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LT Amlet, Quotation from T. Ear, King, Quotation nit

14. from it Hampton-Court, Mr. Pope LETTERS. entertain'd there, and by Mr. Theobald, in Juftification who

34 of his Double Falhood, aHappiness, in what it consists gainst Mr. Pope 6

358 Mr. Secretary Craggs to Mr. Commentary thereon ibid Pope from Paris, giving an Honour, Maids of, how Account of the French La. they live 34 dies

18 Honours not Happiness 366 Mr. Pope to Mr. Gay conHowe, Mrs. Question of cerning the Progress he 'her's to Mr. Pope 48 made in Painting 20

Mr. Pope to Mr. Jervas

concerning his going to Oxford, and his becoming

à History Painter 22 Ames, King, the First, Mr. Pope to Mrs. Blount J what he aflum'd 246 from Oxford, and makes a Speech of the Goddess Dul. Declaration of his Love to

nefs thereon. 242 her Jervas, Mr. a Lady of Qua Part of one from Mr. Pope lity returns a Picture on his to Mrs. Blount

36 Hands :

25 Mr. Pope to Mrs. Blount from Paints another for her and : Oxford concerning his Re-. pleases her .

26 ception there Infallibility of the Pope Pa. Mr. Pope to Mrs. Blount con

pists can't ubjure 42 cerning the Camp at HydeJournal, Grub-Street, Mr. Park and the Pretender 39

Pope said to have had a Mr. Pope to Mr. Blount after Hand in

221 the Affair at Preston 42

Mr. Pope to Mr. Blount after · he left England 46

Mr. Pope to Mrs. Blount on V Ilmanlegg, Madam, in the Death of her Brother

vites Mr. Pope to an Afsembly and refuses to go Mr. Pope to Mrs. Blount a 35 Letter of Compliment 51


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Mr. Pope to Mrs. Blount Mr. Gay to Mr. Pope a Let

concerning the Death of ter of Complaint and about Mrs. A

56 his Epitaph ... 17 Mr. Pope to the Honourable Mr. Pope to Mr. Gay a Let

Robert Digby, Esq; con- ter of Consolation 118 cerning Lord. Bathurst's Mr. Pope to Mr. Gay a Let. Wood

58 ter of Wit and Humour 122 Mr. Cleland to Mr. Gay, ex- Mr. Pope to Mr. Blount concusing Mr. Pope about the cerning his Way of Living Character of Lord Timon

. : 73 To Mr. Cromwell on the Mr. Pope to the Earl of Burn fame Subject 155

lington excusing himself a. Mr. Pope to Mr. Blount on bout the Character of Lord his Recovery from a Fit of Timon 79 Illness

· 156 Mr. Pope to Mr. Digby con- Mr. Pope to Mr. Bluunt de.' cerning Dr. Arbuthnot's scribing his Grotto 190 Brother

80 Lord Chancellor Harcourt Mr. Pope to an Honourable to Mr. Pope about his EpiGentleman concerning his taph . . . . 217.

Quarrel with Mr.Philips 87 Mr. Pope to Mr. Fenton a Mr. Pope to Mrs Blount a. Letter of Invitation 220

bout Blenheim House 03 Dean Berkely to Mr. Pope Mr. Gay to Mr. Pope, which describing the Island Inarine discovers that Mr. Pope

261 had a Hand in Writing the Mr. Pope to Mr. Richardson Comedy of Three Hours af- about drawing the Picture

ter Marriage 102 of his dead Mother 274 Mr. Pope to Mr. Gay wel.: Mr. Savage to the Earl "of coming him on his Return Middlesex about the Dunfrom Hanover 104 ciad, &c.

