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Peggy. Patie to me is dearer than my Breath, : But want of tim I dread nae other (a) Skaith. There's nane of a' the Herds that tread the Green. Has fic a Smile or fic twa glancing Een. And then he speaks with sic a taking Art, His Words they (b) thirle like Mufick thro’my Heart.


(a) Damage,

(b) Thrill.

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This Writer has with Mr. Gay left Arcadian Strains, and Plains, to which Stile the Rest keep, but then Tallo and Guarini as theit Stile is Arcadian, their Scenes are in Arcady; what most displeaseth us is, when, as Mr, Philips in his third Pastoral keeps up to the Sicilian Stile, yet talks of Thomas and Britain.

Next to praising and describing those that they love, generally pastoral Writers are fond of making young Lovers complain of their Love, and here Mr. Philips has done himself and our Language great Credit and Honour. Hear his charming Shepherd's Boy.

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What idle Fears a Maiden Breast alarm!
Stay, simple Girl! a Lover cannot harm..

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