Medieval Cultural Studies: Essays in Honour of Stephen Knight

Ruth Evans, Helen Fulton, David Matthews
University of Wales Press, 2006 - 286 sivua
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This collection of newly commissioned essays celebrates the sixty-fifth birthday of Professor Stephen Knight in 2005 by paying tribute to his pioneering work in a discipline we call medieval cultural studies . This is the first book-length study of this relatively new discipline.The contributions are grouped under five main headings: Defining the Field: Medieval Cultural Studies?; Robin Hood; Historical Chaucer; The Cultural Politics of Romance; Cultural Politics/The Politics of Culture. The essays address their subjects medievalism; Robin Hood; fabliaux; medievalist crime fiction; medieval romance; Chaucer; contemporary novels with medieval drama settings; medieval London; skaldic poetry; the crusades in the broad spirit of the kind of work that used to be done at the Birmingham Centre for Cultural Studies, and which is carried on more widely in cultural studies departments in the US, Australia and the rest of Britain.Distinguished contributors from Australia, North America, England, Scotland and Wales bear witness to Stephen Knight s diverse teaching experiences and research interests, by reflecting on and developing the work of a man who has inaugurated so much innovative thinking about the medieval past and its cultural legacies."

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What was Medievalism? Medieval Studies Medievalism
The Long Profane
Robin Hood and the Rise of Cultural Studies

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Stephen Knight is professor of English literature at Cardiff University. He is the editor of British Industrial Fictions and author of Arthurian Literature and Society, Crime Fiction 1800-2000: Detection, Death, DiversityForm and Ideology in Crime Fiction, Geoffrey Chaucer, A Hundred Years of Fiction, Robin Hood: A Complete Study of the English Outlaw, and Robin Hood: A Mythic Biography. Ruth Evans is senior lecturer in English studies at the University of Stirling–Scotland, and has published widely in medieval literature. She is coeditor of Medieval Virginities. Helen Fulton is associate professor of English at the University of Sydney and has published widely on Chaucer. David Matthews is a lecturer in the school of language and media at the University of Newcastle–Australia and has published widely in medieval cultural studies.

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