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gether. If, as I believe, the Air of a better Clime, as the southern Part of France, may be thought useful for your Recovery, thither I would go with you infallibly; and it is very probable we might get the Dean with us, who is in that abandoned State already which I shall shortly be, as to other Cares and Duties. Dear Gay be as chearsul as your Suff'rings will permit: God is a better Friend than a Court: Even any honest Man is better. I promise you my entire Friendship in all Events, heartily praying for your Recovery.

Your, &c. P. S. Do not write, if you are ever so able: The Doctor tells me all.

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· With scornful Mien, and various Tofs of Air,

Fantastick, vain, and infolently fair ;
Grandeur intoxicates her giddy Brain,
She looks Ambition, and she moves Difdain.
Far other Carriage grac'd her Virgin Life,
But charming Gumley's loft in P_Ity's Wife:
Not greater Arrogance in him we find,
And this Conjunction swells at last her Mind.
O could the Sire, renown'd in Glass, produce
One faithful Mirrour for his Daughter's Use,


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Now we must speak no more of Mr. Gay at Court, nor in Favour with any that ow'd any Dependance to it:. Yet was he not left without Friends; the Duke and Dutchess of Queensberry took him to their kind and noble Protection, and he was encourag'd as well by the great Reputation, as well as Profit he had receiv'd from the Beggars Opera, to write a Sequel to it. The Beggars Opera had indeed met with incredible Success, much of which was owing to the Squibs that were thrown at the Court, and many of which, of right appertain'd to Mr. Pope. The Song of Peeachum, the Thief-catcher, was offer'd to the Publick, as follows:

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This, before it was alter'd by Mr. Pope, was not fa
sharp, the two laft Lines only laying:
And there's many arrive to be Great,
By a Trade not more honest than mine.
And the Song of Mackeath after his being taken,

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into Protection, still upheld him, yet he could not bear this (to him) so very great a Disappointment, and on this Subject, not long after, he writes to Mr. Pope, who was so deeply concern’dat it, that he (being ill before) was made so much worse as to keep his Chamber many Weeks. Mr. Gay's Letter was thus :

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