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Shepherd's Complaint of What Blunder he made in it

Shepherd's Speech about Refus’d the Laurel 286


Becomes Volunteer Laureat
Love Dialogue 164 to the Queen

Some Lines of his on Marri: His Extravagance and Indif-
167 cretion :

Some other Lines taken No. Mr. Pope assists him 288

tice of by Mr. Pope 168 He leaves London for Swan-
Reflections of Mr. Pope's af- sea and arrives there 289

tér the Affair at Prelon 42 Forms a Resolution of leav.
Concerning Mr. Pope's ing the Country ibid
Friendship for Mr. and Mrs. Savage, Mr. returns to Bri-

47 fol
Some of Mr. Pope's by Moon- His Behaviour there 297

275 Is arrefted
Revolution, a short Account His Letter to his friend
of it
264 thereon

The Year of Mr. Pope's Carried to Prison 301

ibid Is kindly us'd by the Keeper
Rhymers, Advice given to

young onês

162 Writes against Bristol ibid
Riches not Happiness 365 Letter to a Friend in Lon-
Romeo and Juliet, Quotati- don about that 306
on from it

14. Mr. Pope enquires after the

State of his Debts 307
Receives an angry Letter

from Mr. Pope 308
Avage, Mr. Account of Answers it, takes it to Heart
his Birth
276 and dies

How treated by his Mother At whose Expence buried

How she came to be disco. Scriblerus's Re*ections on

vered to him ibid Namby Pamby's Pastorals 92
Condemn'd for Murder and Shadwell, Dr. what Answer

280 a Lady made him about
Receiv'd by Lord Tyrconnel Dr. Ratcliffe's Death 35
but soon abutes his Favour Shepherd's Week wrote by
281 Mr. Gay

: 124
His Letter to the Earl of South Seá Project, Mr. Pope
Middle fex about the Dunci- an Enemy to
ad, &c.

ibid Vol. II. Dd Sue

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- Pope

Supremacy, Oath of, some Villars, George, Duke of Papifts are willing to take Buckingham, how he died it 42

66 Sporus, who meant by Mr. Virtue, what is not its proPope

186 per Reward Swift, Dean, his Verses to Commentary thereon ibid · Dr. Delany given into Mr. Savage's Hands by Mr.

- W 290

Alb, Mr. excites Mf, ... T . . . W Pope to write a pafto

ral Comedy

134 T A]o, Shepherd's Com Ward, John, Efq; of Hack

I plaint of Love 147 .ney, who he was : 59 Satirizes the Ladies for wear. Convicted of Forgery and

ing falfe Hair. 157 stood in the Pillory · ibid Sylvia and Daphne . 170 How he employ'd himself Tafte, a false one of Magni- during his Confinement 60 ficence

' 70 Waters, Mr. what he was 62 Temple, Sir Richard, Lord Winter's Tale, Quotation

Cobham, Mr. Pope writes to from it . . . · him of the Knowledge and Women, Characters of, by

Characters of Men . 26 : Mr. Pope
Quotation from the Epistle Commentary thereon 363

. ibid Woodward, Dr. under the Timon, Lord, thought to Name of Fofile is satiriz'd ' mean a very noble Duke in Three Hoxrs after Mar. Mr. Pope denies it ibid V S .. 7 Ealots, their unreason

and able Way of Thinking T Anity, Mr. Pope clear'd

361 of it

188 Impossible to fatisfy them all Verses against Mr. Pope by a

362 Lady

54 Commentary thereon 363

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73. riage


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