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Of the Encroachments and Externals, Happiness

Impofitions of Priests 345 plac'd in them Mr. Dryden to the same Pur- Evil Moral, whence it aripose

346 seth
Self-Love causes Social 348 . ..
** Policy and Religion ibid ,

Whence Harmony arises 349
Modes of Government and

ibid L Landers Mares feiz'd Commentary thereon ibid and how recover'd 40 Government


Fenton, Mr. invited by Mr. Right divine

351 Pope to his House 219 Religion

352 Receives a Letter from him Quotation thereon ibid to that Purpose 220 Concerning Happiness 353 Returns all his Letters 221 The Learned understand not what it is

354 Not plac'd in Externals 356 Mr. Dryden of the Summum Bonum

357 Arth, Sir Samuel, a In what Happiness confifts U Speech of nis about

Dr. Ratcliff

35 Accidents accounted for 359 Gay, Mr. receives a Letter Rise of Moral Evil 360 from Mr. Pope concerning Miracles not to be conftantly the Progress he had made expected 361 in Painting

20 The Unreasonableness of The Friendship between him Zealots

ibid and Mr. Pope Commentary thereon 363 Where born

ibid Guarini that all will turn to The fame Age as Mr. Pope Good 364

ibid What is not the proper Re- Of a good Family 97

ward of Virtue ibid Put Apprentice, to a Mercer Commentary thereon 365

ibid Riches not Happiness 366 Dislikes Business and leaves Wisdom Lord Bolingbroke it

ibid complimented for.. 368 Contracts an Acquaintance Self-Love how it proceeds to with Mr. Pope i bid Charity

372 Espouses the high Party and Concludes with a Recapitu- appears at Court ibid lation of the Whole 373


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Why he did not make the Meets with a Disappointment Tour of Europe 98 at Court !

112 Writes Trivia

ibid Receives a Letter from Mr. Quotation from it ' ibid Pope concerning the Birth Writes a Comedy with Mr. of a young Prince, &c. 114 Pope and Dr. Arbuthnot Receives a Letter of Conso

... 101 lation from Mr. Pope 118 Writes to Mr. Pope concern- Contracts a very bad Disor. ( ing the Comedy 102 der .

120 The Comedy not publish'd Receives a humourous Let

with his other Works 103 ter from Mr. Pope 122 Verses on the Princess of Comes to Town' ibid Wales

ibid His Fever grows inflammaWhen appointed Secretary tory and he dies 122 to the Embassy to Hanover Remark thereon ibid

ibid How his Fortune was obCarefs'd by Mr. Pope.on his tain'd

ibid Return i

104 Buried in Westminfler Abbey Receives a Letter of welcome with great Solemnity 122

from Mr. Pope ibid A Monument rais'd' to his What Mr. Pope advisd him Memory

123 too

105 What he says on Pastoral Goes to France with Mr. Writing

130 | Pulteney

106 How he makes Clowns His Sentiments on the Fop. speak of their Sweethearts peries of that Nation ibid .

138 Returns from France 108 A Maiden complaining of Goes to Stanton Harcourt Love

. ibid The Parson's Maid about The surprising Accident that Gipsies · happend there ibid Quotation from his Flights His Letter thereon to Mr.

184 · Fenton

ibid Gardens, how Mr. Pope was Receives a Letter from Mr. advis'd about his 190 · Pope of Invitation to live Guarini, his faithful Shep

with him . 12 , herd speaks of his Mistress Mr. Pope's Offer to go with · him to France or elsewhere Amarillis complains of Love ibid

152 Receives a Letter from Mr. - A Speech of Linco's 124 to that Purpose ibid


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