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* Cloacina was a Goddess, whose Image Tatins, a: King of the Sabines, found in the Common-lewer; and: not knowing what Goddess it was, he call'd it Cloacina, from the Place in which it was found, and paid to it die vine Honours.. Lactant. 1. 20, Minuc, Fel. Olt. p. 23.2

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The latter Part of this Quotation, we think, bears a very strong Resemblance to some Lines in the Dunciad.

The Comedy of Three Hours after Marriage, came eut in Mr. Gay's Name, but Dr. Arbuthnot and Mr. Pope were both said to be concern’d in it: It was levell’d at Dr. Woodward, who was pointed at in it under the Name of Fofile, acted by the best Comedian, but could not support itself, for indeed it was

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but a poor Performance ; Mr. Pope never own'd to have had any Share in the Composition of it: But a Letter from Mr. Gay to him, while it was yet under Condemnation, will give a little Light into this Affair.

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