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Here he reproaches those wicked Zealots who are for anathematizing all those who move not in their narrow Cireles, and thundering Curses shocking to the Ears of human Charity, on Men most Times remarkable for their Goodness and Purity of Life, whereas thefe folemn and affuming Interdictors, are generally Persons of most tainted Conversation and lewd Practices, proud, cruel, felfish, Profaners of Vows, full of Voluptuousness, luttony, and its beastly "Attendants, yet these are they who pretend to direct the Aim of the Almighty, and impudently pronounce in his Name, Sentences which are so far from being his Dictate or Command, that they shew themfelves to be the Effects of meer Malice of iniquitous Men, * fupported by a Power unjustly assum'd : If I am right, oh teach my Heart

carti i.. 1. Still in the Right to stay in

If I am wrong, thy Grace impart ď to find that beetter Way!

This is Humiliation ; first, a Fear lest he lould not be in the Right, and then a Supplication for Knowledge to find a better Way, if he is indeed in the Wrong ; this Knowledge he has been pleas'd to call Grace, whereas all the Favours we receive, our

very Being, our rational Faculties and Powers, may “all be called by the fame Name, it being thro the Grace of the infinite Deity that we have receiv'd them : but Mr. Pope has not here distinguish?d whether he supplicates for a fupernatural Grace, or only that he may fo use the Grace receiv'd by Nature, as to find a better Path, if there might:be a better for him to walk in, neither can I fee why Grace is not as much requir'd to preserve a Man in the Continua. tion of good Works, as to begin them, more elpecially, if it be so that we of ourselves do nothing


Grace of ut. Mr. Por or a fupernate

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