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both temporal HAPPINESS and eternal. Being a very cofnpleat MANUAL and convenient (Before, Att and Afters) for The FEAST of FEASTS.

In III Parts; Together with an Epistle, Preface, and Introducing, . Appendix , Almanack, and Audition.

The Whole (hewing how to lead a holy and comfortable Life\ be a constant and worthy Communicant; and dy aneafy and happy Death. Interlaced with Chronological, Historical , Poetical, and Proverbial passages.

THE more t'invite; in hopes that he who tup
Will turn delight into a Sacrifice.

©Isfnl/ c&ifping anbcoru)intingtoall^ects!of€l)i:!(riattsit
Itifix Volumes. Each A different Tongue speaks :t
As English, French, High-Dutch, an.tfl.0n>,
Vort'guese and Italian also.

BY a Church of England man; a Gentleman born , \_defttnded from the

eldest line ofa very ancient Saxon- and Norman- Family, restored to their

Uade In England by King William the Conqueror Jince tvhi,hho\ t been

ti Generations, "without any blot in tbetr Scutcheon , of-which 1 haut been

*\?'£hts, jaBishop, and 1 a Dean; ~] ^Merchant bied theiea^ years;

^Traveller; a Linguist; a Nniiveiada regiftred Freeman of the well

ouilr, plentiful, healthy and pleasant City ofEXETER, and County

>flXON; halfa mile long, and one third of a mile broad within the

• ills; 01A o{ ihe 4. Chambers of England; One of the [ r] Cmtjiie- Port);

2 Bttbop'i'See ; Utttarldom ; the only Staple for Serges in Great Brittain s

nd a Place of great Trade: Has a. Wee!. I; Markets, and j Yearly Fairs;

Outgates, and 6 within ; a Guildhall, aFrifon, nBridewell, a jueac

Conduit, a Corn and a Serge-Market,z Latine- Schools and a Hofpi

ils, a Cathedral and 1 ? Farisit-Churches and aChappel in the Cityjand

Churches and2 C'lappelsinthe^large Suburbs: Is govern'd by a

'ayori'nd aldermen , havinga Snord-bearer with the Cap of Mainte, &e; also by a Reorder .Shemfi, &cc. Has a very ancient Caslle

thin the Walls, {but out of that C»«»ry,)on the Nortli-East , with a

iiappelinir, wjiere th'Assizes and Sessions for 'Devonshire are held,

d iheCoumy-Jayl hard by it;aad a fair'rhigh, longsioncEiidge on

- West ,ower the River Exe; (the middle of wbichpurts it from a snrgr,

th Vtllaoe and'Parifb. "witha. Church, aWard, and a ,call*d

THOMAS th' Apostle, in Devon.) See moreafterth' Epistle.

Omnet'ujitpuntlum, quimiscuit utiledulci.
Nothing is pleasant that wants Variety.

EXON, Printed for Joseph Anthony. MDCCXV.

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Epistl E_ The Charatierofa True Church o/Enghnd Man.

Preface How this Manual may tie helpful to Christianity/ail

Introduction, Why and how tokeepthewhole Lord's Day holy,

to be rend to the Family.
Parti. Chap. I. Preparative Devotions for Sunday or the 7 th. day

before the holy Supper.
- Ch, 2.' Sacramental Meditations before and on the 5 prin-
cipal Festivals, with an Account of all our ether
Fasts and Feasts, and proper Prayers.

,Ch. 3, Meditations before that Sacrament for New.

Year's- , Easter-, Ascension- > Whit Sun-,

«»</Christmas-day, and the 11 Months; to be

read to the Family.

"Ch. 4. Preparative Devotions for Monday , or the 6th.

day before the holy Communion.

1 Ch. J. for Tuesday, orthefth. day before.

, Ch. 6. for Wednesday, or the $ before.

. Ch 7. fir Thursday, or the %d. day before.

. Ch. 8. for Fry day, or the id. day before.

Ch. 9. ■ for Saturday, or the day before.

C.' for the day of my Humiliation.

VinU.Ch, I. for the Sacrament-day before lgo to Church.

Ch, x.Devotions going to Church, there, ami homeward'.

Ch. 3. . at home, at Noon, Evening, and Night,

Ch. 4, Meditations after the Sacrament fir Christmas-,

Easter-,Asccnsion-,Wh;tsun-day,c£> Trinity-


, .Ch. f. for New-Year's-', Easter-, Ascension ,

Whitsun., and Christmas-day, and the lr

Months, to be read to the Family.

Part III, CA. 1. Sacramental Devotions for Monday-, or th

first day after that heavenly Feast,

. Ch. 1 /orTuesday, or the after.

Ch. 3. for Wednesday, or the 3 d. day after.

. Ch. 4. yif Thursday, or the \ after.

» ... Ch. f. /orFryday, or the ph. day after.

. Ch. 6. /orSaturday, orthe6th. day after.

- Ch. 7. for Sunday, or the yth. day after.

Arps.KDix.How to lead a sober, righteous,.and godly Lite, to be

read to the Family.

Almanack.To read the Hibhyearly, and Psalms onoccafiom.

Addition f Things to be the meanest Chii&ha'sstudf.

A x The

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