Jackson, Esq., attorney at law, aged 24. 6. On board the Bengal Merchant, at Rangoon, 16. In Fort William, Lieut. H. D. Carr, aged 23. the day she arrived from Bengal, Capt. P. B. Joseph Anthony, infant son of Mr. M. Rees, Husband, H.M.'s 87th foot.

Judicial department. 7. On board H. M. S. Alligator, off Rangoon, 18. Lieut. Col. Thos. Evans, H.M.'s 38th regt., Capt. T. Alexander, R.N., C.B., commanding the flotilla in the river Irrawaddy, and Capt. of H.M.

coinmanding 1st brigade, Rangoon, aged 47.

- The infant son of Mr. H. Churcher. S. Alligator.

19. Capt. J. R. Knight, 49th N.I., aged 40. At Diamond Harbour, J. Haworth, Esq., second officer of the H.C.'s ship Marquis Wellington, aged 24.

10. At Chittagong, Mr.G. McAlister, chief officer of the ship Gilmore, aged 24.

Madras. At his residence, Kyd Street, Chowringhee, the hon. John Fendall, Esq., a member of the su

MISCELLANEOUS. preme council, aged 63. 11. At Dacca, Brig. Gen. J. H. Dunkin, C.B.,

GAIETIES. H.M.'s 4th regt., and second in command of the eastern division of the army.

Public Rooms. — The assembly on Mon- T. de M. Sinaes, Esq., import supervisorday evening boasted as brilliant a display Sea Custom House, aged 35. 12. Cecilia Frances, infant daughter of J. D.

of beauty and fashion as ever graced a Dombal, Esq.

Madras ball — the company began to as16. At Luckipore, F. D. Gordon, Esq., civil ser

semble about nine o'clock, and dancing vice. 18. The infant daughter of A. Pereira, Esq. commenced soon afterwards — during a

Charlotte Anne, infant daughter of Mr. A. later part of the evening, the rooms were G. Balfour. 20. Mr. J. Harrison, formerly a branch pilot of

so crowded, that it was difficult to move . the H.C.'s marine, aged 52.

with any degree of comfort-We therefore 22. At Arracan, Lieut. W. Moore, H.M.'s 54th

seriously recommend the managing comregt. At Kedgeree, R. A. Bentley, Esq., only son of

mittee to procure more spacious apartments the late J. Bentley, Esq., of Camac Street, Chow, for future assemblies - the present rooms ringhee, aged 24. - At the General Hospital, Mr. John Jones,

are manifestly too small, notwithstanding chief officer of the ship Mary, aged 24.

the new arrangement of laying out the 23. Mr. J. Depstell, formerly a branch pilot, aged 63.

supper tables below. In noticing the spiAt Banjetty, Moorshedabad, Lieut. and Adj. rit and gaiety of the party, we need only Gibbs, 420 N.I.

to mention, that no less than ten sets of Capt. W. Freeman, of the ship Hero of Malown, aged 31.

quadrilles were danced; in fine, nothing 25. Mr. P. Rebeiro, aged 110.

could be more animated than the last 30. At the General Hospital, Mr. J. B. Evans, of the judge adv. general's office.

assembly.—Mad. Cour. Nov. 11. At Chittagong, Lieut. J. G. MacGregor, 49th N.I.

Government House.-Lady Munro gare Mrs. Arrackel, relict of the late C. Arrackel, Esq., aged 72.

her first grand rout, since her return to Dec. 2. At Arracan, Capt. J. J. Grindley, H. the Presidency, on Friday evening. It M.'s 54th regt. - At Patna, the lady of John Sandford, Esq.,

was most numerously and fashionably atcivil service.

tended. The hall was opened about ten,

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with a country dance, (which peculiarly Highness the Prince Ameer Jah Buhader national dance, we take this opportunity of the Nabob of the Carnatic, who died at mentioning, has again become fashionable Chepauck Palace on Sunday morning, at Almack's), after which, quadrilles re- after a very long and painful illness. We sumed their unlimited sway during the understand his disease was by no means rest of the evening. We could say much a dangerous or difficult one if properly in praise of the lovely hostess of her treated, but he refused all medical aid affable and polished manners—and of her from European lands, and improper unceasing exertions to promote the coin- treatment by native doctors greatly hasfort and happiness of her numerous guests tened bis death. -of the exquisite flavour of the viands, He was 34 years of age, and was installed &c. &c. ; but this might pass with those on the Musnud on the 3d of Feb. 1820. who know us not, for adulation to the - Mad. Cour. Vov. 14. powers that be, and so, as the Irishman says, We will say nothing.-Ibid. Nov. 29.


