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of having acted well in it :- And I hope you have rea ceiv'd your Reward, in being happy where you are: I believe, in the religious Country you now inhabit; you'll be better pleas'd to find I confider you in this Light, than if I compar*d you to those Greeks and Romans, whose Constancy in suffering Pain, and whose Resolution in Pursuit of a generous End, you would rather imitate than boast of.

But I had a melancholy Hint the other Day, as if you were yet a Martyr to the Fatigue your Virtue made you undergo on this Side the Water. I beg, if your Health be restor'd to you, not to deny me the Joy of knowing it : Your Endeavours of Service, and good Advices to the poor Papists, put me in mind of Noah's preaching forty Years to those Folks that were to be drown'd at laft. At the worst, I heartily with your Ark may find an Aratat, and your Wife and Family (the Hopes of the good Patriarch) land fafely, after the Deluge, upon the Shore of Totness.

I know you will take part in rejoicing for the Victory of Prince Eugene over the Turks, in the Zeal you bear to the Christian Interest, though your Cousin of Oxford (with whom I dined Yesterday) fays, there is no other Difference in the Christians beating the Turks, or the Turks beating the Christians, than whether the Emperor Thall first declare War against Spain, or Spain declare it against the Empe. ror. I must add another Apopthegm of the fame noble Earl; it was the Saying of a politick Prince Time and he would get the better of any two others. To which Lord Oxford made this Answer,

Time and l’gainst any two,
Chance and I gainst Time and you.

I am,

Dear Sir, &c. We

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* This Gentleman return'd after a Time, and died in London, in the Year 1726, greatly lamented by all his Acquaintance, especially our Author.

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