The life of Charlotte Brontë, Nide 1


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Sivu 30 - I'll frown and be perverse, and say thee nay, So thou wilt woo ; but else, not for the world. In truth, fair Montague, I am too fond ; And therefore thou mayst think my 'haviour light. But trust me, gentleman, I'll prove more true Than those that have more cunning to be strange.
Sivu 243 - I have felt for some months that I ought not to be away from him ; and I feel now that it would be too selfish to leave him (at least as long as Branwell and Anne are absent), in order to pursue selfish interests of my own. With the help of God, I will try to deny myself in this matter and to wait. " I suffered much before I left Brussels. I think, however long I live, I shall not forget what the parting with M. Heger cost me. It grieved me so much to grieve him who has been so true, kind, and disinterested...
Sivu 260 - ... on pain of exposure to break off instantly and for ever all communication with every member of his family.
Sivu 71 - ... This is the Duke of Wellington! This shall be the Duke!' When I had said this, Emily likewise took up one and said it should be hers; when Anne came down, she said one should be hers. Mine was the prettiest of the whole, and the tallest, and the most perfect in every part. Emily's was a grave-looking fellow, and we called him 'Gravey.
Sivu 45 - I asked the next (Emily, afterwards Ellis Bell) what I had best do with her brother Branwell, who was sometimes a naughty boy; she answered, 'Reason with him, and when he won't listen to reason, whip him.
Sivu 17 - Whitfield was once preaching in Haworth, and made use of some such expression, as that he hoped there was no need to say much to this congregation, as they had sat under so pious and godly a minister for so many years ; " whereupon Mr. Grimshaw stood up in his place, and said with a loud voice, ' Oh, sir ! for God's sake do not speak so. I pray you do not flatter them. I fear the greater part of them are going to hell with their eyes open.
Sivu 218 - ... arch, original even now; passionate when provoked, but most affectionate if caressed; by turns gentle and rattling; exacting, yet generous; fearless of her mother, for instance, whose irrationally hard and strict rule she has often defied - yet reliant on any who will help her. Jessy, with her little piquant face, engaging prattle, and winning ways, is made to be a pet, and her father's pet she accordingly is.
Sivu 266 - One day, in the autumn of 1845, I accidentally lighted on a MS. volume of verse in my sister Emily's handwriting. Of course, I was not surprised, knowing that she could and did write verse: I looked it over, and something more than surprise seized me—a deep conviction that these were not common effusions, nor at all like the poetry women generally write.
Sivu 111 - Shakspeare and Byron. Both these were great men, and their works are like themselves. You will know how to choose the good, and to avoid the evil ; the finest passages are always the purest, the bad are invariably revolting ; you will never wish to read them over twice. Omit the comedies of Shakspeare, and the ' Don Juan,' perhaps the
Sivu 213 - Catholics is, to walk over the sea on to the Continent ; to attend mass sedulously for a time ; to note well the mummeries thereof; also the idiotic, mercenary aspect of all the priests; and {hen, if they are still disposed to consider Papistry in any other light than a most feeble, childish piece of humbug, let them turn Papists at once — that's all. I consider Methodism, Quakerism, and the extremes of High and Low Churchism foolish, but Roman Catholicism beats them all.

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