We have at length the satisfaction of Madras Spring Meeling.Our sporting introducing to our readers, the Madras friends will no doubt learn with the same

Apprenticing Society, to which we made feelings of pleasure which we have our

some allusion about six months ago. The selves experienced, that the cloud, which

delay on the part of the managers of this has lately spread its baneful influence over

institution in announcing it to the public, the Madras turf, has been dispelled; and

is attributable, we are informed, to causes that we shall at the ensuing meeting most

which they could not control; and it is probably see as excellent sport, and as

undoubtedly gratifying to see them now good running, as our course ever afforded.

come forward, with some evidence of givAlthough most of the favourite horses

ing effect to the laudable purposes for have quitted this course for climes where

which the liberality of the public has racing has met with

greater patronage than here; yet from the number and quality of been, and still is, solicited.

A Sub-Committee was appointed last the horses which are in training, and from

mouth, to ascertain and report upon the the friendly and liberal disposition which

facilities that exist for giving inmediate has this season been displayed in providivg effect to the objects of the institution, the material for sport, we may expect with the number of lads that can now be disconfidence, that the Madras course will

posed of to the different trades at Madras, this year regain that name for producing -and, generally, to consider of the most the best running horses in India, which it eligible plans that could be adopted by the formerly obtained. The suhscription has

society, in pursuance of the objects which been most liberally supported this season.

it embraces. It affords us sincere pleasure -Ibid.

to be able to state, as a partial result of the Sub-Committee's enquiries, that some

of the principal tradesmen at Madras have When Sir Alexander Campbell was in

consented to lend their aid to the society ; his last moments, he dictated a dying re.

an example which, it is hoped, will be quest, that some notice should be taken of readily and generally followed by the his friend and military secretary, Major

whole body. Wetherall, of the royal regiment. This

The managers are accordingly prepared request he could not sign, but it was signed

to entertain twenty boys, to dispose of by the Deputy Adjutant-General, and among the tradesmen who have so libetransmitted to the Duke of York. Major rally come forward to co-operate with the Wetherall has, in consequence, been made society.-- Mad. Gaz. a Lieutenant Colonel, from the day of the General's death! A similar request was transınitted through the Government to

The following extract from a private the Court of Directors, in favour of journal, has been obligingly handed to us, Lieutenant-Colonel Conway, C. B., the

which we give without comment. Adjutant-General of the coast army, but

Prome, 2d Sept. -Observing a crowd the result is not yet known. It is certainly

of people approached me, I inquired the cheering to record the occurrence of such an honourable testimony as that borne by execution of a native for murder ; whilst

cause of the assemblage, and was told the the Royal Duke, to the character of I was talking, the unfortunate culprit General Campbell, rendered still more

passed me, pinioned and guarded by a valuable and gratifying by the prompti- few of his countrymen with swords and tude and date of the promotion.-Mad.

spears. They hurried him along to the Gov. Gaz. Nov, 10.

place of execution, a short distance from

Curious to ascertain their

method of punishment for so heinous a We regret to announce the death of his crime, I was induced to go and witness




my house,





the execution. A few hundred yards, in from the wounded Burmese 'not being the river, and close to its bank, under a humanely treated, they received the same large tree, was the spot selected. A frame care and attention as our own sepoysof bamboo was instantly erected, crossed these are only a few of the mistakes of horizontally by others, to which the victim Mr. B.- to follow him through his maze was bound, the arms and legs extended of fact and fiction, requires inore time to the utmost; over his head was written and attention than we are inclined to behis crime on a board, and his accomplices stow, for they are so interwoven that it were his executioners. Every thing being would be no common undertaking.- Mad. now ready, one of the executioners ad. Cour. Sep. 13. vanced, and after a short preamble, raised his sword and with one blow, in a longitudinal direction, completely disemboweled ARRIVAL OF SIR G. RICKETTS AND SIR T. his victim. The unfortunate wretch was

'PRITZLER. left to linger out his miserable existence

Sir G. Ricketts, Puisne Judge of Main the most cruel agonies. This dreadful

dras, and Major-General Sir T. Pritzler, punishment was just what I should have

G. C. B., landed on Saturday under the expected from such sanguinary barbarians, salntes due to their rauk.- Mad. Cour. and I left the ground with feelings of Nov. 8. horror and disgust. — Mad. Cour. Nov. 1.


DEATHS. We shall never be at a loss to account for the sensation said to be created in

Aug. 22. At Guntoor, the lady of Capt. B. England by the Burmese war, so long as Baker, 2d N.V.B., of a son and heir. Mr. Buckingham's Oriental Herald is

Oct. 11. The lady of Mr. Assist.surg. Searle, of

a daughter. taken to be the organ of co"rect informa- 21. At Vepery, Mrs. R. Engels, of a son. tion.

