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dition of the Afs; by which Names they came to be distinguished, to the great Honour also of the Gentlemen of the Dunciad.

Your Lordship will not think these Particulars altogether unentertaining ; nor are they impertinent, since they clear fome Passages in the following Col-. lection. The Whole cannot but be of some Use, to Thew the different Spirit with which good and bad Authors have ever acted, as well as written; and to evince a Truth, a greater than which was never advanced, that,

Each bad Author is as bad a Friend.

However, the Imperfection of this Collection cannot but be owned, as long as it wants that Poem, with which you, my Lord, have honour'd the Author of the Dunciad; but which I durst not presume to add in your Absence. Asit is, may it please your Lordship to accept of it, as a distant Testimony, with what Respect and Zeal I am,

Your most obedient,
and devoted Servant,


the The Prommon winkel ate by laying which he

Even this abominable Blunder (which he never knew how to excuse, but by saying he did it without thinking, was wink'd at by Mr. Pope; a Thing not very common with him.

The Friendship even to Partiality shown to him by the greatest Poet of the Age, consequently drew on him the Malice and weak Rage of the little Writers, who had appear'd in Opposition to Mr. Pope's Poetry, and good Taste ; but the good Opinion he had conceiv'd of Mr. Savage was more worth, than to be lost for the Praise of them all put together.


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