281 Mr. Gay to Mr. Fenton from His Letter to a Friend at

Stanton Harcourt relating Bristol on being arrested a wonderful and sorrowful Accident

108 His Letter to a Friend in Mr. Pope to Mr. Gay defir. London about his Poem as

ing him to come and live grinst Brifto 306 with him ,

112 Mr. Pope to Mr. Gay con- ; cerning the Birth of a young į Prince and Mrs. Pulteney

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: Earl of, Part of his Letter to Mr. Pope

248 M An, Elay on, lightly Pleasures of no Value but as TV discours d on 212 communicable or commaMarlborough, Duke and nicated Dutchess of, diflik'd by Mr. Phillips, Mr. Ambrose, falle

Pope and why 92 Report of him at Button's Miracles not to be constantly

87 expected

361 Imitates the Song of Solos Miler dying makes his Will mon in one of his Pastorals 29

136 . Ñ

What he says concerning Pa

ftoral Writing 128 M T Amby Pamby Stile, A Shepherd speaking of his TV what it is 90, oiM istress

. 137 Narcissus and his Flatterer Shepherd's Discourse about 246 Magick .

159 Story of the Nightingale

- 181 Peras not encourag'd Poet, a certein one, makes U by Mr. Pope 29a great Miftake about the Opera, Beggar, wrote bý Author of the Ejay on Man

Mr. Gay : 115
The first Song altered by Mr. Poetry, what Kinds Mr.

ibid Pope did not attempt 48 Oxford, Earl of, Mrs. Polly, a Sequel to the Beg

Blount's Concern for his gars Opera wrote by Mr. Fall

Pope . His Spirit in bearing it 39 Prohibited by the Lord A Saying of his : 46 Chamberlain

ibid Printed with some Altera: P

. tions

: Pope, Mr. his Modesty in the D Ainting understood by Publication of his Works P Mr. Pope

16 Papists how and why difap. Receives a Letter from Mr.

pointed . ...41 Secretary Craggs.. 18 Paftorals, great Writers of Writes a Letter to Mr. Gay

them compar'd 126 concerning the Progress he Their different kinds ibid had made in Painting 20 Peterborough, Dean of, what Goes to Oxford : ..22 he preach'd at Court 72



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Gets acquainted with Dr. His Thoughts on Pastoral Clarke ibid Writing

: 128 Discourse with him concern- What he makes a Shepherd ing Religion

ibid speak of bis Mistress 138 Writes a Letter to Mr. Jer. A Shepherd's Complaint of vas about his going to Ox- Love ford and History Painting What he makes a Shepherd

- ibid fpeak about Magick ,158 Writes an Epistle in Verse to A Quotation from his PaftoMr. Jervas with Fresnoy's rats : : 184 Art of Painting - 24 Lashes Welfted, Budgell,

Quotation from it : 25 James Moore, and others Part of a Letter of his to

188 Mrs. Blount : 36 Why he imitated Horace and Writes a Letter to her from Dr. Donne

195 Oxford, concerning his Re. He vindicates himself 196 ception there

37 How satiriz’d, by a Lady Writes a Letter to Mrs.

Blount concerning the Camp At last wishes he had not ofat Hyde-Park, and the Pre- fended her in 199 tender

His Praise of Temperance The Regularity of his Life

200 1 63 His Satire on a great GeneHad a Hand in Mr. Gay's ral

ibid Comedy callid Three Hours What Men ought to do unafter Marriage 80 der the Frowns of Fortune Writes to an Honourable

200 Gentleman concerning his Receives a Letter from Lord Quarrel with Mr. Phillips Chancellor Harcourt 217

ģ7 Thereon alters his Son's ENot fit for Courts and why pitaph

: 218

95 Many heavy Accusations Never owns to have had any brought against him 228 Hand in Writing the Comé- Some Reflections of his 261 callid Three Hours after His tender Regard to his PaMarriage 102 rents

273 Is uneasy to have Mr. Gay His Mother dies ibid live from him

110 Has her Picture drawn after Writes him a Letter thereon she was dead

274 un Writes a Letter to Mr. RiReceives a Letter of Com- chardson thereon , ibid plaint from Mr. Gay 117





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