Encyclopedia of Contemporary Russian Culture

Tatiana Smorodinskaya, Karen Evans-Romaine, Helena Goscilo
Routledge, 24.4.2014 - 800 sivua

This encyclopedia examines Russian culture from 1953, Stalin's death, to the present day. Both 'Russian' and 'Culture' are defined broadly. Given the diversity of the Federation in its ethnic composition and regional characteristics, questions of national, regional, and ethnic identity receive special attention as do Russian-speaking immigrant communities. 'Culture' embraces all aspects of culture and lifestyle, high and popular, artistic and material: art, fashion, literature, music, cooking, transport, politics and economics, film, crime - all are covered to give a full picture of the Russian way of life through the extraordinary changes since the middle of the twentieth century.

The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Russian Culture is an unbeatable resource on recent Russian culture and history for students, teachers, and researchers. It is a valuable acquisition for both academic and public libraries. Entries include cross-references and often short bibliographies. There is a full index.

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Encyclopedia of contemporary Russian culture

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Smorodinskaya (Russian, Middlebury Coll.), Karen Evans-Romaine (Russian, Ohio Univ.), and Helena Goscilo (Slavic languages, Univ. of Pittsburgh) have edited the work of several dozen contributors to ... Lue koko arvostelu

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