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Strephon. All Nature mourns, the Skies relent in Showers ; Hush'd are the Birds, and clos’d the drooping Flowers : If Delia smile, the Flowers begin to spring, The Skies to brighten, and the Birds to fing

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- Daphnis. Al Nature laughs, the Groves are fresh and fair, The Sun's mild Luftre warms the vital Air ; If Sylvia smiles new Glories gild the Shore, And vanquish'd Nature feems to charm no more.

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Here is nothing but plain and simple Nature : The Flowers, the Beasts, the Seasons, nothing out of their Sight, or Reach, nothing affected, but all in Character, and all beautifully so.

Now coming to speak of the Dramatick Pastoral Writers, and first of Taffo, we cannot help thinking, that his artful Manner of praising the Beauty of Sylvia, by another Woman, as quoted in the 20th Page of the foregoing Volume, 'has fomething in it very masterly, to which we refer, and proceed to Guarini, the other great Italian dramatick pastoral Poet, who makes his Faithful Shepherd speak of his Mistress's Beauty thus ;


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