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to do, or no Friend to entertain in Company. . Be lieve me very affectionately, ... Dear Sir, &c. . .

A. Pope.

When Mr. Pope receiv'd the News of the Death of this Gentleman, he was writing to a Friend, and was so much mov’d with it, that he broke off abrupta" ly, giving the melancholy Reason ; for Mr. Fenton's Death lessen'd the Circle of those who were in Mr. Pope's real Esteem, and was never mention'd by him without regretting the great Loss of him.."

Mr. Fenton had some valuable Letters from Mr. Pope, which, at his Request, were again returo'd to him, by that Means preventing their falling into Hands which might (perhaps not too faithfully) make them publick, which was done by many of his, by. Curl, and Mr. Pope was so exafperated at it, that he was very near making an Oath never to write a Letter, but such as might be immediately about Business, for in Reality he did not correspond with a Friend upon the Terms of any free Subject of this King. dom, so that he was at last reduc'd to beg of all his Acquaintance to secure him from the like L'fage for the future, by returning him any Letters of his they might have presery'd, left they should be publishi after his Death, perhaps being imprcper to be seen, or altered by the mercenary Purchifer, to serve their, bafe Ends : For of such Things they make no Scryple, how many Inftances might we give ? And how many Things have been made publick, and Mr. Pope insinuated to have been the Author! Cwl was. continually accusing him with what came out in the Grubftreet Journal, whieh Mr. Pope positively denies to have had any the leaft Correspondence with i but. the Town, though-mistaken, were never more ar:


fur'd than of his writing the Dialogue in the Paper call'd the Champion, Thursday Feb. 19, 1740-1, juft before the Election of the present Parliament:

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Have they capacious Minds to poize the Weight
In Wisdom's Scale ? :

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