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Falle Grammar I'm sure. Both can relate but to {wo Things: And see! how easy a Change sets it right? To Tears, to Vows, false Troth I could shew you that very Word Troth, in ShakeSpear a hundred Times. Ibid. For there is nothing left thee now to look for, That can bring Comfort, but a quiet Grave.

This I fear is of a Piece with None but itself can be its Parallel: For the Grave puts an End to all Sorrow, it can need no Sorrow. Yet let us vindicate Shakespear where we can: I make no Doubt he wrote thus, For there is nothing left thee now to look for, Nothing that can bring Quiet, but the Grave. Which Reduplication of the Word gives a much stronger Emphasis to Violante's Concern. This Figure is called Anadyplosis. I could shew you a Hundred just such in him, if I had nothing else to do..

This Double Falfood was vindicated by Mr. Theor bald, who was attacked again in the Art of Sinking in Poetry : Here he endeavours to prove falfe Criticisms, Want of Understanding Shakespear's Manner, and cavilling, in Mr. Pope, to justify himself and the great Dramatick Poet, and to prove the Tragedy in Question to be in Reality Shakespear's, and not unworthy of him; this he does in a Letter which is subjoin'd, and concludes with a very confiderable Air of Self-sufficiency, and no small Boaft,


Dear SIR,
OU desire to know why, in the general At-
tack which Mr. Pope has lately made against


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