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ALL thy works shall praise thee, O Lord ; and thy saints shall bless
ghee. They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom, and talk of thy power.

PSALM CXLV. 10, 11.

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Vol. I.]

Saturday, March 30, 1816.:

[No. 1.

PREFACE. The earnest and increasing desire which has for some time past manifested itself throughout this country, to obtain inforination concerning the progress of Christianity, and its influence upon the happiness of mankind, indicates a growing interest of feeling in favour of the sublime objects of the true religion.

In proportion to the extent of such a disposition, will be its tendency to counteract the taste which has so long and so generally prevailed, to gratify curiosity about things of a much less important and less interesting nature.

Were that the only benefit produced by publications of this sort, no time nor labour bestowed upon them should be deemed an employment unbecoming a Christian.

To such as love the prosperity of Zion above their chief joy, the intelligence of its boundaries being enlarged, the number of its citizens augmented, its waste places built up, its work revived, its cause flourishing, must be a source of joy, thanksgiving, and praise, and tend to enkindle zeal, and give activity to exertions in promoting the interests of that kingdom which endureth for ever.

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