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Name is mentioned with Honour, even in a Land flowing with Tories. I had the good Fortune there to be often in the Conversation of Dr. Clark: He entertain'd me with several Drawings, and particularly with the original Design of Inigo Jones's Whitehall. I there saw and reverenc'd some of your first Pieces ; which future Paintes are to look upon as we Poets do on the Culex of Virgil, and Batrachom of Homer. :

Having named this latter Piece, give me Leave to alk what is become of Dr. Parnelle and his Frogs? Oblitusque meorum, obliviscendus & illis, might be Horace's Wish, but will never be mine while I have such meorums as Dr. Parnelle and Dr. Swift. I hope the Spring will restore you to us, and with you all the Beauties and Colours of Nature. Not but I congratulate you on the Pleasure you must take in being admir'd in your own Country, which so seldom happens to Prophets and Poets : But in this you have the Advantage of Poets ; you are Master of an Art that must prosper and grow rich, as long as People love or are proud of themselves, or their own Persons. However, you have stay'd long enough methinks, to have painted all the numberless Histories of old Ogygia. If you have begun to be historical, I recommend to your Hand the Story which every pious Irishman ought to begin with, that of St. Patrick; to the End you may be oblig'd (as Dr. Parnelle was, when he translated the Batrachommachia) to come into England to copy the Frogs, and such other Vermine as were never seen in that Land since the Time of that Confessor.

I long to see you a History Painter. You have already done enough for the Private, do something for the Publick; and be not confined, like the Reft, to draw only such silly Stories as our own Faces tell of

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