26. At Cuddalore, Mrs. M. D'Vaz, of a son.

28. At Arcot, the lady of J. Nisbet, Esq., civil In the April number we were favoured service, of a daughter, with the account of the “ Barrackpore 31. The lady of J. Macleod, Esq., of a daughter. massacre,” and in the late one for May

Mrs. L. Higgins, of a daughter.

Nov. 1. The lady of Capt. J. Chisholm, Madras we have a very pompous article, headed artil., of a son. “Discreditable proceedings of the British

4. Mrs. Newbigging, of a daughter.

6. At Belgaum, the lady of Capt. J. Wallace, Authorities at Rangoon.”—Mr. B. de

46th N.I., of a son and heir. rives his intelligence, he informs his 9. The lady of Capt. Sim, superintending engi

neer at the presidency, of a daughter. readers, from private letters direct from

10. The lady of the Rev. F. Crisp, of a son. Rangoon, and which must therefore be 11. Mrs. P. D'Castellas, of a daughter. authentic, particularly as containing im- 12. At Vepery, Mrs. C. Bacon, of a daughter. portant news, which, from the state of

15. At Fort St. George, the lady of Lieut.


nel, commissary of ordnance, of a daughter. the press in this country, would not have 18. Mrs. S. Jelly, of a son. been allowed to transpire.

Much as is

21. At Quilon, the lady of Capt. J. G. Robison,

13th N.I., of a daughter. vaunted about a fettered press, we have to 26. At Wallahjahbad, the lady of Lieut. G. thank ourselves that it is still sufficiently Brady, 33 N.I., of a son. open to allow of our contradicting what- lady of W. Greaves, Esq., of a son and heir.

Dec. 4. At Dulnaghur, near Commercolly, the ever we consider to be untrue (of course from incorrect information) stated by Mr. B. Far be it from us to accuse him of

MARRIAGES. wilful misrepresentation-if we are to be- Oct. 8. At Cochin, Capt. R. Macleod, 25th N.I., lieve his professions, truth is his motto

and dep. assist. com. gen., to Miss S. J. Dirksy.

10. At Quilon, Capt. L. W. Watson, 17th regt., -and considering he is far removed from to Mrs. Eliza Macleod. the scene of action, we feel more disposed 20. At Trichinopoly, Mr. J. Johnson to Emily, to pity than to blame him. If we are to

second daughter of Lieut. T. Brunton, command

ing Madura. credit Mr. B's assertion, the gentlemen 24. At St. George's Church, James Webster, forming the Prize Committee at Rangoon,

Esq., to Emily Anne, only daughter of Wm.

Browne, Esq., M.D. confiscated all the private property they 26. Mr. J. M'Gregor, draftsman in artil. dépôt, were able to lay their hands on, not allow- to Miss G. Vanderwart. ing any person to claim it- the contrary

29. At St. George's Church, Lieut. Col. Bowes

to Miss A. M. Parker. of this is notoriously the fact. Again, he Nov. 10. At Bellary, the Rev. J. Hands, missays, that hamboo fences, erected by the sionary, to Mrs. M. Dale.

14. At Bangalore, Lieut. R. Mitchell, 6th N.I., natives for the protection of their villages, adj. to Seringapatam loc. bats, to Miss J. J. Saurel. were magnified into stockades, and all

the 20. At Belgaum, Mr. H. D. Howell to Miss A.

Harman. people, men, women, and children, put

G.T. Chauvel, to Marrianna, to the sword in cold blood. No quarter daughter of the late B. Compertz, Esq., of Brighwas given on either side, says the redoubt

22. At Arcot, Lieut.

ton, Sussex. able editor of the Herald - this is not the

24. At Chingleput, Capt. Stewart, 2d Europ.

regt., to Mrs. Bowness. case, particular orders being issued to 29. John Goldingham, Esq., civil service, to

Frances Ingram, eldest daughter of the late M. prevent unnecessary slaughter, and so far

Dalrymple, Esq., of Fordel.


Lately. At Secunderabad, Capt. Gamage, horse the Governor in Council is hereby pleased art:l., to Mrs. Rudyerd.

to direct that all parties having claims to

the above prize-monies shall submit the DEATHS. Sept. 2. In the fort of Belgaum, Capt. C. Warre,

same through the prescribed Channels for of artillery, in charge of the G. troop horse bri

examination and adjustment to the prize gade.

Committee of which the deputy military 17. At Samulcottah, the infant son and only child of Lieut. H. Mimardiere (and grandson of

Accountant is president, and the paymasthe Rev. W. Harcourt, of Ewell, Surrey).

ters at the several stations of the army are 22. At Bellary, George, second child of Lieut. J. Metcalfe, fort adj. at that station, aged 14

hereby authorized to discharge the amount months.

of all such abstracts as are duly certified to 23. At Trichinopoly, Gilburd Robert, infant have been passed by the Comunittee. son of A. B. Peppin, Esq., garrison surgeon of that station.

