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Mr. Pope as a Satirist, I did not think it foreign to the Subject, to compare him with Mr. Dryden, to whom he was very much obliged, and like an honeft Person who has receiv'd a Benefits fails not to acknowledge it : Now let us fee whether the Parallel will not hold good in Philosophy; nay, were it wanting in Religion it might be supplied, for Mr. Dryden died a Papiit; but before the last Change of his Res ligion, he wrote a sort of An Efay on Man, but called it Religio Laici, in which are many Arguments and Affertions nearly resembling those in Mr. Pope's Ethicks. Who in his first Epistle says:

Of Man, what see we but his Station here,
From which to reason, or to which refer?
Thro' Worlds unnumber'd tho' the God be known,
Tis ours to trace him, only in our own ;
He who thro’ vaft Immenfity can pierce,
See Worlds on Worlds compofe one Universe,
Observe how System into System runs,
What other Planets, and what other Suns :
What vary'd Being peoples ev'ry Star :
May tell, why Heaven made all Things as they are.
But of this Frame the Bearings, and the Ties, --
The strong Connections, nice Dependencies,
Gradations juft, has thy pervading Soul
Look'd thro’? Or can a Part contain the Whole?

Is the great Chain that draws all to agree,
And drawn supports, upheld by God, or thee?

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Thus, anxious Thoughts in endless Circles roul, Without a Centre where to fix the Soul : In this wild Maze their vain Endeavours end, How can the Less the Greater comprehend? Or finite Reason reach Infinity ? For what cou'd fathom God were more than he,

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