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Mother and Aunts, and the Diamond Ring my Mother wore, and her Golden Watch. I give to Erasmus Lewis, Gilbert West, Sir Clement Cotterell, William Rollinson, Nathaniel Hook, Esqrs. and to Mrs. Anne Arbuthnot, each the Sum of Five Pounds, to be laid out in a Ring, or any Memorial of me; and to my Servant John Searle, who has faithfully and ably serv'd me many Years, I give, and devise the Sum of One hundred Pounds over and above a Year's Wages to himself and his Wife; and to the Poor of the Parish of Twickenham, Twenty Pounds to be divided amongst them by the faid John Searle ; and it is my Will, if the said John Searle, die before me, that the fame Sum of One hundred Pounds go to his Wife or Children. ..

Item, I give, and devise to Mrs. Martha Blount, younger Daughter of Mrs. Martha Blount, late of Welbeck-Street, Cavendish-Square, the Sum of One thoufand Pounds immediately on my Deceafe; and all the Furniture of my Grotto, Urns in my Garden, Household Goods, Chattels, Plate, or whatever is not otherwise disposed of in this my Will, I give and devife to the said Mrs. Martha Blount, out of a sincere Regard, and long Friendfhip for her: And it is my Will, that my abovefaid Executors, the Survivors or Survivor of them, shall take an Aca count of all my Estates, Money, or Bonds, &C. and after paying my Debts and Legacies, shall place out all my Residue upon Government, or other Securities, according to their best Judgments, and pay the Produce thereof, half-yearly, to the said Mrs. Martha Blount, during her natural Life: And after her Decease, I give the Sum of One thousand Pounds to Mrs. Magdalen Racket, and her Sons Robert, Henry, and John, to be divided equally among them, or to the Survivors or Survivor of them; and after


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: : Blount, Mr. receives a Letter

" from Mr. Pope after the Af

fairs at Presion

Leaves England: ibid A Ccidents, Quotation Receives a Letter from Mr. A from the Elay on Man Pape after he went abroad

359 Addison, Mr. publishes his Returns to England and dies Book of Medals 19.,: it

47 Mr. Pope writes Verses there-' What he died of . 49 .

ibid Mr. Pope's Letter concerning Quotation from them ibid his Manner of Life ' 153 · Appendix to the Dunciad 251. Mr. Pope's Letter after his

Arbuthnot, Dr. receives an Recovery from a Fit of Ill. Epistle from Mr. Pope, be- ness.

156 ing an Apology for himself Mr. Pope's Letter describing and his Writings : 79 his Grotto

190. Arcadian Stile proper for · Blount, Mrs. Mr. Pope writes Talo nnd Guarini, and her an Epistle in Verse at why

342 17 Years of Age 17

Mr. Pope writes a Letter to

her in Verse with the B

Works of Voiture 30

She leaves the Town ibid D Erkly, Dean, fince Bi- Mr. Pope grows uneasy at D lhop of Clayne, 'correr hir Absence . ibid ponds from Italy with Mr. She left the Town unwillingPope B . 257 ly •

31 Invites him thither. ibid What Sort of Place the reHis Description of the Idland did to

ibid Inarine : 258 Mr. Pope writes her a Letter Bethell, Mr. who he was in Verse

33 200 She returns to London. ibid


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