Agreeably with the tenor of the acts Ist Oct. 2. W. Peacock, Esq., deputy, sheriff of Ma- and 2d of George the 4th Cap. 61, claims dras. 3, At Vizagapatam, Eliza, second daughter, of

may be preferred during the period therein Ens. and Adj. "Jones, Carnatic Europ. vet. bat., mentioned (six years) for the above prizeaged 13.

monies, after the expiration of which no 9. At Tanjore, Arthur Richard, only son of A. B. Peppin, Esq., garrison surgeon of Trichino.

claim will be received. poly, aged two years.

10. At Cochin, Lieut. J. Craig, of the Bombay establishment.

SIR CHARLES COLVILLE. At Fort St. George, Ens. J. Ford, H.M.'s Bombay Castle, Nov. 23, 1825.- His 69th regt., aged 28.

Exc. Lieut. Gen. the hon. Sir Charles 11. At Tranquebar, Louisa Janet, wife of Capt. R. Harris, aged 29.

Colville G. G. B. and K. T. S. having re14. At Nellore, G. Wilson, Esq., garrison- signed bis situation of Commander-inassistant-surgeon.

17; Mr. P. J. Brady, son of the late Lieut. P. chief of the army of Bombay, and his Brady, Carnatic ordnance artificers, aged 19. seat as a member of the Government, has

At Cuddalore, Mr. Daniel de Vaz. 23. At Arcot, J. Stephenson, Esq., superinten

embarked in the hon. Company's vessel dent of the veterinary establishment at that sta- Palinurus, for the purpose of proceeding tion.

to England by the way of the Red Sea. 26. At Vellore, Ellen Anne Eliza, daughter of Capt. W. MacLeod, 35th N.I., aged one year.

The Governor in Council has the Nov. 2. At Prome, of fever, Ens. R. K. Macleod, greatest pleasure in recording, on this oc. 43d N.I. At Cochin, Mr. J. W. Vanwullen, assistant

casion, the high sense he entertains of the to the bunder-master, aged 42.

zeal and ability of which his Excellency 11. At Mahattee, near Arracan, Ens. Savage, has afforded so many proofs as a Member 10th N.I., acting quarter-master and interpreter,

13. In camp, Jaulnah, Capt. H. Cazalet, 40th of Council, and of the valuable advice and N.I.

support which he has always received from 15. At Madura, the infant daughter of Lieut. T. him in that capacity. P. Hay, 22d N.I.

16. At Mahattee, near Arracan, Ens. H. Hol. The high military reputation of Sir combe, 18th N.I., eldest son of Lieut. Col. Hol- Charles Colville scarcely admits of an combe, royal artillery. - At Quilon, Mr. W. Bredin, deputy com. of

addition from any testimony that can ordnance, aged 52.

now be borne to it, but the Governor 22. Mr. W. Gore, deputy assist. com. of ordnance, Hyderabad, aged 57.

in Council considers it a duty to acknow23. At Mangalore, Eliza, youngest daughter of ledge the great benefit derived from his Capt. Pickering, 50th N.I.

services as Commander-in-chief, and to 25. At Wescott's Gardens, Anna Maria, wife of R. F. Lewis, Esq.

return hiin the thanks of this Government 30. At Bellary, the lady of Lieut. Metcalfe, 4th for the manner in which he has discharged N.I., fort adj. at that station.

the functions of that important station.

The hon. the Governor in Council is

pleased to appoint Maj. Gen. Samuel Bombay.

Wilson, the senior officer on the staff, to

be commander of the forces. GOVERNMENT GENERAL Maj. Gen, Wilson, will take his seat as ORDERS.

president at the Military Board.


NEW MEMBER OF COUNCIL. Bombay Castle, Oct. 7, 1825.- The hon. the Court of Directors having notified the

Bombay Castle, Nov. 23, 1825.-James receipt into their Treasury in London, of Joseph Sparrow, Esq., appointed by the the amount of unclaimed prize-money due

Honourable the Court of Directors to be to their European and Native troops, and a provisional member of this Governto the officers and seamen in their marine ment, has this day taken the oaths and service, for the undermentioned captures his seat in the Council of Bombay, as viz. Columbo in 1796 (3d distribution.)

fourth member, under the usual salute Amboyna in 1796 (2d distribution); Banda

from the garrison. in 1796 (2d distribution); St. Pauls (Isle of Bourbon) in 1809; Bourbon in 1810; CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. Banda Neira 1810; Manado in 1810;

Judicial Department. Ternate in 1810; and Java in 1811 (to

Sept. 20. Mr. E. G. Fawcett, assistant to registhe Company's Marine only.) — The hon, ter at Poonah. Asiatic Journ. Vol. XXI. No. 125.

4 N


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