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Th' eternal Art educing Good from Ill,
Grafts on this Passion our best Principle ;
And by that Means enables us to promote our own
Good by turning the Exorbitancy of the ruling Par
fion into its neighbouring Virtue :

See Anger, Zeal and Fortitude supply; .
Ev'n Avrice, Prudence; Sloth, Philosophy :
Nor Virtue, male or female, can we name,
But what will grow on Pride, or grow on Shame.

The Wisdom of the divine Artist is, as the Poet finely observes, very illustrious in this Contrivance: For the Mind and Body having now one common Intereft, the Efforts of Virtue will have their Force infinitely augmented : 'Tis thus the Mercury of Man is fixt, Strong grows the Virtue with his Nature mixt; The Dross cements what else were too refin’d, And in one Interest Body acts with Mind.

After this the Poet speaks largely concerning Virtue and Vice, about which his Way of thinking is very remarkable: He says, there is no Virtue but what will grow either on Pride or Shame, and that Nature gives us those Virtues which are nearest allied to our Vices : Reason the Biass turns from Good to ill, And Nero reigns a Titus if he will. He says likewise, that the Virtues are grafted on the Paffions, and that Wit and Honesty are often produc'd from Spleen, Fear, Hate, and Obstinacy, that Prudence often arises from Avarice, and Philofophy from Sloth, and that Envy, with but little Change becomes Emulation, that the Difference is ...


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Vice is a Monster of so frightful Mien, As, to be hated, needs but to be seen; But feen too oft, familiar with her Face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace. A Cheat,! a Whore! who starts not at the Name, In all the Inns of Court, or Drury Lane ? But where the Point of Vice, was ne'er agreed : Ask where's the North? at York 'tis on the Tweed: In Scotland at the Orcades, and there At Greenland, Zembla, the or Lord knows where. No Creature owns it, in the first Degree, But thinks his Neighbour further gone than he. Ev’n those who dwell beneath her very Zone, Or never feel the Rage, or never own; What happier Natures shrink at with Affright, The hard Inhabitant contends is right.

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